Ender Dragon Respawn Festival #2 [01/27/2018] (Polling for Time Block)

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Please select all time(s) you'd be available to kill the ender dragon on January 27th:

Poll closed Jan 26, 2019.
  1. 12PM(Noon)-1PM EST (5PM-6PM GMT)

  2. 1PM-2PM EST (6PM-7PM GMT)

  3. 2PM-3PM EST (7PM-8PM GMT)

  4. 3PM-4PM EST (8PM-9PM GMT)

  5. 4PM-5PM EST (9PM-10PM GMT)

  6. 5PM-6PM EST (10PM-11PM GMT)

  7. 6PM-7PM EST (11PM-12AM GMT)

  8. 7PM-8PM EST (12AM-1AM GMT)

  9. 8PM-9PM EST (1AM-2AM GMT)

  10. 9PM-10PM EST (2AM-3AM GMT)

  11. I'm not able to participate.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Rykin_Generation

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    Hello Fellow Nerds!

    Thank you for all the people who voted in the poll for choosing the Ender Dragon Respawn Festival #2 event day!

    The official day (according to the last poll, at ~70% of the total votes casted) is Sunday, January 27th, 2019!

    Times listed in the polls will be EST with conversion to the UTC/GMT times in parentheses. Your vote counts! The times listed in the polls will span 1 hour blocks from Noon EST (5PM GMT) to 10 PM EST (3AM GMT.) Results will be posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2019 at noon time.

    Here's how the event will be broken down (don't forget, this event is as always, sponsored by the ILM):
    • :eek:Raffle of the Ender Dragon Egg (& Package!):cutie:
      • How do you register for the raffle? There are three ways to enter the raffle, and each way merits one "ticket" in the entry of this egg raffle-off!
        1. VOTE! Voting in the polls will unfortunately not be anonymous for this event because I need to see who is voting in the polls! As long as you vote in the polls, you will be entered into the draw! Also, there's a "I'm not able to participate" option in the polls for those that cannot make the event.
        2. Add a reaction to the main post! Preferably a dragon or any positive reactions :tinyheart:
        3. Join in the actual ender dragon action! Deadline to join is XX:10 of the voted hour.
      • The announcement of the dragon egg winner will be made after the respawned ender dragon is defeated! See the details of the raffle package kit below:
        • 1x Undyed Shulker Box containing:
          • 1x Ender Dragon Egg
          • 1x Diamond Block (to display the egg or use for your own purposes)
          • 1x Item Frame (to display the egg or use for your own purposes)
          • 1x Name Tag (if you choose to name your egg)
    • XX:00-XX:10
      • Gathering at the hand-built starting area of The End!
      • Here you can purchase basic potions, weapons, ammos, and as always the ever so important pumpkin helm to protect yourself from the endermen! All stars from this market will be donated directly to ILM for funding future events!
      • Why not the stronghold? The stronghold portal will throw you under the main End island and into the Void (at least as far as anyone can tell at the time of write.)
    • XX:05-XX:10
      • Minecraft Trivia!
      • There will be 5 Minecraft trivia questions for the entire server to answer while we all gather in the stronghold/End safehouse for the event.
      • Each question will be worth 500-1000 stars!
      • The questions will only be about the base Minecraft game, BUT they will be pretty hard to answer.
    • XX:10-Whenever the dragon is killed
      • We summon The Ender Dragon and we kill it! Simple as that (hopefully no more exploding Rykin's in the process)
    • After the dragon is killed
      • We take a group picture in the Hero's Hall that will be built in the End!
    Reply to this thread, PM me on Discord, or online on Minecraft if you have any more questions about the event! (IGN:Rykin_Generation) (Discord:Rykin#3904) If you want to donate anything (like ender pearls, eyes, glass, ghast tears, etc) for the event, all donations are welcomed and will directly benefit the ILM and future sponsored events.
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  2. Rykin_Generation

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    Sorry for the late post everyone! The event will be hosted at 3PM EST (8PM GMT)! Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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