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Discussion in 'Server News' started by dyaizon, Oct 2, 2012.

By dyaizon on Oct 2, 2012 at 6:17 AM
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    It's been noticed that there are quite a few plots (especially in nerdville) that have been bought but are still empty, and haven't been touched for over a week.

    Over the next few days we'll be going through and putting these back up for sale, refunding the current owners. We want thriving towns, so if you've been meaning to build something but have been putting it off, please do so soon! Otherwise you may find that your plot has been bought and built on by someone else!

    If you're going away for a while, please post in the AFK thread so we know not to re-appropriate your plots!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by dyaizon, Oct 2, 2012.

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    1. TicTacChlo
      One of my neighbors is like that, and there are such cool builds around me, it makes me sad):
    2. Epicfailbee
      pff yeah, the plot behind me has been empty forever. Every time i see all that empty space i just wish i could build on it :p
      Its good to see that plots will be going to people who will be using them!
    3. Princess Arya
      Princess Arya
      yay may finally be able to get an afford plot ;)
    4. CLyane
      Lol good. There was a plot near my old house in Nerdville that was never built on besides a few wood blocks and a work bench. Actually, there are three plots near my old house that haven't been touched in ages, or at least not noticeably.

      If you want to check them out, go to /warp apartments and turn around and follow the road until it ends. The plot now in front of you and the two on the left (across from Zircle and ShaneRabbit's homes) haven't been visibly changed since I moved in there and then sold to Zircle.

      Er, also, in the future, should we report inactive plots to you guys to be checked out? I just feel bad there are these empty/unused plots and so many people without homes.
    5. jdavid20
      I agree with CLyane, What if to help the admins find plots, someone started a topic about plots that seem to be unused. Then all you do is post a screen shot and the coords, and the admins can deal with it from there! This a good idea?
    6. Simetra
      How much do we have to build on it in order for it to not be deleted? I have a plot in almost every town, but I'm still working on my main house.
    7. SquiggleTag
      The internet connection here at my place near Uni is terrible, so i have to wait until half term breaks to go home and get onto the server.

      I have a plot in old nerdcrafteria and i do plan on going home sometime so i can mine stuff, buy stuff, and add to my house, but i wont be on the server that often.

      I hope i can keep my plot. I worked so hard to get it and it'd be a shame to see that effort go to waste just because i have terrible internet up here.
    8. Plaaank
      If you guys can't be on too regularly, you might want to go to the AFK thread and post about it there. I bet the mods would be glad to keep your plots from being mixed in with ones with ones that wont be used ever again.
      Also, I think if a plot is being used, it doesn't matter if you only have a few items (or none at all) on them. It goes firstly by player time being inactive, correct?
    9. CLyane
      I think so, at least, that's what I got from it on the AFK subforum.

      And yeah, guys and gals who can't be on and don't want to lose your stuff, post HERE if you know you can't/won't be on much and don't want to lose your stuff :]
    10. Islid
      Generally what it is for me at least is the following:

      Empty plots: 1 week and it's wiped.
      Slightly used plots: 2 weeks and it's wiped.
      Building on it: 1 month and it's wiped.
    11. cullmeister
      I've been helping orefield with parts of green hills and have pretty much put all my time on the server to it thus neglecting my 2 plots, what would the situation be for people who're working on their creative plot projects?
    12. dyaizon
      If you've been helping create other stuff for the mainworld then we can make some exceptions, but generally we won't. As I said in the OP, one of our main objectives is vibrant and thriving towns in the main world, more so than creative world. Because plots as so in-demand as well, if you're not using one that's just being kept empty it's almost like cheating someone else out of a plot.

      Obviously some people have good reasons for not building, but in some cases people simply haven't played since they bought the plot and it's difficult to distinguish between the two.
    13. Kaithar
      I dun suppose there's any chance of reserving an unused plot near spawn? I've almost finished the cosmetic build out on my SoTo plot and I have a mind to build a combo department store and apartment block near the spawn
    14. Islid
      Reservations, except for very specific plots (reserved by Hank, usually) are not really allowed.
    15. Kaithar
      Well it was worth a try :p
    16. Sulijoo
      There still seem to be quite a few empty plots on Lighthouse Point. I'm guessing some of them are still being held for Hank's friends/family which is cool but I wonder if that's really the case for all of them. There are 4 close to me and 1 has even had a sign on it for at least a couple of weeks indicating they wish to sell but you need to contact the owner first. All these lots are small but I'm sure someone would love a chance to build here.
    17. marcmagus
      There are a number of plots like this in Water Town. When this first went up it hadn't been so long, so the cleanup probably didn't mark them, but that was a while ago. Time for another round of cleanup, perhaps?
    18. Islid
      Funny you should mention it - I've got a second list I'm planning to go through shortly.
    19. biteland
      Just a quick question in relation to this, I know you can only have one plot per town, but are lighthouse point and nerdville considered one town or separate for this requirement?
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