Tentatively Resolved Bug Report - by lellomonster22

Discussion in 'Bug Reports/Issues' started by Tori, Mar 5, 2019.

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    Bug Report - lellomonster22

    In-Game Username: lellomonster22

    Date of Glitch: 3/5/19

    Location of Glitch/Bug:

    Loading screen for the server.

    Nature of Glitch:

    Loading appears to be normal, but freezes on the "loading terrain..." screen.

    Additional Details:

    When it stuck on the "loading terrain..." screen, in-game chat read that I had left the server even though I hadn't been actually rendered in yet. Restarting Minecraft didn't help, restarting whole computer didn't help. I heard some other players were having this issue as well.
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    Upon investigation, it appears that this player and others experiencing this issue are trying to load with lower specs than necessary to play on the server, and their graphics cards/processors are becoming overwhelmed and timing out. I am marking this as resolved for now.
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