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    Bug Report - gw404

    In-Game Username: gw404

    Date of Glitch: 15 January 2019

    Location of Glitch/Bug:

    Both my asteroid @ 694 / 2 / 1075 and market stall ms036 @ 315 / 64 / -71

    Nature of Glitch:

    Signs selling and buying MobHunting exclusive mob heads break after server restart. Both vanilla mob heads [zombie, skeleton, creeper, wither skeleton] and their MobHunting versions are unaffected.

    Additional Details:

    Two days ago, I set up my market stall and players were able to sell MobHunting exclusive heads without issue. I later set up another shop on my asteroid.

    Earlier today, a player notified me that the shop on my asteroid was broken. On both my asteroid and my market stall, all signs selling MobHunting exclusive heads gave the error message 'you don't have the items! (1 ___'s head)', even though I had the item in my inventory.

    I redid every sign in the shop and tested them to ensure they worked. I also added a chest/sign to test whether [buy] would break too. I disconnected from the server and when I reconnected, the shops still worked.

    After the server restart, I immediately checked the shops and they were broken.

    I was unable to find any reports of this bug in the MobHunting, SignShop, or Spigot issue trackers, however I did find one thread from 2015 that sounded very similar: https://github.com/wargamer/SignShop/issues/21 .

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