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By LadyAustin on Apr 1, 2018 at 11:30 AM
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    Breaking News

    Very unusual activity happening in the heart of Nerdtropolis.
    Crews are on the scene of what appears to be a crashed UFO.
    We are getting reports that the entire area has been fenced off and prepped for quarantine.
    This event is unprecedented!


    Multiple eye-witness reports are coming in as we speak!
    They're saying a total of 10 creatures fled the scene of the crash at the moment of impact. Witnesses across the main map have reported odd, little green creatures seeking cover in and around major server builds.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    NC Government Officials are keeping the situation very hush-hush.
    But it seems there could more to this than just a crash.
    NC Officials do not believe they have spread to other servers or made the jump to Mineworld.
    We must find them before this spreads.
    Regarding the reports of our green visitors leaving the scene...
    Where did they go? Why did exactly 10 of them leave?
    Will they try to communicate with us?

    This is the story of the century!
    We suspect you will have to act quickly. NC Government Officials are aiming to have this event investigated, recorded, and cleaned up in just roughly one week, on April 7 Sunday, April 8th.
    *DO NOT share their locations*
    If you find them - respect the privacy of our green visitors.

    If you think you know what these visitors are trying to tell us, please submit a /modreq with the message.
    You will be rewarded if you get the message right.

    The truth is out there!
    Find those clues before it's too late!

    Nerdville (NC) - After additional reports have reached us it now seems to be clear, that our green visitors are indeed trying to communicate with us.
    Our reporters have confirmed that 10 aliens have fled the scene, each alien carrying 1 letter. Experts believe that all 10 letters together form a message.

    We also received this picture from an anonymous source which, according to experts, depicts one of the 10 visitors and an unknown party:


    And now, the weather.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by LadyAustin, Apr 1, 2018.

    1. CLyane
      Just saw the tweet for this and clicked through: Genuinely made me very curious. Hopefully I can hop on and look for some new "friends."

      Who knows, maybe they just want waffles?
    2. Miki
      Who doesn't want waffles? XD
    3. ArtsyLaurie
      The server message about it happened just before I /is-ed in skyblock last night, so all the green text read like they came to my island. 0.0 I don't want green visitors on my island! They tend to turn out to be creepers! lol
    4. BirdyNerd
      I'm famous! I'm on the news!!!:eek:
    5. SquiggleTag
      So much for “an anonymous source” ... :p
    6. ikilledrobot
      Some updates:

      We've had reports from NC Officials saying that 8 of the 10 aliens are hidden in towns.

      Additionally, Blip Carl and Bloop Dave (at the auction house) have some news for us, too. We had a bit of a rough time translating what they were trying to say but, they heard that one of our missing alien friends went to get "categorized." We're not quite sure if they pulled that info out of a hat or what - but there it is.

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    7. Theo da Kaffei
      Theo da Kaffei
      One last bit of news coming in!

      The Forensic Accountant Squad of NC Governernment has determined, that our visitors must have started out flat broke after the crash. In fact, they seem to use "units" as currency and not llamas - a fact that first turned up during the towns auction. Investigators did find a ripped wallet near spawn that had contained problably less than 200 llamas. Our visitors must have come across it on their way to find a safe place to stay...

      In a statement NC Officials admitted to having been slightly overwhelmed by the crash and appearance of our visitors. In the ensuing panic and confusion dates seem to have gotten mixed up. After having come to terms with the situation and using the fingers on both hands, NC Officials estimated they would need until SUNDAY, APRIL 8th to clear up the situation.
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    8. Dr. Parnassus
      Dr. Parnassus

      An illuminating revelation from our brotherhood housed in Drakerberg. They seem to be about ready to take the leap back off world. The weather's too cold...

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