Pending Review AFK: rebelnicole (April 31st, 2019)

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    AFK Report: rebelnicole

    In-Game Username: rebelnicole

    Return Date: April 31st, 2019

    Reason for Departure:
    I got sick in December, and can't come on until or if I get better. I don't know if that will be really soon or longer than 4 months, if I suspect that it will for sure be longer, I will let admins know as soon as possible. I will continue to pay for my VIP during my absence, and maybe If possible, stop by every once and a while to give my boon to the people who can actually play.

    Locations of Plots/Builds:
    I extended my stall rent for 51 days ( stall ms012) and I have a home in main at ( 393, 88, -103) and A project build at ( 193, 90, -67)

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