A screenshot of individual minecraft blocks spaced evenly apart in a grid patter stretches into a sunrise in the distance

Today kicks off yet another season of our Skyblock world. This time we’re trying something new – Skygrid! This wild skyblock format puts individual blocks in a grid out into infinity, and your “island” spawns you on one of these blocks, and it’s your job to mine out into your island’s area to find and create the items required for our… *ahem* …interesting challenges.

It’s up to you just how many challenges you complete! Completing more will help you with the scavenger hunt this season features, for which the info is located at skygrid spawn. If you would like a copy of the scavenger hunt list chest, please modreq where you’d like it pasted! There might also be some hidden rewards tucked away in our challenges, so do your best.

Skygrid will run for at least a month, with the tentative close date being October 9th. We will keep you posted if this changes! To visit skygrid, use /sg spawn, and use /sg when you’re ready to start your island. Due to the different nature of this skyblock format, keep inventory is ON for this season. Happy skyblocking!

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