Here is a list of most of the commands you can use on our server.

Server Hopping

While we have one main server, we operate several separate server worlds in it! These commands will allow you to jump between the server worlds while you are connected.


You will start at the Hub where you can travel to all of our other worlds, including Nerdtopia, Survival, and Skyblock!


Jump to our main town, where you can shop at the market, find a plot, and build a more permanent home!


Jump to our monthly explore world, where you can gather resources, hunt, farm, and mine.

/is spawn

This command will take you to Skyblock where you can start your own island adventure.

If you want to get to Survival, you have to travel to /hub and walk (you don’t get any commands in Survival!)

Contact Staff

Sometimes, you just need staff assistance. From lighting fires to reporting griefing, the staff is always happy to help the players be awesome.

/modreq [brief issue description]

This command initiates a moderator request.

/r [response to the moderator's message]

When a moderator sends you a message in chat, this is a fast way to respond to them.

/msg [username] [message]

While resolving a moderator request, you may need to send messages to moderators.


Display the abbreviated server rules.

Messaging Players

We are not angler fish alone in the sea of Minecraft, so we talk all the time!

/msg [player_name] [message to send]
/tell [player_name] [message to send]

These commands send chat messages to other players who are online. Note that you must get their /realname if they use a nickname.

/r [message to send]

Replies to the last player to /msg or /tell you a message.

Economy World Money

The official Nerdcrafteria currency is Llamas!​


Shows your balance

/pay [player_name] [amount]

Sends people money (note: don’t include commas or llamas. A player must be online to use this command. Example: to send 10k llamas type /pay lordstormy 10000


/tpa [player_name]

Sends a teleport request to another player.

/tpahere [player_name]

Sends a request to another player to teleport to you.


Accepts the latest teleport request.

Server Homes

On the server, each player gets 2 private homes: waypoints you can warp to at any time!​


List your current home locations. You may have up to 2 total. There is more information on the Homes page.

/home [home_name]

Teleport to one of your homes.

/sethome [home_name]

This command sets one of your /homes.

/delhome [home_name]

Deletes one of your homes so that you can make another one.

In addition to two homes, you have /home bed which you set by sleeping in a bed.​


Let’s do the Time Warp … never mind, it’s not that kinda warp.

/warp [name]

Warps you to a specific place.

/warp list

Lists all public warps on the Server. You can visit any of these warp points.

/warp list [page_number] [-c <username>] [-n <warpname>] [-r <radius>] [-w <worldname>]

Full syntax for warps listing, including filters (the flags are all optional and can be combined in many ways, see the below for some helpful warps).​

Useful Warps in Main

  • /warp nt Nerdtopia
  • /warp jb Jade Breeze apartments
  • /warp lh Lemon Hall Apartments
  • /warp gk Gryphon’s Keep
  • /warp ni Nerdcrafteria Island
  • /warp ashop Admin shop (sell your stuff!)
  • /warp faq The Library of helpful info, including many commands not listed here.
  • /warp fairgrounds Where lots of events take place

Apartments / Plots

In Main, you can choose from several plots for sale or rent in our Staff and Player towns!


Main Advanced Region Market Command

/arm gui

Open the ARM gui to find plots and manage any plots you currently own or rent

/arm tptofreeregion

Teleport to the nearest available plot for sale

/arm addmember <plot name> <player name>

Add a friend to your plot so you can build together!

/arm removemember <plot name> <player name>

Remove a member from your plot if you no longer want them to have access!

/arm tp <plot name>

Teleport to one of your plots! This location cannot be moved.

/arm sellback <plot name>

Sell your plot back to the server for 50% of what you paid for it. Make sure you clear out anything you want to keep from the plot before you do this!

Server Boons

We have some ancient artifacts to help you and the whole server available on our Donation Store

​Druid’s Touch

Grants all players on the server of your choice unlimited access to healing and nourishing commands!

  • /heal Heals up to your health value
  • /feed Fills your hunger and saturation bars​

Fairy Wings

Grants all players on the server of your choice unlimited Fly for 3 hours.​

  • /fly Toggles flight on and off for you. Careful to land before disconnecting because you always connect with flight off.

Dwarven Spirit

Grants all players on all servers the following effects for 3 hours. If you log off during the effect, you can continue using it until it runs out when you log back in!

  • A Haste IV effect, to help you harvest faster
  • A Night Vision II effect, to help your eyes pierce the darkness

Other Useful Commands

We are pumped up with so much awesome, we have some overflow for you!


Toggles being afk, this also appears in chat so that players know if you are afk


Shows available kits. These include VIP and colour kits.

/kit <kit name>

Accesses the kit.