Nerdcrafteria on social media! Keep in touch with the server even when you’re not mining and crafting in our blocky world.

​Social Media

While Discord is our primary hub for server news and announcements, we also keep our other social media channels buzzing with updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and community spotlights. Feel free to reach out to us on any platform – we love hearing from you! Please keep in mind, however, that any bans, in-game troubles, or bugs/glitches should be discussed through their proper channels (ban appeal form, modreq in game or bug report form).

Don’t forget to use #Nerdcrafteria when sharing your creations and adventures with us! Help us grow by spreading the word and telling others about the magic of Nerdcrafteria.

Where you can follow us

  • Twitter – Bite-sized server info, from links to important news posts to fun trivia to beautiful screenshots. Perfect for the Nerdcrafterian on the go!
  • Instagram – Dive into the visual wonderland of Nerdcrafteria. Explore stunning snapshots and captivating videos showcasing the beauty of our server. Feel free to tag us in your own builds for a chance to be featured!
  • Tumblr – Follow our Tumblr for server announcements, Q&A’s, and general reblogged Nerdcrafterian goodness.
    • Submit – Got a screenshot of a cool build? Or a fun story relating to the server? Feel free to submit it to us! We’re always on the lookout for Nerdcrafteria-related content, so don’t be shy!
  • Youtube – Server tours, auction announcements, general shenanigans, oh my! The Nerdcrafteria Youtube channel has some lovely videos showcasing the server at various points in its long, blocky life.
  • Twitch – We occasionally stream general server shenanigans on Twitch! ​

Voting Sites

Want to show everyone how much you love Nerdcrafteria? Look no further than our voting sites! Here we see how we measure up against other servers. Toss a vote our way and we’ll give you some rewards to show our thanks.

Where you can vote for us

Planet Minecraft – On PMC you can vote for us as a top server to help us earn a place among their monthly rankings. If you have an account you can give us a diamond as well!