Nerdcrafteria on social media! Keep in touch with the server even when you’re not mining and crafting in our blocky world.

​Social Media

Do you tumble, tweet or ‘tube? Then feel free to follow us on Tumblr, Twitter or Youtube! While the forums are always the best place to get up to date on the server, important news will also be posted on Tumblr and Twitter along with fun screenshots and stories. We’re also happy to answer various questions you may have through these platforms as well. Please keep in mind, however, that any bans, in-game troubles, or bugs/glitches should be discussed through their proper channels (ban appeal form, modreq in game or bug report form).

Occasionally there will be contests held for special Events, such as holidays or the server’s birthday, where players can answer trivia questions over Twitter or Tumblr to win Llamas, FBP or even Buycraft coupons!

Where you can follow us

  • Twitter – Bite sized server info, from links to important news posts to fun trivia to beautiful screenshots. Perfect for the Nerdcrafterian on the go!
  • Tumblr – Follow our Tumblr for server announcements, Q&A’s, and general reblogged Nerdcrafterian goodness.
    • Submit – Got a screenshot of a cool build? Or a fun story relating to the server? Feel free to submit it to us! We’re always on the lookout for Nerdcrafteria related content, so don’t be shy!
  • Youtube – Server tours, auction announcements, general shenanigans, oh my! The Nerdcrafteria Youtube channel has some lovely videos showcasing the server at various points in its long, blocky life.
  • Twitch – We have recently been working on bringing streaming back to our twitch channel. Mostly on-server fun (skyblock, mini games, etc), but we may occasionally play/do other things too. ​

Voting Sites

Want to show everyone how much you love Nerdcrafteria? Look no further than our voting sites! Here we see how we measure up against other servers. Toss a vote our way and we’ll give you some rewards to show our thanks.

Where you can vote for us

Planet Minecraft – On PMC you can vote for us as a top server to help us earn a place among their monthly rankings. If you have an account you can give us a diamond as well!