There are 3 player ranks on the server: Guest, Nerd, and VIP. In addition, there are 4 staff ranks: Jr. Moderator, Moderator, Admin and Senior Admin.

Player Ranks & Perks


All new users to the server start as a guest. You will be presented with our Code of Conduct and you must accept in order to be promoted. Reading through our rules only takes a few minutes, and once you accept the server rules, you will be transferred to our main world where your adventure begins!


The bread and butter of the server! All guests get promoted to Nerdfighters. This is the most common rank of our player base. They can go mining in /explore, buy plots on the Economy server, play Skyblock and much more! There are tons of activities all over the server for Nerdfighters, with many of them started by other Nerdfighters.


These users are Very Important for one big reason: They didn’t forget to be awesome! Any Nerdfighter can make a donation to charity to help decrease World Suck and get upgraded to VIP. In game, type in “/buy” to see the options. A donation of $10 US dollars will grant VIP for one month (30 days starting from the day you bought it). A donation of $100 US dollars will grant lifetime VIP. There are many perks of becoming a VIP!

Monthly VIPs who pay for 15 consecutive months can get upgraded to Lifetime VIP. Perks include:

  • Your prefix will change from [Nerdfighter] to [VIP] in chat, Discord and on the forums, so everyone will see you donated!
  • 1 free Vanity Tag per month
  • Access to the /nick command. Color up your name!
  • Your choice of one Life Support or Jet Pack boon per month
  • Access to the Armor Stand Editor in game
  • Ability to upload pictures directly to Discord chat

Lifetime VIPs get all of the above, as well as their own private 45×45 plot on the main map to build their own estate! They also get:

  • 5 free Vanity Tags of your choice!
  • One Fairy Wings boon per month

Staff Ranks & Responsibilities

  • Engage with the community – both on the Server and on Discord
  • Be active players of the game
  • Model to the playerbase community values and DFTBA
  • Be Kind. Be Fair. Be Supportive. Be Engaging. Imagine others complexly and DFTBA.

Jr. Moderator

Newly hired Moderators whose main responsibility is to learn all the things!

  • Attend training meetings
  • Practice staff duties
  • Pass Moderator Exam
  • Observe staff/player interactions – learn the “art” of staffing


Interface with the player base directly, providing guidance and leadership on the values of Nerdcrafteria, and assisting players new and old with questions about gameplay and server culture. Further, support the Sr. Admin of Events and Excitement in implementing server events.

  • Answer tickets
  • Assist with event builds
  • Moderate discord and in-game chat

Senior Moderator

Train the Junior Mods, and act as a resource and mentor for Mods and all of staff on the Moderator role and its functions.

  • Ensure familiarity with staff operations and commands
  • Provide support and instruction to Jr. Mods
  • Be an expert on Moderator duties and support Mods when they have questions
  • All other Moderator duties


Support the Sr. Admin of Technology in implementing and maintaining the server and its website, including plugin testing and maintenance.

  • Test and implement plugins
  • Optimize the technical side of the Server
  • Troubleshoot plugin and server-side issues

Senior Admin

Manage and create direction for the moderators and admins regarding their particular areas of expertise. 

Sr. Admin of Events and Excitement: Creates and plans events for the playerbase, and devises ideas for developing excitement within and outside of our community.

  • Oversee and delegate the Server’s social media posts
  • Design and plan Server events
  • Celebrate staff birthdays

Sr. Admin of Staff and Player Affairs: Manages internal staff discussions and issues, including operating as a mediator between staff and players, and provides a point-person for staff and players with specific issues about the community.

  • Mediate issues between staff and staff/players
  • Handle delicate staff issues with confidentiality
  • Execute the promotion and demotion of staff members

Sr. Admin of Technology: Manages the admin team to decide and implement the technological side of the server, including the website. 

  • Oversee and delegate the Server’s technical build
  • Serve as a resource for plugin questions

Head Admin


  • Manages the Staff and players of Nerdcrafteria
  • Direct Liaison to Hank and his staff
  • Organizes and has final approval on server events, organization, and upgrades.
  • Greases the wheels, oils the cogs, and gives gentle head pats as needed.