What is Tebex?

Tebex is our store plugin that allows players to purchase a variety of fun in-game things. These perks may change from time to time, as we do our best to offer new things players will enjoy, and ensure the server complies with the EULA regulations set forth by Mojang.

Please make sure to check with your parents if you’re under 18 before making any purchases!

Where does my money go?

All donations go to The Foundation To Decrease Worldsuck, a US-based charitable organization that distributes the collected money to Partners in Health, Save The Children, and non-profits selected by Nerdfighteria and the YouTube Community through the Project for Awesome.

What can I purchase in Tebex?

The Tebex store is categorized into 5 main sections. While we provide a short description of each item in this page, each item has a more detailed explanation in the store itself.


A rank granted to you as a thank you for your generous support to the Foundation To Decrease Worldsuck. VIP comes with the following perks.

  • Your prefix will change from [N] to [VIP] in chat (automatically) and Discord (on request) so everyone will see that you donated!
  • 5 free Vanity Tags of your choice and voting on future Vanity Tags! (Lifetime Only)
  • Nickname privileges so you can color up your name!
  • One free Fairy Wings boon per month
  • Access to the in-game Armor Stand Editor
  • A chance for a VIP Plot on our main map (Lifetime Only)
  • The ability to upload pictures directly to Discord chat

A VIP specific command to be aware of is:

  • ./kit VIP: A monthly kit that grants you a token that can be redeemed for a Fairy Wings boon through a ./modreq

Server Boons

Boon grant everyone online in various worlds with a selection of different status effects and abilities, dependent on the package, for a 3 hour period. Three types of boons are available:

  • Fairy Wings Boon (Economy & Skyblock) – Grants unlimited flight abilities for the duration of the boon.
    • ./fly: Toggles fly abilities.
  • Druid’s Boon (Economy & Skyblock) – Grants unlimited healing and feeding abilities for the duration of the boon.
    • ./heal: Heals you up to full hearts.
    • ./feed: Satisfies your hunger up to full pizzas.
  • Dwarven Spirit (All worlds) – Grants very powerful mining powers in the form of Haste IV and Night Vision II.
    • This boon has a 5 minute windup, but retains its duration upon logout, unless using ./heal, drinking milk, or dying.

Vanity Tags & Fun Extras

  • Vanity Tags – A variety of different tags to put at the end of your name. They cycle out periodically, so it’s nice to keep checking back to see what new tags become available.
    • ./tags: View your owned tags, and change your active tag at any time!
  • Player Heads  Handy for decorating your plots and builds with small details!
  • Nickname Changes – Grants the ability to change your own nickname, as many times as you wish!
    • ./nick: Sets your nick accordingly.

Limited Edition

This section will contain limited-time or limited-quantity donation offers that we might provide on occasion. If you see something here, you’ll want to get it quickly, otherwise you’ll easily miss your chance to get it!

How do I use the donation store?

  1. Simply click on the “Donate” tab at the top of the page (or go to http://donate.nerdcrafteria.com/)
  2. Enter your Minecraft username to ensure the perks and packages you purchase will properly apply to your account in-game.
  3. Navigate through the shop and add as few or as many things to your cart!
  4. When you’re ready, click on your cart to start the checkout process. Follow the instructions on-screen using your payment method of choice.
  5. After the transaction is complete, you should receive an email to confirm your purchase. Your package should activate in-game within a few minutes.