Getting Started: Use /plot auto to automatically find one, or fly around and claim a specific one by using /plot claim while on the plot you want.

Transportation: To get back to your claimed plot, use /plot h or /plot home! If you want to be teleported to somewhere else when using /plot home, you can use /plot sethome on the spot you’d like it changed to. If you want to visit someone else’s plot, you can use /plot visit [player] or /plot tp [player].

Playing With Friends: If you want to add some friends to your plot, you can either use /plot add [player], which lets people build on your plot only while you are online, or /plot trust [player], which lets them build even while you’re offline.

Gameplay Tweaks: You can change the biome of your plot by using /plot setbiome [biome]. You can change some factors about how other people can interact with your plot by using /plot flags, like if people can use redstone contraptions on your plot. If you would like to stop or start time for yourself in creative, you can use /plot toggle time! Please note you may have to leave and reenter your plot for changes to take effect.