By logging into this server, using this website, our public Discord, or using any other method of communication or gameplaying of any kind provided in part or completely by the staff and administration of Nerdcrafteria, you implicitly agree to this Code of Conduct and agree to uphold it to the best of your ability at all times. Additionally, the staff reserve the right to change these rules at any time for any reason and also have the ability to define exceptions to these rules

Rule #1: DFTBA! Respect other players and the staff of the server.

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome is the Golden Rule that Nerdcrafteria abides by.

Harassment, discrimination, anti semitism, religious intolerance, racism, threats, Harassment, discrimination, anti semitism, religious intolerance, racism, threats, spamming, flaming, trolling, avoiding the filter, posting personal information about other players, posting spoilers less than 7 days after the release of new popular media are NOT allowed. Disrespecting staff which is not limited to; talking back, insults, slander, impersonation, mod shopping, and ignoring requests and instructions, is also NOT allowed.

Nerdcrafteria is proud to be family-friendly, so please aim to keep content (text, post, links, etc) shared or created on the server and its Social Media/Discord extensions PG-13. Additionally, only English is allowed in main chat, across all Nerdcrafteria servers, worlds, and any affiliated websites or methods of communication. However, players are more than welcome to speak to one another in other languages in private messages both in game and on Discord.

Rule #2: Griefing and player killing is not tolerated.

Griefing is defined as altering, stealing, destroying, or generally messing with property (builds, items, penned or named animals, etc) that isn’t yours. Killing passive mobs such as golems, villagers, horses, dogs, cats, and llamas are also not allowed because these mobs are worth more alive than killed, and will result in a fine and/or warning in-game.

PvP is explicitly not allowed unless it is in clearly defined arenas or game worlds sanctioned by the server staff. Things such as lava killing, creating death holes, and trapping other players with hostile mobs are all considered PvP.

Rule #3: No advertising other Minecraft servers.

Nerdcrafteria is not a billboard for other servers to advertise on. Mentions of other Minecraft servers and/or their Discords, through IP addresses or by name, will not be tolerated on our forums, in-game chats, Discord, or Social Media.

Rule #4: No clientside hacks or bug abuse.

Attempts of hacking, bug/glitch abuse, and using a cracked client are not tolerated. This includes DDoS attacks, attempting to trick server administration into OPing you, using cheat-modified resource packs, using server lag or permission delay to “fly” or get to areas not normally accessible, taking advantage of inventory or item duplications, and other similar actions. AFK pools are also not allowed.

Intentionally obtaining, keeping, or distributing a list of server plugins is considered a security threat to the server, and will be treated as such with a minimum of a Major warning, and the potential of a Severe warning.

Players may not independently “test” bugs for staff, even with the best of intentions. Staff may occasionally ask players for help in testing, that is the only exception. Bugs must be reported to staff immediately by making a modreq or using the form on the Contact Us page.

Any mods/plugins/addon software (with the exception of Optifine) must be approved by staff prior to use. In general, mods that copy/create/delete builds or schematics are not allowed due to griefing concerns. In addition, mods/minimaps that allow players to view mob locations or cave systems are not allowed. Programs that record or download schematics of builds off of our server without prior staff permission are a permanent banning offense.

Rule #5: Mob grinders and block generators are permitted, with some limitations.

Macros or taping down a button or key are not permitted.

Duplication glitch generation of items or blocks is not permitted.

In Economy (main & explore) – you may kill mobs from spawners without breaking the spawner, but you may not add to the room or build around the spawner in any way. Mobs from spawners must be killed by hand, not with traps or environmental damage.

Mob grinders, mob farms and block generators are allowed in all worlds, but must still follow rule #8 (Beware of lag)

Rule #6: No real-world trading. Account sharing is allowed, but not recommended.

Selling anything you “own” on Nerdcrafteria for real life money is not allowed. This could be plots, in-game currency, builds, ranks, special items, and so much more. Not only do we disallow this, but doing so could also be against Minecraft’s Terms of Service. Additionally, gambling on Nerdcrafteria, with real life money or with in-game currency, is not allowed unless the staff makes a specific exception. If you choose to engage in these sorts of deals, you are completely at your own risk if you get scammed and there is nothing we will do about it. Further, it may result in warnings up to a Severe warning.

You are ultimately responsible for what happens on your account. Saying “my sibling/friend/whomever was the one who did that stuff not me!” is not a valid defense in the event that someone uses your account to break our rules. Furthermore, using another account to evade a ban is immediate grounds for both accounts being banned without appeal.

Rule #7: Use the plots you claim in the worlds you play in.

Plots are a finite resource and players are expected to use the plots they own in a meaningful way. Plots left untouched or unfinished for more than 2 months can be subject to reclaim. If this happens, you will receive a warning from a staff member via in-game mail beforehand. Reserving a plot for a friend or on an alt account is also not allowed as this keeps the plot out of the hands of people who can actually use it. Finally, plot flipping, defined as buying a plot and then trying to sell it at a much higher price without actually making the price hike justified, is also not allowed.

If you plan to go AFK for more than 2 months, you should use the forms on this site to let us know you’ll be gone for a while. If you are having trouble with these forms, please pm a Moderator on Discord for assistance. Not doing so means your plot is eligible to be reclaimed and risks you losing your things without compensation.

Builds made with the sole intent of religious worship or exposure are discouraged in public areas, and we do ask that you please comply with a staff member if they ask you to dismantle your build. This is so that players with beliefs that do not align with what the build is trying to convey do not feel like they cannot avoid the structure and its message. This is NOT because of religion itself. We will allow small religious references on personal plots, provided that these references are within private spaces within the plot, and we will allow builds that do have religious connections but are also of deep architectural and historical importance provided the build is not also full of religious iconography. Furthermore, generalized temple and altar builds made to some unnamed deity are also permitted. Nazi builds/imagery/symbols/skins are grounds for an immediate permanent ban with NO chance for appeal.

Rule #8: Beware of lag! Be cautious with automatic redstone machines and beacons. Keep the number of entities on your plots and farms in-check.

Regardless of how your machine is set up – if staff finds that machines on your plot are causing excessive lag (TPS, FPS, OR SERVER LOAD), they will be deactivated. You are welcome to rebuild in a more lag-friendly manner.

Economy (Mainworld and Explore):

In general, most redstone machines are allowed, however there are a few guidelines that we ask you adhere to when building your system. If you have any automatic smelting, brewing, farming, or sorting systems, they are subject to the following:

Redstone Machines:

  1. The process has to be manually started and stopped. No observers, BUD switches, timers, or other clock like mechanisms can be used to activate the system.
  2. The process should not be “AFK friendly” – meaning that redstone systems which operate by a player simply standing on a plate, putting a mob in a minecart, or similar mechanisms, are not permitted.
  3. The system should require player input/manipulation from the builder of the machine (cannot be activated by other players). A machine can either auto-feed/plant items or auto-remove/harvest items, but it cannot do both. EXCEPTION: You are allowed fully automatic versions (hopper-in, hopper-out unless specified) of the following: composters, furnaces (of all varieties), smokers, chicken farms (chicken on a hopper).
  4. No timers are allowed without staff approval. There may be no more than 16 hoppers in a 16x16x16 area.

Farming Guidelines:

  1. The only fully-automatic farming that is permitted is a cactus farm, which must be limited to 16 cacti
  2. When planting or harvesting a single auto-farm, keep it limited to 64 planted squares per farm (on the Economy Server a farm is considered one plot, or a continuous farm in /explore).
  3. The system must auto-plant/harvest no more than 64 planted squares of its combined produce at once.
  4. There is only one auto-farm permitted per plot. Each Economy Server plot may have no more than 2 levels of crops visible above ground.


  1. Beacons with effects may ONLY be active on the main map or in explore while they are being actively used by their owner (or renter). Beacons must have their effects disabled or be removed before logging off.

Skyblock & Survival:

As a pilot, we are expanding allowed redstone in Skyblock/Survival with two exceptions:

  1. No machines that cause significant lag for players or the server.
  2. No flying machines.

These rules are somewhat subjective; but if a staff member feels that a machine is causing an issue, it will be cited for removal and may be disabled by staff as needed. Staff have the final say on what is too much lag for a particular machine or group of machines.

For reference, this is a lifting of the old hopper, timer and auto farm restrictions in Skyblock and Survival ONLY. We hope that these policies will enable even greater play, but we will monitoring server performance to ensure the new rules aren’t having a negative impact. Have fun, and play responsibly.

General Lag & Redstone Tips:

If you are not sure if your automated redstone system meets these limitations, please feel free to submit a /modreq in game standing near the system and we will have a staff member check it out for you and let you know.

Please keep the number of entities and lag-inducing blocks to a reasonable amount on your plots or builds. This applies to all servers and worlds. These can include (but are not limited) mobs, pets, crops, item frames, chests, paintings, hoppers, armor stands, effect-free beacons or dropped items.

If your mobs or builds are found to be causing excessive lag, a staff member will either cull your mobs or dismantle your build at their discretion. If you have any questions, please submit a /modreq on the server.

It is nearly impossible to lay out every single example of every little thing that would be in violation of the spirit of the rules. Even if something is not specifically listed as illegal, but is against the intent and spirit of the rule, it is probably not allowed. Further, even if something does not seem illegal, or you are used to it being different elsewhere, does not mean it is not illegal here. We try to cover broad terms, but if you’re not sure, ask FIRST, rather than regret LATER. Any staff member is more than willing to help clarify an issue for you.

Rule Enforcement

Below are the levels of warning you might receive, and a brief description of what that warning means. You can view the warnings on your account at any time by running /bminfo -w in game. Please note that repeating a particular infraction will cause it to escalate through these levels.

  1. Nudge – This is our “verbal warning” for small, mostly harmless rule breaking incidents that puts a player no closer to a consequence, but serves as a record of our conversation. An example of a Nudge infraction would be Avoiding the Filter.
  2. Minor – This is a small, but not harmless, breaking of the Code of Conduct. This puts a player closer to a consequence, but does not warrant one on its own. An example of a Minor infraction would be digging a Death Hole.
  3. Moderate – This is often used when a player breaks a so-called “golden rule” of the server, but perhaps in a way they didn’t realize or in a way that was limited in scope. These have a small consequence associated with them, and put a player closer to future consequences. An example of a Moderate infraction would be Griefing.
  4. Major – These are for when a player breaks a “golden rule” in an intentional or large scale way. These have large consequences associated with them, and put a player much closer to future consequences, including a permanent ban. An example of a Major infraction would be Gambling.
  5. Severe – These are reserved for things that absolutely cannot be tolerated on the server, and are grounds for a permanent ban, in some cases without appeal. An example of a Severe infraction would be Hate Speech.