Nerdcrafteria Spawn

Hello 1.15!

Today, Nerdcrafteria relaunched on 1.15.2! You can join our community by pointing your Minecraft client at! DFTBA! Make sure to read our Code of Conduct before joining, and join us on Discord!

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Goodbye 1.13!

Today is the day! Our server will go down at noon today (June 13, 2020) to begin the upgrade process. Join us for the send-off party today starting at 10am EST!

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1.15 Upgrade

Server Reset and Upgrade to 1.15!

On June 13, 2020 Nerdcrafteria in its current iteration will go down for maintenance. The current plan is that on June 20, 2020 we will relaunch the server with brand new worlds and upgraded to 1.15! Why are we upgrading? Newer versions of Minecraft have a lot of cool player-requested Read more…

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