Don’t ask me why there’s floating backpacks at spawn…

Hello, and welcome to May’s Nerdcrafteria Bulletin! Here is where we’ll put all things server excitement, including world changes, events, maintenance, and more. We also have a section specially dedicated to player submissions.

Server Events

  • Monthly Maintenance Window: May 10th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance Window: May 17th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Market Weekend: May 19-21

Things to Note

The first of the P4A perks have arrived! Backpacks have landed back in the economy server ready for you to stuff all your mining, farming, or building needs! Staff are hard at work on the other P4A goals reached during this year’s stream, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon!

(Maybe that explains the floating backpacks…)

This season of Skyblock Caveblock is coming to an end! The Jurassic Parks build contest is coming to an end, with entries being accepted until May 6 at ./warp cavemart! Voting will be open for a week until May 13 with the end of the season, with the new season commencing around May 27!

Player Submissions

Every month, we like to showcase our players, whether that’s through cool builds, joke submissions, or player events. If you have something you’d like to submit to a future edition of the newsletter, please send the details to QuestionTuesdayFTW on Discord!

Banesidhe asks if you’ve read the customer reviews for the blender? Apparently it’s getting mixed results.


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