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Hello and welcome to the May Nerdcrafteria Bulletin! Here is where we’ll put all things server excitement, including world changes, events, maintenance, and more. We also have a section specially dedicated to our player events.

Staff Events

Here’s a list of all of our official server events happening this month! If you have any questions on these, feel free to ask in Discord or in game and a staff member will give you more info! We will also be posting announcements for these as the month goes along.

  • New Skyblock Season Launch: More info coming soon!
  • Monthly Maintenance Window: May 12th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance Window: May 19th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Market Weekend: May 14th – 16th
  • Spring Secret Garden Event: Show off your garden building skills with a contest this month! This event starts May 1st, and the building period ends on May 22nd. Further details are in the news post here.

Things To Note

Congratulations to our head admin, PerfectFlaw, on her wedding on May 2nd! We’re all very excited for her! <3

Also, keep an eye out for some new staff town info coming soon…

Player Events

Are you hosting or running a player event? PM the details to verykirsten or QuestionTuesdayFTW on Discord and it could be included here! Please send by the first of the month to ensure there is time to include it in the Newsletter.

  • Edgeville: Edgeville building begins now and will be available until May 27th! Voting will last from May 27th-30th, and winners will be announced on the 30th after 8 p.m. EST at an Edgeville party! Theme is Hot Air Balloons. Contact Vetta13 for more information.


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