In Loo of current events, we’re just doing our dooty :p

Hello, and welcome to July’s Nerdcrafteria Bulletin! Here is where we’ll put all things server excitement, including world changes, events, maintenance, and more. We also have a section specially dedicated to player submissions.

Server Events

  • Monthly Maintenance Window: July 12th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance Window: July 19th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Market WEEK: July 15-21

Things to Note

Market Week is fast approaching! The villagers seem to have gotten lost in the month of June, so they’ll be sure to bring extra villagers to stay for an entire week for your trading needs!

The Skyblock build contest is live! The theme is Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! Each island can enter their build into one category of their choosing from now until August 27th! This season is slated to end September 3rd, leaving you lots of time for all your Skyblock shenanigans!

Player Submissions

Every month, we like to showcase our players, whether that’s through cool builds, joke submissions, or player events. If you have something you’d like to submit to a future edition of the newsletter, please send the details to QuestionTuesdayFTW on Discord!

  • Sheep Hockey, Nerdcrafteria’s Pastime, makes a triumphant return! Join the League and either watch or join in on the action July 2, July 15, and July 28! More information, including team matchups, can be found in #player-events!


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