It’s the most wonderful time of the summer!

Hello and welcome to the August Nerdcrafteria Bulletin! Here is where we’ll put all things server excitement, including world changes, events, maintenance, and more. We also have a section specially dedicated to our player events.

Staff Events

  • Monthly Maintenance Window: August 10th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance Window: August 17th, 7 a.m. Eastern
  • Market Weekend: August 26-28

Things to Note

Happy Esther Day! Esther Day is a day to celebrate the love we have for friends and family, to tell them you love them, even if it is difficult at times to say so out loud. If you would like to learn more about Esther Day and This Star Won’t Go Out, you can visit their website here!

Secret Llama is in full swing this month! Keep your eyes open in Explore and in the Secret Llama Discord channel for all the fun gift-giving festivities and celebrate this classic Nerdcrafteria tradition!

Player Events

Are you hosting or running a player event? PM the details to QuestionTuesdayFTW on Discord and it could be included here! Please send by the first of the month to ensure there is time to include it in the Newsletter.

  • Ghast Alter Challenge: Plans are being made to take on Survival’s Ghast Altar challenge! The shenanigans begin on August 4, 8:00pm Eastern! See the Survival channel in Discord for more details!


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