Our brave explorers have discovered an ancient city hidden away in a desert mesa. The city clings to the cliffs and caves of a canyon, high above a river. It’s suffered much from the ravages of time, but its foundations are still strong! We’ve labored tirelessly to repair and rebuild, though our methods and materials are not as elegant nor as fine. We’re hoping you’ll help us restore this once great city to its former glory! 

Among the ruins we found little information about these ancient peoples, save for one partial text. This is what we could decipher from it’s pages:

[date illegible]

I have a little time left, before I must leave, and I feel it will be best used by recording the story of my people, and of our city, Sola Vallis.

Centuries ago, a wandering tribe wended their way up the River Stycks, fleeing a season of terrible storms. They traveled further than any had in living memory, for the river had risen to new heights. Far upstream they found a higher desert canyon, composed of strange red rock and soil unfamiliar to them… There were many caves and tunnels worn into the rock at the river’s edge, carved by water and time. Here they settled and founded Sola Vallis, The Lonely Valley.

For the first time in their nomadic lives, the people had found a reasonable stop moving forward; a curious ore, embedded in the cliffs and caves, that was unlike anything they’d ever seen. Through experimentation they learned to make from it a metal unparalleled in its strength and durability. Tools and weapons crafted from it seemed never to lose their edge, and armor never to dent. But more importantly it could be used to build, and build they did.

The metal could support many times the weight of any known material. They forged chains and girders, beams and bolts. They hammered foundations into the living rock of the cliffs, and built on them an impossible city hung in the air. On the shore of the river below they dug a vast mine, for they had a voracious hunger for the metal. Canyonite, as it was known, was the seed from which a mighty empire would grow…

Welcome, to Sola Vallis

Sola Vallis, our latest staff town, will be opening June 5th at 4PM EASTERN!


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