The nomadic peoples of Sola Vallis had fled Nerdcrafteria, after their mining efforts unleashed a great evil beneath the surface. During their mining, they also discovered a portal, which they used to make their escape, sealing the way behind them with a series of magical barriers.

Now, the intrepid adventurers of Nerdcrafteria have solved the riddles left behind by the previous inhabitants of the lonely valley. At the end of these trials, they found the portal still active, and it lead to a realm most mysterious…

Passing through the portal, they are transported to a land of ancient technologies. With extreme temperatures, strange biomes, and an incredible melding of man and nature.

Welcome to Hecc.

Hecc, our latest staff town, will be opening May 26th at 2pm EASTERN!

This town is the server’s first EVER town in the Nether. We hope you enjoy getting to incorporate all the aesthetic wonder the Nether has to offer into your permanent builds on the server. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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