We are back!

Hello everyone! After a lengthy bit of time, we are opening a second round of VIP plots! We appreciate your abundant patience on these, and look forward to welcoming our new VIPs to their newest homes n the server!

Selection Process

In an effort to be fair to all players involved, we will be implementing the following selection process:

  • Phase 1: Round Selection – During this phase, we will send out a questionnaire asking whether you have strong feelings about plot location. This will allow us to give priority to those that DO have strong feelings. This questionnaire will also ask whether you have a friend you would like to have a plot near, so we can place you beside each other in the selection order.
  • Phase 2: Plot Selection Round 1 – Based on the Round Selection Questionnaire, we will randomly assign a selection order for those that do feel strongly about their plot location. Staff will then DM each player in order to request their VIP plot selection. We are happy to help you if you’d like “an available aquatic plot” or “an available beach plot” but don’t have strong feelings on exactly which one. We MUST hear back within 24 hours on your selection or we will move on to the next person in order to keep things rolling.
  • Phase 3: Plot Selection Round 2 – If applicable, we will run a second round of plot selection for those that are simply excited about receiving a jumbo free plot, but don’t have strong feelings about their plot location.

The Round Questionnaire will close 3/16/2024 at 11:59PM EST. DMs for selection will begin the morning (EST) of 3/17/2024.

Things to Note

We have a whole host of VIP plots in different biomes and with different styles. We highly recommend having a few options in mind ahead of time (you can visit them through the available plots window in the /arm gui – click the blue orchid!) to keep the selection process smooth!

While we will do our best to accommodate requests to have plots next to or near each other, we cannot guarantee that neighboring plots will be available depending on selection order.

If you do purchase a plot near a friend or a group of friends, we are happy to help build a SIMPLE and small path between your plots.


Are these plots free? YES! These plots are completely free for VIPs. A staff member will assign you ownership of the plot you have selected.

I already have a VIP plot, can I get another one? No.

Can I resell my plot? NO. Should you decide you do not want your plot any longer, please submit a modreq so a staff member can reclaim your plot.

Can I choose a different plot later? No. At this time, we do not expect to allow plot relocation. If we add extra plots at a later time based on demand, we will release a system for relocation for an in-game-currency fee.

I’m not lifetime yet, can I still get a plot? YES! If you purchase lifetime VIP and submit your Round Survey before 3/16/2024, you will be in the system along with all of the other lifetimes. If you purchase lifetime VIP after the Round Survey has closed, you will be placed into Round 2 of selection. If you purchase lifetime VIP after Round 2 has started, you will be allowed to select after Round 2 on a first-come, first-served basis.

I missed submitting the Round Survey – what do I do? Not to worry! Just submit a modreq in game, and a staff member will add you to Round 2 of selection.

How big are these plots? 40x256x40. These are some of the ONLY plots on the server that are bedrock to build height!

Will this be changed with the impending upgrade? All VIP plots, both in this round and from the first round, will be expanded in height!


Round Survey (currently LIVE): VIP Plot Round Selection Form

Discord (you must be a member of our Discord to receive a DM about your plot selection): Discord


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