Join us as we set sail for the latter half of 2024!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Part 2 of our Nerdcrafteria Road Map! We hope you’ve enjoyed everything that we’ve brought to the table so far in 2024, and we’re excited to continue full steam ahead into the later half of the year with even more events coming up!

Feel free to review Part 1 of the Nerdcrafteria Road Map to see everything we’ve accomplished so far this year!

Roadmap Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo

July 2024
Early Month – Auction and Skyblock Wind Down
Patience is a virtue as the P4A Perk Auction finally arrives this month! We will be keeping the theme a secret for now, but be sure to start saving up your llamas now! You won’t want to miss out on the goodies!
Skyblock will also be winding down around this time, so be sure to get your last challenges completed and your last blocks placed for the build contest!

Late Month – Summer Olympics
Nerdcrafteria’s premier event, the Summer Olympics make a return! Compete against your friends for medals and ultimate bragging rights in fun Minecraft-based sports challenges!

August 2024
Early Month – Esther Day, Summer Secret Llama
Every year, we commemorate Esther Earl, a made-of-awesome Nerdfighter who asked us to celebrate the love we have among our family and friends before she passed away. Please join us in celebrating platonic and familial love.
We will also be hosting another edition of Summer Secret Llama this month! Make your Secret Llama’s month better by surprising them with some amazing gifts!

Late Month – Speed Skyblock
We will be starting a season of Speed Skyblock this month! We intend for this to be a shorter than normal Skyblock season to up the ante just a tad!

September 2024
Early Month – Server Birthday
It’s our 12th birthday! Join us in all the birthday celebrations as we ring in another year of awesome!

Late Month – Market Week, Speed Skyblock Wind Down
Blink and you’ll miss it! Speed Skyblock will be winding down this month to prepare for the next season of Skyblock!
Hrmmmmphrey and friends will also be returning this month to celebrate the autumnal equinox with some new items obtained while on their travels!

October 2024
Early Month – Auction
We’re keeping our word with more auctions, with another auction happening this month! The theme will remain a secret, but has already been voted on by you!

Late Month – Halloween
The most spooky time of the year is upon us here, as we challenge you to find all the secrets of the haunted house!

November 2024
Early Month – New Town?
A new town may be on the horizon, keep your eyes peeled…

Late Month – New Skyblock Season
Another Skyblock season will be beginning this month! We’re bringing back the popular Caveblock format to spice things up.

December 2024
Early Month – Secret Llama
‘Tis the season for gifting once again! Get into the holiday spirit by creating awesome gifts for your Secret Llama to come across and enjoy!

Late Month – Survival Sunset, Market Week
Survival will be seeing the sunset this month! Make sure to get all your pictures before then!
We will also be seeing the return of Hrmmmmphrey and friends with limited-time items to celebrate the winter solstice!


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