Something is stirring beneath Nerdcrafteria

Long ago, the residents of Sola Vallis fled an ancient evil of unknown origin, sealing the way behind them. But now, things are shifting, the veil is weakening, and it’s up to you to follow in their footsteps and rebuild the bridge to a new dimension…

It’s finally here! Our scavenger hunt across Nerdcrafteria has been released! This hunt will require following a series of clues and solving puzzles in order to progress to the final reward, including a hint at our next town.

This hunt is strongly recommended to be completed in teams, as many of the puzzles are easier (and more fun) as a group! Not to fear, as each “gate” is unlocked, the puzzles will remain available for any subsequent adventurers to discover and enjoy. If you are the first to unlock a particular gate, please /modreq once you have given the necessary item, and the magic will open the gate and return the item to you within 24 hours.

As always, if you encounter any trouble, please /modreq and we will be happy to resolve!

Best of luck, and stay safe out there…


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