Heyo Nerdcrafters! We are happy to announce that our new 1.20 flavored season of Skyblock is now open. You can join us by going to /sb spawn, where you’ll find helpful commands, some Skyblock mechanics to get you started, and details for this season’s build contest. You can create an island of your own with /sb create

This season our build contest is treehouses! You can craft a custom tree within which to ensconce your arboreal architecture, or just grow one in the dirt. Heck you could make a house FOR a tree if you want (what would that even look like?). Near the end of the season (date TBA, but roughly 3 months from now) your fellow players will be able to vote for their favourite builds and the winners will receive some fabulous prizes (which are detailed in the /sb spawn island treehouse). As usual, there will also be a contest to see who can achieve the highest island level, with prizes for the top three islands.

We’re rolling out some significant changes to our farming and redstone rules this season, so please make sure to take a look at rule #5 and #8 of our Code of Conduct. You will have much more freedom to design and build farms and machines, as long as they do not create significant lag on the server or for other players.

We have also given the challenges a major overhaul this season, with new goals and some rebalanced/reworked fan favourites. We’ve added a fourth tier of difficulty for all the hard core grinders, as well as modifying and adding many challenges in the other levels. A notable change that returning players will notice is that the “Swap Shop” challenge tier is no longer an unlockable tier, but is available right away. In the /sb challenges gui there is a “Free Challenges” icon at the bottom!

We hope you enjoy all this awesome new 1.20 goodness! If you come across any bugs or broken challenges, please let us know via an in-game /modreq the ⁠Nerdcrafteria⁠skyblock-world channel on Discord. Happy Skyblocking o/


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