Hello everyone!

Our sentimental chest system is now up and running staff-side, so we can start accepting your chests for the upgrade! As always with transfers of schems between worlds, please know that we will do our absolute best (and have tested this extensively with no issues) but there is always a risk that items may be lost. If there are things that hold particular sentimental value, please screenshot them so that you will have the memory of them should the worst happen.

How to Submit your Chest

In order to have your sentimental chest saved, please submit a /modreq in game standing right by the chest. In that modreq, please note that it is a sentimental chest request, and one of the following options for if there are problems with your sentimental chest contents:

  1. Refuse Chest – This option means we will close the modreq without saving the chest, and let you know what the problematic items are so that you can replace them. Please note that if you choose this option, then forget to submit an updated chest, we will be unable to save a chest for you. THIS OPTION IS UNAVAILABLE AFTER MAY 28TH to help ensure we save at least some items for you.
  2. Remove Items – This option means we will remove the problematic items from the chest that we save. We will note what items were removed in the modreq response, but you won’t be able to take the chest back and make further edits. THIS IS THE ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE AFTER MAY 28TH.

An example of a senti chest modreq would look like: /modreq Senti Chest ready! Please Refuse Chest with issues. Thanks! or /modreq Senti Chest ready! Please Remove Items if they’re problematic. Thanks!

Chest Guidelines

  • They must be a SINGLE normal chest – no double chests, ender chests, trap chests, or shulker boxes are permitted.
  • They must contain no items of significant economic value. This means no tools, armor, weapons, ore/ore products, elytra, etc.
    • Exception: Leather armor that has been named for the purpose of an event and is not enchanted with a useful enchantment (i.e. staff frequently place unrelated enchants on lore items to make things shiny) may be placed in a senti chest. For example, the graduation robes would be allowed to be saved.
  • The only stacked items that are permitted are PURCHASED heads (i.e. no mob heads).
  • Non-purchased mob heads are not permitted.
  • Lore/named items that are the result of staff events, or were gifts from SL events, are permitted so long as they don’t break the economic value restraints listed above. Don’t try to name a diamond block and put it in your chest.
  • Only Buycraft banners are permitted. Banners created in-game are not.
  • Boon tokens are not permitted.

IN GENERAL: The purpose of the sentimental chests is to let you keep your memories and bring them to the next map. It is NOT to give you an advantage or “leg-up” on the next map.

The deadline for modreq’ing your sentimental chest is May 30th, 2020.
We MUST have your modreq by this date if you want to have your chest transferred to the new map.

Thanks everyone!