Who’s ready for P4A 2024?!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Nerdcrafteria has been invited back to the P4A livestream this year and we can’t wait to share in the excitement with all of you! Read below for details on everything P4A, how we’re raising money this year, how you can be part of the livestream, and how we’ll be celebrating and generating hype for this year’s stream!

Our Timeslot – Come Be On Stream!

The Project For Awesome happens this year from February 16-18, and you can join our feature segment on February 16th, 9 p.m. Eastern! Join us in-game during our segment and you can also be featured on the P4A livestream! A special P4A 2024 streamer tag will be given to anyone joining us in-game for the stream!

Note: We are anticipating a large number of players during our prime time stream segment. All worlds apart from explore will be shut down 2 hours before our segment, and a whitelist will be implemented if required to make sure the server remains stable for everyone. Please read and fill out this form if you would like a chance to be on the whitelist for the stream!

Generating Hype

We have several events leading up to P4A weekend to really hype everyone up!

  • P4A Market Week: February 9-19

You can expect some extra special items at this month’s Market Week, in celebration of P4A!

  • Defend The Village: February 10, 5 p.m. Eastern

A stretch goal from last year’s P4A, the villagers of Towny McTownface need your help from the rift that has opened and is releasing a great evil!

  • P4A Builds

We have an amazing stage in explore to let you showcase your P4A builds for the stream! Build your awesome things in creative, then ./modreq by your build to have it added to the stage!

Fundraising Options

Much like years prior, there will be server-specific perks available ONLY during P4A for you to purchase! All purchases through our donation store, including these perks, will be tracked towards our server-specific stretch goals.

  • Fly & Dwarven Boon Tokens
  • Extra Homes
  • Discounted Lifetime VIP
  • Painting Submissions for the NCT Texture Pack
  • Nerdfighter Banner Bundle
  • Explore Spawn “Chief Builder
  • Custom Nerdfighter Banner Bundle
  • Design a Custom Banner
  • Design a Skyblock Starter Island (with certain balancing restrictions lol)

Stretch Goals

Presenting our server-specific stretch goals! As a reminder, all funds raised through our server are ALSO donated to the FTDWS, but to thank you for choosing to donate through us, we do some of our own fun, server-related goals! 🙂

We anticipate releasing more stretch goals as things are tested, but this is what we currently have!

  • $150 – 24h Fly! The world will be voted on by all of you!
  • $300 – Survival Super Pick Kit! For the Survivalists, a starter kit with a “Super Pick” will be made available!
  • $450 – Mending Book! A one-time-use Mending Book kit for your elytra and trident needs!

Check back on this post and in the Discord for updates on if more goals get added leading up to P4A! If you have an idea for something, please let us know so we can add it to the list!


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