A shot of the Nerdcrafteria main spawn, including a Carl robot, Hank and John, and some books, with the P4A logo hanging from the Nerdcrafteria sign
Spawn is ready for P4A – are you?

We are SO excited to announce a host of amazing perks and activities for this year’s Project For Awesome – our hope is to make this our biggest year yet! This post contains our guide to all things P4A so you can make sure you don’t miss a moment of it.

The Stream

The Project For Awesome stream will be up at THIS LINK from February 25th (beginning at 12:00pm EST) to February 27th (ending at 11:59am EST).

Nerdcrafteria will be a part of the stream this year! We will have our own stream slot for an hour on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26TH AT 2:00AM EASTERN TIME (11:00pm Pacific, 12:00am Mountain, 1:00a.m. Central, 2:00a.m. Eastern Saturday morning). We will hype this in discord heading into it to help make sure you don’t miss it!

During the stream we will be doing a tour of the server, as well as a bunch of fun games including spleef and olympic sheep hockey! If you can be there to help our server put its best foot forward and show off our amazing community, that would be most appreciated! We will be giving away a CUSTOM TAG of the winner’s choice (within server rules) to one of our community members who is in-game for at least 30 minutes during out stream, and EVERYONE who attends in-game for at least 30 minutes will receive a special [P4AStreamer] tag!

Donation Goals

As you know, every year we do server-specific perks and goals that we work towards together. As all donations through our Enjin store go towards the Foundation, this is our way of chipping in as a community towards P4A. Any and all purchases in our Enjin store during the P4A stream will count towards our server goals! This year’s goals are as follows:

  • $50 – Xander takes a selfie in space buns/fun buns
    • Honestly the staff just really want this
  • $100 – Fly boon on a Saturday afternoon
    • This will take effect the weekend AFTER P4A
  • $250 – Everyone gets a unique P4A tag
    • A photo of this tag will be released during the stream!
  • $350 – Fly for 24 hours in economy
    • This will take effect immediately upon tier being unlocked
  • $425 – Server Movie night
    • NOTE: this will be through Amazon Watch Party, with all the weird caveats that come with that
  • $500 – Fly for 24 hours in ALL WORLDS
    • This will take effect two weeks after P4A
  • $600 – Permanent parkour course on the main map
    • We want to work with y’all to make an AMAZING parkour course on map!

And our final goal, drumroll please…

  • $750HANK COMES TO VISIT and a second creative plot for everyone who donated through the server during P4A 2022
    • We DO NOT have a date for this, it will be ASAP pending Hank’s very busy schedule. This will be a 30-60 minute server visit to say hello and see our amazing server!
    • Lifetime VIPs will have first priority on player slots for this visit based on server capacity, so during P4A is a great time to get Lifetime VIP!
    • Anyone who donated through our Enjin store during P4A will be able to claim a second creative plot!

Get Hype & Donate!

Share the server and the Project for Awesome with your friends and family! At the end of the day, our goal is to raise money for charity while having a blast, and we are so thankful we get to do that alongside all of you! Here are the places to donate during the stream and beyond:

Project For Awesome

Enjin (for server-specific goals)


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