The banner is up, the stage is set, it’s time for P4A!

We are SO excited to announce we have been invited back to the P4A Livestream!! Read below for details about how we’ll be raising money this year, as well as how you can be on the P4A stream!

Our Timeslot

The Project For Awesome is happening this year from February 17-19, and we’re once again being featured! Our slot is on February 19th at 2 a.m. Eastern! We’ll be sharing more details soon about how we’ll be spreading the hype!

Be On Stream!

Join us in-game during our livestream portion to be featured on the P4A livestream! We will be playing a bunch of games including Spleef, Yeet Hockey, Parkour, and more! Anyone who joins us in-game during the stream will receive an exclusive P4A Streamer tag for 2023.

Fundraising Options

As always, we will have server-specific perks available ONLY during P4A for you to purchase! These perks (and any other purchases through our donation store) will be tracked towards our server-specific stretch goals.

  • Fly & Dwarven Boon Tokens
  • Extra Homes
  • Discounted Lifetime VIP
  • Painting Submissions for the NCT Texture Pack
  • Plough Lane Boxes
  • Nerdfighter Banner Bundle
  • Explore Spawn “Chief Builder
  • Custom Nerdfighter Banner Bundle
  • Design a Skyblock Starter Island (with certain balancing restrictions lol)

Stretch Goals

These are our server-specific stretch goals! As a reminder, all funds raised through our server are ALSO donated to the FTDWS, but we do some of our own fun goals to thank you for choosing to donate through us! We anticipate releasing more stretch goals as we’re able to test things, but here’s what we have so far!

  • $150 – Xander Gets Facepainted. Honestly we just think this will be hilarious.
  • $200 – Extra Market Weekend
  • $300 – Backpacks! We will bring the backpack plugin back to the server, for additional portable inventory space.
  • $450 – Mending Book! We will release a one-time-use Mending Book kit!
  • $550 – Defend the Village Event in Main. Smack down zombies and other mobs as you defend Nerdtopia from an attack!
  • $600 – Minigames! We are still working on exactly WHICH minigames, but we will be bringing a minigame world to the server. Please feel free to send us suggestions!
  • $700 – Server Auction. Bringing back auctions! Bid for your favorite themed chest full of lore items and other goodies.
  • $800 – Mainworld Scavenger Hunt. Clues hidden across Mainworld to lead you on a quest to the ultimate treasure!

As stated above, we anticipate releasing more goals during this week. If you have an idea for something, please let us know so we can add it to the list!


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