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The winter Olympics are coming to Nerdcrafteria! Starting Saturday, February 5th, 2022, we will be hosting a whole week of fun and exciting winter Olympic style events at the Fairgrounds.

All athletes will receive an exclusive winterized [Olympian] tag just for participating, and the winners of each event will receive customized medals to display on their plots for all to see.


Event Schedule:

Saturday February 5th – 4pm EST – Forest Parkour

The Winter Olympic Parkour Course has already been constructed at /warp fairgrounds!
Head over there to practice before the big event!

Sunday February 6th – 4pm EST – Dogsled Maze Race
  • Step 1: Pick your pup!
  • Step 2: Tame ’em and name ’em so they’ll come when you call ’em!
  • Step 3: Stick ’em on your sled because this is a Minecraft dogsled race…
  • Step 4: GO!
Monday February 7th – 7pm EST – Luge

Dust off your luge sleds, and stretch on your favourite spandex!
It’s Luge time!

  • The first event is timed! How fast can you navigate the hairpin turns of the of the 24-block-high luge track?
  • The second event is a free-for-all chaos slide to the bottom! Everyone lines up at the top and rides the course together. Olympic extreme bumper boat race anyone?
Tuesday February 8th – 7pm EST – Ice Boat Llama Relay

Choose your lane and ready your boats! The first person to collect all of their llamas and bring them back from the other end wins!

Wednesday February 9th – 7pm EST – Snowball Battle Boats

Board your boats, load up on snowballs, and enter the battle arena! Each team of two begins the game with 4 boats and must decide their strategy. Will you double up in your boat with a driver and a snowball sniper? Or will you captain your vessels solo, taking aim as you dodge flying snowballs? The last team with a boat in the arena wins!

Thursday February 10th – 7pm EST – Olympic Sheep Hockey

Olympic size sheep hockey with a twist! Join a team, lace up your skates, and then frantically encourage the sentient Puck to get stuck in the other team’s net! Here’s the twist… your hockey stick works now, and you can skate really fast! Go!

Friday February 11th – 7pm EST – Ice Fishing Derby

A good old fashioned fishing tourney! Pick a hole in the ice and fish as many fish as you can fish in the time allowed! When the time is up and the points are tallied, trade in your trash for souvenirs!

Saturday February 12th – 4pm EST – Ice Boat Racing

The ice boat race track returns to the lake behind the fairgrounds!

Sunday February 13th – 4pm EST – Spleef

Snooooooow spleeeeeef! Nuff said!

We hope to see you there!


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