New things are coming!

It was a lovely day out in the swamp with the frog friends!

The sniffers nearby were also quite cute!

Then I seemed to have gotten lost on the way home and came across some unwelcome company…

But I eventually made it to the cherry blossom forest I call home.

It’s finally happening! Nerdcrafteria is taking a leap into the new age of Minecraft! This post details everything you need to know about the upgrade and how you can prepare yourself!


  • Downtime Starts: March 28th, 2024 at 6 pm Eastern
  • Server Reopens: Evening of April 1st, 2024 (Time TBD)

Note that downtime will be across the entire server, including main, explore, survival, and creative. When we relaunch after the update, we will have also launched April explore. Please make sure to take everything out of explore and have it either in your inventory or in a chest outside of explore before the downtime window!
If you need a place to store your stuff on a temporary basis, check out the apartments at ./warp jb or ./warp lh, or a hotel room at ./warp gr!

The Details!

We are excited to confirm that we WILL be upgrading to version 1.20.4! We have compiled a list of some the new features you can look forward to with the update!

  • Expanded Y-levels and 3D Biomes
  • Sculks, Wardens, and Caves
  • Mangroves and Cherry Groves
  • Frogs, Allays, and other fun mob friends!
  • Archeology
  • New music disks, biomes, and blocks!


Will I lose anything? No. We anticipate an extremely smooth transition from 1.17.1 to 1.20.4.

Will the new explore include everything with the new update? Not right away. With the sheer amount of new things, you’ll have to be patient with the upcoming explore resets showing off things bit by bit!

What about Skyblock/Survival? As explained in our Roadmap, Skyblock and Survival will be resetting quite soon to give you guys as much opportunity as possible to play with the new blocks and mechanics in your favorite worlds!

Will plots be expanded? Normal plots will not be expanded in height. VIP plots from both rounds will be expanding in height shortly after the update!

How can I prepare? Although we should be on the newest version of Minecraft at update launch, we recommend creating a separate 1.20.4 Launcher profile!

Will we upgrade to 1.21 once that releases? No. Not right away.

I found X issue! Please report it to us with a modreq, Discord ticket, or bug report and we will look into it as soon as possible!


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