Minigames world is officially live!

We are so excited to announce that MINIGAMES has now come to the server! Read below to find out all about the existing games, and the ones that will be opening soon. Please note that some of our games require PVP. Minigames world is a completely isolated inventory, so it’s all in good fun!

Getting to the World & Joining Games

You can head to minigames by simply doing /minigames. This will teleport you to our minigames lobby, where you have oodles of games to pick from! To join a game, simply interact with the NPC of the game you’d like to participate in.

The NPCs in our Parkour Pavilion – you should recognize a few faces!

Hide & Seek

Our P4A Hide and Seek arena returns with 3 possible game modes! Please note that Hide n Seek is a PVP Gamemode, and requires at least 2 players to start a game.

  1. Free Hide n Seek – This gamemode is a fun way to use the arena without the constraints of a plugin. Please note the Hide n Seek arena is PVP enabled, so ensure you are clear about the rules of your game with your friends before you begin!
  2. Small Group Hide n Seek – This gamemode allows a plugin to run the game, including counting down time to hide, and releasing the seekers on time! It will also give you weapons/armor to battle each other once the hiders are found. The seekers need to knock everyone out in order to win. Small group Hide n Seek has 1 seeker and up to 9 hiders.
  3. Large Group Hide n Seek – The same as Small Group Hide n Seek, with more players! Large group Hide n Seek has up to 3 seekers and up to 27 hiders.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a classic PVP Gamemode where teams square off against each other on either side of a slender bridge! The object of the game is to access the other team’s portal, while defending your own, capture-the-flag style. There is presently one map available, and we anticipate adding more in the future!

Build Battle

Build Battle is a NON PVP Gamemode, where you vote on a theme, then race to build the best on theme against your friends in creative mode. At the end you will vote for who had the best build!


Parkour is exactly as it sounds! Blocks are auto-generated as you hop according to the difficulty you select – Easy, Medium, Expert, or Balanced. Balanced mode gets increasingly difficult the longer you go! Parkour is a NON PVP Gamemode.

Block Party – Coming Soon!

Block Party will be added soon, we hit some unexpected snags with the plugin that its dev is working diligently to fix! This game is like Minecraft musical chairs, where you have to stand on a specific color of block or you’re out. Block Party is a NON PVP Gamemode.


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