Over the past couple of weeks, many Nerdcrafterians have wandered down the southbound road out of Nerdtopia, to find the quaint village of Lighthouse Point. Some of you might even have met its friendly, and very adorable, inhabitants. These villagers, skilled in their various trades, have agreed to open up their little marketplace to the made-of-awesome citizens of Nerdcrafteria!

Each month, for one weekend only, a selection of villagers will gather in the marketplace at Lighthouse Point, to trade their wares for your items and emeralds. Hephaestus, the blacksmith, will also be available to repair your tools, weapons, and armour for a price. The market will be open for trading from Friday evening until Sunday evening (EDT).

The very first Market Weekend is happening this weekend, August 21st – 23rd, so gather your emeralds, and we hope to see you there!


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