Hello all! Here you can find our recording of the Town Hall meeting from June 27, 2020. We’ve also included below some helpful timestamps of key information and questions that were asked. Happy listening!

0:00 Welcome and Thank You for Support

0:58 Fundraising record set!

1:22 When is survival happening? What’s the plan? Within a month from upgrade, hopefully within the next week to two weeks. Survival will be as vanilla as possible.

2:05 How long will survival seasons be? 3 months to start, we’ll adjust going forward based on how this first one goes.

3:19 Will survival have any of the restrictions the economy server does, like with villagers? Villagers will in theory be turned on, and redstone restrictions will be eased (still with the lag limitations).

4:16 Will there be homes in survival? No.

4:40 Will there be fly boons in survival? Probably.

5:12 Would boons be separate in the shop or all in one? Boons will be available for purchase separately in the shop.

5:40 Is a continuous story planned or just individual themes? We aren’t sure yet! This first season will be super basic, and we’ll brainstorm ideas for going forward.

5:53 Why not have a fly boon activate for all worlds? If you are interested in an all-in-one package we can certainly work on that. Traditionally boons are per world.

6:58 Have any other boon types been proposed? Yes! We will have a couple different boon types available.

7:16 So survival is just vanilla minecraft with other players? Yep!

8:10 Is a creative world being considered? We’ll get to this later! Short answer is yes.

8:43 New forms are live on the website! These will be handled through Discord and behind the scenes with staff, rather than on the forums. If you used to use the forums for it, it can now be done on the website. Forums are archived, so we will no longer be maintaining or updating them.

14:53 Is there more Tuataria stuff planned? Nothing aggressively “planned” so-to-speak, but we have free rein to host events/livestreams on their Discord whenever we’d like.

15:55 Code of Conduct changes!

18:18 Why the limit in shop signs? To avoid large monopolies or huge general stores. A thriving economy is a diverse one!

18:46 Are there any guidelines on shops in explore? The same rule applies – limited to 16 buy/sell pairs on a particular item

19:25 If you are buying and selling the same item, do both the buy and sell count towards your total? The total is based on buy/sell pairs on a particular item.

20:15 What about dispose/other utility signs? These don’t count towards your total.

22:20 Do semi-auto farms in explore have the same 64-square limit? Yes

23:17 If the farm is all manual, is there a size limit? No

25:22 Will the items be rotating/changing in ashop? We aren’t sure yet – we want to let the economy stabilize as-is before we start mixing things up in ashop.

27:00 Rule Enforcement System updates

32:26 Can we see what nudges are recorded on our account? Yes! /bminfo -w will pull your warnings for you.

36:32 What are the consequences for Minor infractions? There are no consequences directly associated with Minor infractions, they will just put you closer to future consequences.

37:35 Moving Forward Plans for the Server

37:50 Player Town Process changes/updates

39:26 Are there plans to expand NT? Not right now. We are waiting until one or two more towns open so we have a better idea of continued interest and activity

40:06 Will there be more server/staff towns as well? Yes! One will hopefully be coming in the next month to two months

40:42 Is there a limit to how many plots a player can own? One per town (not including apartments), we don’t have plans for a server-wide limit yet

41:20 There was talk of doing a museum-focused public build project. Could that still work? Probably yes, it would likely go through a process very similar to player towns.

43:27 Where is the line between gambling and competitions? Gambling is left up to chance, and generally requires a wager. Competitions are based on skill.

43:55 Is enderpearls being disabled in NT intentional/permanent? Yes.

44:57 Creative World? We want to get survival up and running first, then evaluate. If we do add it it will likely be very similar to previous iterations – large squares in a flat world.

46:33 Payment system changes are likely coming – keep an eye out for a formal announcement.

47:40 Boon Types? We will have Fairy Wings (fly), Dwarven Spirit (haste/nightvision), and Druid’s Touch (feed/heal) available for purchase on each world.

49:20 New Discord Channels!

55:00 When is a modreq appropriate and when should we use the discord channels? Modreqs should be used for things immediately addressable in game, especially if they are location specific.

56:14 Is it possible for player grievances to be posted anonymously/handled privately? Yes! Just pm LordStormy (or Flaw if your issue is with Stormy) on Discord and we will help you work out a solution.

59:58 Could we have a channel for player events? Yes! Done!

1:00:28 Is there a deadline to receiving sentimental chests? No, but we may implement one in the future if it’s dragging out too long


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