Welcome all, to the Skyblock: Season 4 build contest!

A marauding beast has attacked the Skyblock spawn island! It’s come in search of treasure and to challenge all the local dragons for the position of top dragon! We must all go out and round up as many dragons as we can find to aid in fending off the rampaging terror! 

 There will be two contests running in Skyblock this season. 

1. Build your Island!

 The top three Islands as measured by island level will receive a chest of nifty stuff, and the first place finisher will also win the tag [SkyblockChamp]!

2. Build a Dragon!

 The top three dragons as chosen by community vote will also receive the chest o’ nifty stuff and the first place finisher will win the unique tag [DragonCrafter]! This tag will never be given out again, the winner of the build contest will be the only person to have it!

The Nifty Stuff:

  • One (1) Netherite pick enchanted with efficiency 4!
  • One (1) Skyblock Flyboon token!
  • One (1) Sheep spawn egg!
  • Two (2) Island levels worth of blocks! (Stone brick, two stacks)

*All prizes will be delivered to your island at the beginning of season five.

So, get your dragon building fingers limbered up, marshall your reference material and maybe go watch that Sean Connery Dragon movie or something. What was that even called? I wanna say Braveheart, but that’s the Mel Gibson thing, hmmm. Dangit lemme google this, hol’ on… oh, DRAGON heart. Freakin, of course. Jeez that was a terrible movie. Yeah, no. Don’t do that. That’s an awful idea. 

ANYWAY… You’ll find a wide variety of colorful blocks available at the Island Mart on the Skyblock spawn island to aid you in your dragon designs!

We can’t wait to see what you create!


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