Welcome Campers!

Are you ready for a week of fun and games right here in Nerdcrafteria? Come on down to /warp Fairgrounds for summer camp! From Saturday July 22nd to Sunday July 30th we will be hosting daily camp-style games complete with prizes for the winners, and a shiny new [Happy☀Camper] tag for everyone who participates!

Camp Schedule:

Saturday July 22nd – 3pm EDT – 🔍Sardines

One player is chosen to hide, and everyone else goes out on the hunt! If you find the hidden player, you get to hide with them. Be careful where you hide though, or you might end up packed tighter than a tin of sardines!

Sunday July 23rd – 3pm EDT – 🧗High Ropes Parkour

Buckle into your safety harness and climb up to the starting platform! I hope you’re not afraid of heights! This parkour challenge is modelled after treetop high ropes courses complete with a zipline at the end!

Monday July 24th – 7pm EDT – 🎣Fishing Derby

A good old-fashioned Nerdcrafteria fishing derby! How many fish can you catch before your rod breaks? Lure III rods will be provided.

Tuesday July 25th – 7pm EDT – 🚩Capture the Flag

Players will be divided into 2 teams, each with a mission to cross the maze field and retrieve the other team’s flag without getting splashed by a potion of blindness! First team to return to their base with the other team’s flag wins!

Wednesday July 26th – 7pm EDT – 🏹Archery

Ready? Aim… FIRE! How many targets can you hit before time runs out?

Thursday July 27th – 7pm EDT – 🏇Horseback Relay

A little bit of Western pole bending, a little bit of English jumping, and a head-to-head race to the finish! Zippy and Zoomer are looking forward to meeting you!

Friday July 28th – No camp today! 🐑🏒

Join us at the Sheep Hockey Cathedral in /Explore for Nerdcrafteria’s favourite pastime! The Knights of NI will face the GK Guardians at 8pm EDT!

Saturday July 29th – 3pm EDT – 🚣Row Boat Race

Everyone out to the lake! Hop in your row boats and gather at the starting line for a race around the lake!

Sunday July 30th – 3pm EDT – 🔥Campfire

Come hang out in voice chat and bring your spookiest and funniest (server appropriate) campfire stories to share!

All events will take place at or near /warp Fairgrounds and don’t forget to go for a swim in the lake and a bounce on the giant inflatable llamacorn!

See you soon campers!


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