The summer Olympics are coming to Nerdcrafteria! Starting Sunday, August 22nd, 2021, we will be hosting a whole week of fun and exciting Olympic style events at the Fairgrounds.

All athletes will receive an exclusive [Olympian] tag just for participating, and the winners of each event will receive customized medals to display on their plots for all to see.

Event Schedule:

Sunday August 22nd – 3pm EDT – Swimming Events
  • 100m Freestyle
    • Swim the length of the pool as fast as you can!
  • 4 x 200m Relay
    • In teams of two, take turns swimming to the end of the pool and back, twice.
  • Bucket Fishing
    • Be the first to catch 10 colour-coded fish in the reef pool.
Monday August 23rd – 8pm EDT – Maze Running Event
  • Maze Run
    • Be the first to find your way to the center of the maze!
Tuesday August 24th – 8pm EDT – Sailing Event
  • Nerdfighteria Island Race
    • Sail your boat through the islands of NI, following buoy markers. The race begins and ends in the Lighthouse Point Bay.
Wednesday August 25th – 8pm EDT – Equestrian Events
  • Cross Country
    • Mount your steed and navigate the Cross Country course. Go fast and jump clean, rounds are timed, and each jump refusal will cost you 4 faults!
  • Steeple Chase
    • Race your opponents for three laps around the Steeple Chase course.
  • Show Jumping
    • Mount your steed and navigate the Show Jumping course. Go fast and jump clean, rounds are timed, and each jump refusal will cost you 4 faults!
Thursday August 26th – 8pm EDT – Archery & Javelin Events
  • Archery
    • Take aim to earn the highest point total on 7 targets.
  • Javelin
    • How far can you throw a trident? Let’s find out!
Friday August 27th – 8pm EDT – Parkour Events
  • Parkour Blast-off
    • It’s a race to the top! Be the fastest to hop your way up and launch your rocket to the stars!
  • Lead Climbing
    • Rock climbing at it’s finest! You have two minutes to climb as high as you can on the giant rock wall. Hang on tight!
Saturday August 28th – 3pm EDT – Rodeo Events
  • Barnyard Blitz
    • Yeeeeeeeehaaaaw! Tame yer wild mustang, and herd the critters back to their pens. Better hurry, this event is timed!
  • Pole Bending
    • Saddle up your trusty quarter horse, and race your opponents through the pole bending course.
  • Hungry Hungry Heifers
    • Giddy up! It’s time to herd some cattle! It’s a race to tame your mustang, and then lead as many heifers as you can back to your pen.

We hope to see you there!


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