Nerdcrafteria is turning 10 years old on Friday September 16th, 2022! To celebrate this huge milestone, the staff have planned a whole week of festivities to celebrate our decade together as a community! Join is on the server this week for some fun games, prizes, and of course, CAKE!

Take a walk down Memory Lane with us. Do you remember your favourite towns from maps gone by? Do you remember your favourite builds? To mark this momentous occasion, we’re inviting the community to contribute to our Memory Lane main map build.

To participate:

  1. Build a replica of an historic Nerdcrafteria build from maps past on your Creative plot. Builds should be no larger than 15x15x15. 
  2. Make a modreq from the location of your finished build, and staff will find a place for your contribution on Memory Lane.
  3. Deadline for build contributions is September 30th, 2022.

Sunday September 11th

  • Nerdfighteria Island Hide ‘n Seek
    • Join us on the server for some good ol’fashioned Nerdcrafteria Hide ‘n Seek! Join in anytime a game is running by heading over to Nerdfighteria Island to search for hiding staff! 

Monday September 12th

  • Birthday Parkour Challenge
    • Join us at /warp Fairgrounds for a nail-bitingly intense Parkour competition! Event starts at 6pm EDT.

Tuesday September 13th

  • Go Karting
    • Join us at /warp Fairgrounds for some twisty, turny, go kart races! Event starts at 6pm EDT.

Wednesday September 14th

  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey
    • The classic birthday party game… but with a trident javelin spin! Join us at /warp Fairgrounds at 6pm EDT.

Thursday September 15th

  • Cake Decorating Contest
    • A Nerdcrafteria tradition! Join us at /warp Fairgrounds to decorate some birthday cakes fit for Nerdcrafteria’s 10th Birthday! Event starts at 6pm EDT.

Friday September 16th

  • Cake Ceremony & Cake Dig
    • Join us at /warp Fairgrounds for the unveiling of the GIANT CAKE! Help us sing Happy Birthday to Nerdcrafteria on Discord, and then DIG in! Event begins at 6pm EDT.

Saturday September 17th

  • The Party Continues…
    • Yeet Hockey! Fireworks! General birthday shindig shenanigans! Festivities begin at 2pm EDT.

This community has meant so much, to so many over the years. We hope you’ll all be able to join us this week to celebrate the community we’ve built together. DFTBA!


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