Come one, come all, to this fantastic carnival of ice and sparkling snow! The players and staff of Nerdcrafteria proudly announce the Nerdcrafteria 2021 Winter Carnival! Please read on for a preview of all of the exciting events you can participate in across our two and a half weeks of festivities. All activities will be taking place at our lovely fairgrounds, located at /warp fairgrounds, and you are welcome to participate in every single one!

Schedule of Events

Week 1:

❄️ January 16th, 10 a.m.: Opening Ceremonies. Join us for fireworks and an official opening of the Winter Carnival, & be the first to see all of the incredible wonders!

❄️ January 17th, 2 p.m.: Snow Spleef Tournament. High speed and high stakes, our Snow Spleef Tournament has it all, and includes a commemorative shovel for our participants.

❄️ January 20th, 3 p.m.: Snowman Building Competition. Put your fashion skills to the test dressing up a snowman in this speed-decorating contest!

Week 2:

❄️ January 23rd, 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.: Ice Karting Grand Prix. An incredible show of skill and hilarity by ice-boat pilots, whizzing around the track at top speed!

❄️ January 27th, 4 p.m.: Ice Sculpting Competition. Channel your inner artist to carve out a masterpiece from the provided block of ice. Winner’s pieces will be displayed between rounds!

❄️ January 29th, 7 p.m.: Ice Fishing Competition. Not for the faint of heart, ice fishing combines timing with cold weather and tight quarters for a truly unforgettable experience.

Week 3:

❄️ January 31st, 4 p.m.: Snow Ball and Closing Ceremonies. Bust out your fanciest or silliest party outfit for this amazing Snow Ball Celebration under the stars. Music (in game and in Discord!), snacks, dancing and more while we say goodbye to our Winter Carnival.

Ongoing Events

Not able to make one of the scheduled events listed above? Not to fret! The following events will also be played whenever there is a staff member available to run them.

❄️ Snowman Building Competitions

❄️ Ice Sculpting Competitions

❄️ Ice Fishing Competitions

Always Available

Want to play on your own time, without waiting on a staff member? All of the following will be available at all times during the carnival for you to enjoy by yourself or with friends!

❄️ Scavenger Hunt: Find all of the letters (9 in total!) and place them in a chest in order, then /modreq for a prize!

❄️ Winter Mini Golf: Check the rules hut to learn how to play and grab a club, then weave your way through our challenging course to the very end.

❄️ Polar Bear Plunge: Visit our llama tour stables for an incredible plunge through a wintery scene. Be sure to explore – you just might find something you weren’t expecting.

❄️ Snow Golem Shoot Out: Shoot the minecarts out from beneath the snow golems in this classic carnival game.

❄️ Snow Spleef: Aside from the tournament, you can play Snow Spleef whenever you’d like! Please replace snow when you’re finished, either using snow you’ve collected from /explore, or purchased from the sign shop in the arena.

❄️ Dunk Tank: Plunge staff members and players alike into the icy waters of our frigid dunk tank, now with targets!

❄️ Ice Boat Racing: Grab a boat and try out our Ice Karting course for yourself, or challenge your friends to a race! Pro tip: Hit F5 for a third-person view to minimize dizziness… or don’t!

❄️ Boat Jousting: Hilarity on ice – shoot your friends boats to break them! Last player still in a boat is the winner!

Whew! So much to do and so little time! Be sure to join us between January 16th and the 31st to get in on the activity – the carnival will move on after the Snow Ball, not to return for another year!


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