Nerdcrafteria is a Minecraft server, owned by Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers, founded in September 2012. Our current Head Administrator is PerfectFlaw.

Our interest is in promoting a DFTBA attitude and a fun family gaming environment for all, while raising money for the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck!

Meet the Staff


  • Hank Green: One half of the Vlogbrothers and host of this awesome server!

Head Administrator:

  • PerfectFlaw: General creator of chaos and bringer of snacks. When she’s not building on the server she can be found petting horses and reading fantasy. Former Mod-Mentor for Emerald Falls. ([email protected])

Senior Administrators:

  • BirdyNerd [SA of Events and Excitement]: Greyhound-snoot smooching, kitty cuddling, snek snuggling, ornithologically inclined collection of quirks. ([email protected])
  • LordStormy [SA of Community and Communication]: Often found in pillow forts watching Critical Role surrounded by cats. 50% chance of yarn drop. Former Co-Mayor of Nerdtropolis and Green Hills, Former Leader of the Mining Guild. They/them or He/him pronouns. ([email protected])
  • oranges13 [SA of Technology and Tinkering]: Coder and casual gamer who enjoys farming more than mining. Former Co-leader of Farming Guild. Owned by two cats. (she/her, they/them) ([email protected])


  • ikilledrobot: Not actually a Robot. Plays with colors professionally. Occasionally found on Summoner’s Rift. Instagrams her dog Zoey too much. ([email protected])
  • riichard3: Have you ever seen that movie Easy A? He’s basically that part where she sings “Pocket Full of Sunshine” all weekend. Former Co-Mayor of Solara. ([email protected])

Senior Moderators:

  • Banesidhe: Lives in a Lurkhole. Lurks. Trademark saying: “Turtles breath out of their…. SAMANTHA?!? ” Former Mayor of Agloe, Blackguard Bay, & Thistledown. ([email protected])


  • DamonAverette: Coming Soon ([email protected])
  • Dasqu: When he’s not online, he can be found playing viola while figure skating to David Bowie. ([email protected])
  • Flash_fire13: If shenanigans are happening, you can bet Flash will be there… in a flash. Former Co-Mayor of Scythian Peaks. ([email protected])
  • palinalif: When she’s not on the server, she can usually be found snuggling a cat, talking about cats, or getting way too into Sims house building. ([email protected])
  • TheoDaKaffei: Silly Goose. Really puns almost never. Doomed to never catch up on Critical Role. ([email protected])
  • Xieandra: Server resident cat,- chaos incarnate. Probably actually an extraplanetary being that loves hiding stuff, treehouses, enchanted forests as well as secret llama. Runs on coffee, prone to anxiety attacks. Feed with chocolate when angry and don’t.boop.the.nose! ([email protected])

Junior Moderators:

  • OhMagicalUnicorn: This duck walked up to a lemonade stand and said to the man running the stand “I desire pasta.” And then the duck screamed. ([email protected])
  • Xander_Fury: Lives in Alaska for reasons surpassing human understanding. Has internet delivered fresh daily by friendly team of sled dogs. Likes: being asked to help build (anything), french fries. Dislikes: Bears. ([email protected])
  • verykirsten: Collector of purple things. Probably being slept on by a dog. ([email protected])
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