Nerdcrafteria is a Minecraft server, owned by Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers, founded in September 2012. Our current Head Administrator is PerfectFlaw.

Our interest is in promoting a DFTBA attitude and a fun family gaming environment for all, while raising money for the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck!

Meet the Staff


  • Hank Green: One half of the Vlogbrothers and host of this awesome server!

Head Administrator:

  • PerfectFlaw: General creator of chaos and bringer of snacks. When she’s not building on the server she can be found petting horses and reading fantasy. Former Mod-Mentor for Emerald Falls. ([email protected])

Senior Administrators:

  • BirdyNerd [SA of Events and Excitement]: Greyhound-snoot smooching, kitty cuddling, snek snuggling, ornithologically inclined collection of quirks. ([email protected])
  • LordStormy [SA of Community and Communication]: Often found in pillow forts watching Critical Role surrounded by cats. 50% chance of yarn drop. Former Co-Mayor of Nerdtropolis and Green Hills, Former Leader of the Mining Guild. They/them or He/him pronouns. ([email protected])
  • oranges13 [SA of Technology and Tinkering]: Coder and casual gamer who enjoys farming more than mining. Former Co-leader of Farming Guild. Owned by two cats. (she/her, they/them) ([email protected])
  • Flash_fire13 [SA of Skyblock and Survival]: If shenanigans are happening, you can bet Flash will be there… in a flash. Former Co-Mayor of Scythian Peaks. ([email protected])


  • ikilledrobot: Not actually a Robot. Plays with colors professionally. Occasionally found on Summoner’s Rift. Instagrams her dog Zoey too much. ([email protected])
  • palinalif: When she’s not on the server, she can usually be found snuggling a cat, talking about cats, or getting way too into Sims house building. ([email protected])
  • riichard3: Have you ever seen that movie Easy A? He’s basically that part where she sings “Pocket Full of Sunshine” all weekend. Former Co-Mayor of Solara. ([email protected])

Senior Moderators:

  • Banesidhe: Lives in a Lurkhole. Lurks. Trademark saying: “Turtles breath out of their…. SAMANTHA?!? ” Former Mayor of Agloe, Blackguard Bay, & Thistledown. ([email protected])


  • DamonAverette: Coming Soon ([email protected])
  • TheoDaKaffei: Silly Goose. Really puns almost never. Doomed to never catch up on Critical Role. ([email protected])
  • verykirsten: Collector of purple things. Probably being slept on by a dog. ([email protected])
  • Xander_Fury: Lives in Alaska for reasons surpassing human understanding. Has internet delivered fresh daily by friendly team of sled dogs. Likes: being asked to help build (anything), french fries. Dislikes: Bears. ([email protected])
  • shezzaholmes ([email protected])

Junior Moderators:

Interested in joining the staff? Please click here!

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