And there are a few things going on that need to be addressed, since there seems to be a bit of confusion.

1. First of all, as a result of the recent update, some of our plugins will not be functioning at their highest capacity, or even at all in some instances. This includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

- Iclaims (players have reported minor issues with it)
- EcoMonsters (the plugin that gives money for mob kills is currently non-functional)
- Item protection plugins (they're out of date and don't prevent people from using anvils, so try not to be rude about it)
- A couple of other minor problems we've noticed so far.

If you find a plugin that is non-functional, please, don't be alarmed. As a result of everyone's incessant discussion about how important it is to update to 1.4, we've done so - a bit early, which means we're going to lose some functionality for a short time. We expect these plugins to be functional soon.

2. We've recently changed inventory plugins, to be able to condense everything into the Multiverse setup (an excellent series of plugins). Unfortunately, this has had the rather inconvenient side effect of causing everyone's inventories to switch between various worlds. The most common problem we've found so far is that everyone's inventories were moved from Minington/The Nether/Nerdcrafteria to the Creative world, if they were in one of the former three worlds when the change occurred. This is an easy fix, and all you'll need to do is tell a mod when you're online that you need the items transferred and we can do that for you.

Unfortunately, if you were in creative when we went through with the update, it's a bit more complicated. It seems your inventory for the other worlds was just lost, and we'll need to restore it as best we can from your memory. Since we have no proof of the event as it occurred, we will do our best to be lenient with you when we transfer items - however, if there is a request we cannot grant, please...

A section of Nerdcrafteria centered around Nerdville, lighthouse point, and watertown has been trapped in a localized time bubble accessible by a portal that has just appeared out of nowhere in Nerdville spawn! Jump into the lava portal and teleport to fight the legions of dragons that have come to take over the server!

You will receive a set of standard equipment from a nearby mod, if there is one available. Scavenge for materials otherwise, or scavenge for better materials, and fight until the dragons are gone!

The dragons will respawn though, so be prepared to fight again!
Maintenance/Issues Scheduled Server Maintenance
Just to let you guys know, we'll be scheduling some server maintenance tonight, around 10-11 PM GMT -7. It shouldn't take too long, we don't expect the server to be down for more than 5 minutes (and probably not even that long), but we figured we should let you know ahead of time.

Some of the changes:

- Minor improvements to some things around Nerdville spawn, we should see a little less framerate lag there.
- Some plugin tweaks and stuff to reduce memory leaks.
- Starting to work on sheep again.
- Other minor enhancements.

We'll see you on the other side.

- Islid (Administrator)
Hey guys - there's enough news to make another big post, so here we go - assembling all of the recent events into one post for your condensed reading pleasure!


1. As Dyaizon and many others have mentioned, 1.4 is out for Minecraft! Dyaizon has made an informative post that can be found right here, and you can read about how to downgrade there as well. Remember: Do not upgrade to 1.4 until there's an official server announcement about it! We have a great deal of plugins which I'm sure would be quite a bother for everyone to lose, and as such, we're not prepared to update yet. Bukkit hasn't even released an official, endorsed stable build, so we've definitely got to wait until at least that pops up.


2. The most recent competition that Panda has held, the spleef arena competition, is officially over! Winners have been picked (to the best of my knowledge), and the winning arenas will be placed in the gladiatora world with the PVP arenas and some other arenas (including a few more that you guys can build/suggest below) and we'll be officially opening that world up shortly for you guys to visit whenever you please to play any of a variety of arena games. As far as we know right now, this is the current list of arena types we have available:

- Spleef
- Reef
- Chicken Hunt (A...
Important Updates Minecraft Update
As some of you will be aware, minecraft will be updating to version 1.4 very soon.

Due to the number of plugins that we run, all of which will need updating before they can run on 1.4, it's probably going to be a couple of weeks before we can update the server to 1.4.

Therefore, if you want to carry on playing on Nerdcrafteria, please DON'T UPDATE TO 1.4 until we let you know the server is being updated.

It is possible to downgrade, but it will probably save a lot of hassle if you don't update in the first place.

Thanks for your anticipated patience whilst we wait for upgrades to come rolling in.

ETA: If you have upgraded already, you can get back to 1.3.2 by following these instructions:

The important part of the instructions are HERE (if you don't want to get lost on their ad-heavy site):

How to Downgrade to Minecraft 1.3.2 Jar from Minecraft 1.4.2
  1. Download a clean Minecraft 1.3.2 Jar Client (click here for link)
  2. Type %appdata% into the Start/Run menu box
  3. Open .minecraft folder
  4. Open the bin folder
  5. Delete the current Minecraft.jar file (or rename it to Minecraft.142)
  6. Paste in the Minecraft 1.3.2 jar file (from the file you downloaded above)
  7. Done! Run Minecraft client and you're all set!
  8. Remember to NOT upgrade Minecraft when prompted, until Nerdfighteria server has been upgraded.
Thanks to SeeksNothing for the instructions! If you used them, be sure to "like" his post below! :)
New Plugin New Friends Plugin!
By popular request I've searched out the best plugin I could find to let you guys manage your own friend lists :D

I give to you: blFriends

With this new plugin you can invite other users to be your friend by typing
/blf invite (player)

Once they get your request, they can accept it by typing
/blf add (player) (if you wish to remove a friend for whatever horrible reason, the command is
/blf remove (player))

Once you have your friends list made you can see it by typing
/blf list

And if you want to check if one of your friends is online, simply type
/blf online

Hopfully you guys find this to be a helpful way to keep track of each other amongst all the chatter :D
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Yeah, that was my reaction when I first heard it too.

But yeah, Creative is getting to be just MASSIVE, so the staff has decided to reset it on November 10th, 2012, at 11:00 PM GMT -4. This means a lot, of course, and I'll talk about some of the common questions below.

What do I do about my current creative plot? I like what's on it!

Simple - just ask us to copy it. We'll be posting a thread specifically dedicated to the preservation of creative plots, via schematic, for any players that request the service. We will require some simple information, like the location of the plot and things of that nature. The thread to transfer plots can be found right here!

Will we get bigger plots now?

YES! We're going to expand the size of plots now, to 256x256, so that you guys can build bigger, better things! Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to do so! :)

But bigger plots, that doesn't mean...?

Yes, unfortunately we're going to have to charge now. This is merely a deterrent for brand new players just running into creative to start mucking about, or worse, new players running in to look, being given a plot, and it remaining completely empty. The cost will be $5,000 llamas, and you won't have to worry about paying again after that, just the one time 5k fee (which most of our significant builders have or can get ahold of pretty easily).

Is this a regular thing, or will we only be doing it this once?

To our knowledge, this will only be one time. We don't expect to need to do this again, since we have the limiting factor mentioned above. So, no need to worry about it happening ever again (probably). :D

Will you...
Got a lot of stuff to cover, since I didn't get to post on Sunday (my bad, I wasn't feeling well over the weekend). Time for a news dump!


1. I haven't mentioned it much lately, but PandaHP's creative competition for the Spleef Arena is NEARLY COMPLETE! You can find more information at this post right here, but the gist of it is that the competition ends in TWO DAYS!!!! Submit your entries on that thread, and you will be required to do that in order for them to be considered! Those who have already submitted might want to consider making any last minute edits that have been on their minds. If you've posted screenshots but do want to make small edits and things like that, you're welcome to do so, but if it changes significantly, you'll need to re-submit your application. Only one application allowed per person!

Follow the simple format on his post, and you'll be all good. The builds there look great, so I expect any people who have been working forever on theirs should be awesome too.


2. The PODCAST is finally up! At least, the first half is. The way we're doing the pilot episode, because there's just SO MUCH that we're like, "What the heck do we do..." we just made two versions of the pilot with two different sets of people and discussed more or less the same topics. The second half of the first podcast should be posted shortly, and then we'll get to recording new versions! Bear in mind, we recorded both halves of the first podcast before we got any significant advice about how to do it, so it's a bit dated. :p

That being said, WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! I cannot stress enough to you guys that it's important for you to express your like/dislike for anything that happens in the podcast so we can tailor...
Ok so last night was quite hectic we can all agree, crashes... rollbacks... everything but the kitchen sink. And all for a very stupid reason, I'd rather not disclose, as it's rather embarrassing for the person responsible (you don't know them, and by you I mean YOU)

But now I can say with 90% confidence that we're doing great! The server finally seems stable and crash free. There's still going to be some lag here and there, that's our next big task to accomplish before we remove the Beta tag from the server's name :D

Make sure you give an extra big thanks to the staff, as they too have been working tooth and nail to keep things going smoothly. If you have any requests, remember to be patient and polite... you'll get dealt with sooner this way :)

And thanks too everyone who was patient through all of this, and here's to almost ALMOST going out of Beta :D