Minecraft 1.4.4 has been released and I have to tell you, DO NOT update your clients as a 1.4.4 client cannot connect to a 1.4.2 server.

If you accidentally already upgraded and trying to join the server you’ll need the 1.4.2 jar and I’ll found the instructions from a previous post and pasted them to help you guide you through restoring to a 1.4.2 jar.

Once you've downgraded it’s going to says there is an update available, Press No and then it will bring you to the “menu screen”.

How to Downgrade to Minecraft 1.4.2 Jar from Minecraft 1.4.4
  1. Download a clean Minecraft 1.4.2 Jar Client (click here for link)
  2. Type %appdata% into the Start/Run menu box
  3. Open .minecraft folder
  4. Open the bin folder
  5. Delete the current Minecraft.jar file (or rename it to Minecraft.144)
  6. Paste in the Minecraft 1.4.2 jar[/URL] file (from the file you downloaded above)
  7. Done! Run Minecraft client and you're all set!
  8. Remember to NOT upgrade Minecraft when prompted, until Nerdfighteria server has been upgraded.
Thanks to SeeksNothing for the instructions! If you used them, be sure to "like" his post below! :)

Rule #16 has changed. This change regards Wilderness constructions. It's highlighted in green. The change to the rules is listed below:

New Plugin New Mail Plugin!
Hey guys, finally a mail plugin has been updated to a good enough version for us to use!
/Mail - Help menu
/inbox - Check your inbox
/outbox - Check your outbox
/sendmail (player) (message) - Send mail
/readmail (id) - Read one of your messages
/delmail (id) - Delete one of your messages

Enjoy! :D
So, I've been hearing NONSTOP chatter about Laketown and it's status, and I am so incredibly annoyed by it all that I've decided to finally post all about it so you guys will quit nipping at my ankles every five seconds. :D


Laketown was started originally as a method for me to have a city of my own to deal with - something I didn't initially think would be much of a time constraint. However, after not only seeing the work and effort put in just by the people who were ONLY mayors, combined with business of my own I've had to deal with, it has come to my attention that managing a city is nearly impossible for me. I'm already sort of the de-facto mayor of Watertown, a town with no expansions planned at all in the future, and that's almost too much as it is. Therefore, I have decided to Auction Laketown off.
Now, this won't be like your normal auction, where you just get to bid and bid and the price starts at $0 or $1,000,000 or whatever, and anyone can bid. There's going to be a few rules here to ensure that there's no funny business going on, and that a responsible builder and town developer (and more importantly, a responsible mayor) gets ahold of the land for development.

I will not be changing any shop prices during this three week period (barring specific requests from Dom, which has only ever happened once in the history of this server), so you may use all of the current prices for calculations and whatnot in order to figure out what kind of money you'll need to earn.


Rule #1 - The person who bids for Laketown must be prepared to come up with the full amount required to pay for the town within THREE WEEKS of the closing of the auction. This means that you CAN BID if you...
Custom Player Heads are now available on Nerdcrafteria starting this week!

They aren't free though, as it takes me a few minutes to download, edit and re-upload each player file.

There's a purchase package for $5.00 which will give you a stack of 12 heads of your player, or the player of your choosing (e.g. Notch, Honeydew, Etho)

Things to make sure of before purchasing:
1. Heads, once placed cannot be retrieved (unless you want a Steve head)
2. If you place a head inside of an item frame, it will display Steve, but will give you back your head when removed.
3. You can store your heads in a chest, or Enderchest (although I would recommend against using Enderchests, just in case)
4. When purchasing make sure you put YOUR username, if you intend to purchase another players head, let a Staff member know, before you make your purchase.

Ok we're ready to go, head over to to purchase the package :D


Hey, about time for that next news post... Sorry for the lateness, I've had a hundred thousand things to do these last couple of weeks. :/

1. As everyone has seen, we've upgraded to 1.4 now - this has come with a whole host of problems in and of itself, not the least of which has been attempting to repair and update all of our now broken plugins and systems in place to make your Nerdcrafteria experience as awesome as it can be! This has come with... a few complaints, so to speak, lol. More info can be found here, I don't like repeating myself very much. :p

2. Speaking of the above issue, we've had a bit of instability as far as bukkit is concerned - it's because we're not currently running a recommended build (just a "stable" one). That should be fixed up pretty soon.

3. If you are AFK for any reason, it's quite important that you post it in this forum here. We'll be checking there pretty soon, because we need to do another run-through of doubled plots in the next week or so. That being said, anyone displaced by Sandy has been given a great deal of time and for a few weeks we will not be checking the /lastseen dates of any players for empty plots, in the event that Sandy prevented them from getting online. We expect to resume that around the end of November.

4. Once again, it's vitally important to preserve your creative plot in this thread right here! I've also explained in this thread why it's important to do so. We'll be resetting Creative on the 10th - that's in 5 days - so...
I've gone ahead an updated the server texture pack to 1.4, and also replaced the new Wither Boss painting with our Nerdcrafteria logo :D

The server should ask you to download it when you log in, and if it doesn't you can download it here:

And there are a few things going on that need to be addressed, since there seems to be a bit of confusion.

1. First of all, as a result of the recent update, some of our plugins will not be functioning at their highest capacity, or even at all in some instances. This includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

- Iclaims (players have reported minor issues with it)
- EcoMonsters (the plugin that gives money for mob kills is currently non-functional)
- Item protection plugins (they're out of date and don't prevent people from using anvils, so try not to be rude about it)
- A couple of other minor problems we've noticed so far.

If you find a plugin that is non-functional, please, don't be alarmed. As a result of everyone's incessant discussion about how important it is to update to 1.4, we've done so - a bit early, which means we're going to lose some functionality for a short time. We expect these plugins to be functional soon.

2. We've recently changed inventory plugins, to be able to condense everything into the Multiverse setup (an excellent series of plugins). Unfortunately, this has had the rather inconvenient side effect of causing everyone's inventories to switch between various worlds. The most common problem we've found so far is that everyone's inventories were moved from Minington/The Nether/Nerdcrafteria to the Creative world, if they were in one of the former three worlds when the change occurred. This is an easy fix, and all you'll need to do is tell a mod when you're online that you need the items transferred and we can do that for you.

Unfortunately, if you were in creative when we went through with the update, it's a bit more complicated. It seems your inventory for the other worlds was just lost, and we'll need to restore it as best we can from your memory. Since we have no proof of the event as it occurred, we will do our best to be lenient with you when we transfer items - however, if there is a request we cannot grant, please...

A section of Nerdcrafteria centered around Nerdville, lighthouse point, and watertown has been trapped in a localized time bubble accessible by a portal that has just appeared out of nowhere in Nerdville spawn! Jump into the lava portal and teleport to fight the legions of dragons that have come to take over the server!

You will receive a set of standard equipment from a nearby mod, if there is one available. Scavenge for materials otherwise, or scavenge for better materials, and fight until the dragons are gone!

The dragons will respawn though, so be prepared to fight again!
Maintenance/Issues Scheduled Server Maintenance
Just to let you guys know, we'll be scheduling some server maintenance tonight, around 10-11 PM GMT -7. It shouldn't take too long, we don't expect the server to be down for more than 5 minutes (and probably not even that long), but we figured we should let you know ahead of time.

Some of the changes:

- Minor improvements to some things around Nerdville spawn, we should see a little less framerate lag there.
- Some plugin tweaks and stuff to reduce memory leaks.
- Starting to work on sheep again.
- Other minor enhancements.

We'll see you on the other side.

- Islid (Administrator)