Buycraft News New Buycraft Packages!
Hey, guys! Just wanted to drop a quick notice here regarding some recent additions to your buycraft donation options - you now have the choice of purchasing one of four different Starter Packages to get you up and rolling right away with your Nerdcrafteria experience! Below are the four versions we have available to you so far:

- Stone Level Starter Package: $15

This package includes the following...

- 1 month of VIP
- $10,000 llamas in-game currency
- 64 each of logs, stone, coal, raw chicken
- A full set of iron armour, and an iron sword!

Valued at $22.50, this pack saves you $7.50!

- Iron Level Starter Package: $35

This package includes the following...

- TWO months of VIP
- $20,000 in-game currency
- 128 each of logs, stone, coal
- 64 cooked beef
- A full set of DIAMOND armour, and a DIAMOND sword!

Valued at $48.80, this pack saves you $13.80!

- Gold Level Starter Package: $60

This package includes the following...

- THREE months of VIP
- $35,000 in-game currency
- 192 logs, stone, coal
- 128 cooked beef
- A full set of diamond armour, and a diamond sword, ENCHANTED with SHARPNESS III!

Valued at $85, this pack saves you $25!

- Diamond Level Starter Package: $100

This package includes the following...

- $50,000 llamas!
- 256 each of logs, stone, and coal!
- 64 Healing II potions!
- A full set of diamond armour, and a diamond sword enchanted with Knockback II, Sharpness IV!

Valued at $135, this package is the best deal - it saves you $35!!!

Hop on board and grab yourself a starter pack, or buy one for one of your friends who just joined our happy family of nerdfighters! All of the money, as usual, goes towards decreasing world suck. Thanks for your support, and...
As some of you may have noticed, enchantments are bugging out and not properly staying on their respective items. Some of you have already taken this cue, but if you haven't done so already, please post in the reports forum with a full list of items and their enchantments as you can best remember it.

We're going to revert bukkit to halt the problems, but in the meantime, it is important that you KEEP YOUR ENCHANTED ITEMS WITH YOU AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Not only will this cut out heartache for us, it'll also limit the amount of time you are without your enchanted items. It is a massive inconvenience, yes, but until we get the problem fixed there is little else we can really do.

If you mine regularly in mine world, keeping your enchanted items in a chest that isn't unloaded from memory seems to be a safe bet, so if you want to pre-arrange some sort of trade off where you pass off some of your mining profits to someone in exchange for standing next to a locked chest of yours while you mine, that might be an option. Other than that, I cannot really offer any sort of alternative. :(

Item frames are bugged in the same way, so they're not safe either. You should start taking screenshots of your enchantments, one by one, so we can restore them properly if you do lose them.

Once Bukkit is updated, we will be restoring items. Go and post your loss reports in the forum there, and we will process them all shortly.

Reports forum:

EDIT: When you report the items, please list them each item and enchant. It's okay if you don't remember, just try your best. Also, please gather all items that lost enchantments in one chest and indicate what plot the chest is at in your report post.

Any additional questions can be directed to this news post. Thank you for all of your patience and understanding while we handle this rather irritating issue. We hope to resume normal service as quickly as possible!


Well after the long long wait we’ve finally managed to get all the plugins updated for Bukkit 1.4.6 -- As most of our plugins broke. We needed a Java7 update, but aparently we were already on Java7. “Shrugs”.

At this point with some help from Moderators and Nerdfighters in TeamSpeak we were able to test the plugins and make sure everything is in working order and at this point the server seems stable to a point as we’re currently on a Beta Build of Bukkit, We’re waiting for a RB (Recommended Build).


I’ve removed the “WitherControl” plugin as it’s no longer needed as we’re able to disable the Wither from all worlds and allow in specific worlds. Currently it’s enabled in the Nether.

Wait? Wither is enabled? What does that mean?

You’re able to find Nether Strongholds and find “Wither Skeletons” they’re grey. They have a RareDrop item called “Wither Skulls” but they do drop bones and coal all the time. You’ll occasionally also see regular skeletons in the nether as well.

What do you do with these “Wither Skulls”?

You can put them up for display! I’d assume it’s ok to sell them in shops it be a ‘new market’ but I’ll confirm with Dom and Islid on the market of that and update this post. What else could you do? Oh Yes, You can gather 4 Soul Sand, Build 2 Blocks high, 1 Block on each...
Just wanted to post a quick news update and let you guys know that we have a group on Steam now!

It's labeled as "Nerdcrafteria" and has a picture of the logo - I'm running it at the moment, so look for me on Steam if you want to just find it that way.

Alternatively, here's a link!

Hope to see you there! Hop on the discussion board to talk about organizing gaming co-ops, chatting about the server, or just any general nerdfighter-esque things you feel like talking to your fellow players about. :) DFTBA!
Hey, guys! Time for another round of updates, and this one is a doozy… Prepare yourselves!


1. We've had a recent string of updates to plugins due to Bukkit releasing it's newest Recommended Build, 1.4.5-R1.0, and every plugin needing to conform to some major fundamental changes with the way Bukkit conducts it's business in the background. As such, over forty plugins were updated and the following changes have occurred:

- BookShop is borked. Not exactly sure why. We're going to take a crack at a dev build, to see if it fixes the problem. In the meantime, bookshops don't work properly and there's little we can do. :/

- The economy plugin now properly displays decimal points for both crias (which previously did not display properly, causing much confusion when buying from chestshop) and amounts larger than $9,999,999.99 llamas, which broke and reverted back to 1 llama again. Not sure who the latter problem affects, but it's fixed!

- Chestshop has a strange visual error when you buy or sell things from chestshops, where it displays "%amount" next to the actual amount of the commodity you're trading. This is purely cosmetic and no ill effects are conveyed due to this, so no worries.

- Although this doesn't really affect you guys a whole lot, Worldedit is also completely borked, which means that if you need something involving world edit you're out of luck for a little while. I mean, we don't usually offer this, but in the event we were actually able to offer it for a legitimate reason, we couldn't even do that, so sorry. XD

- Bukkit broke our filter, so we got a new one. More on that in the next...
Important Updates Updates: 12/16/12
Hey everyone, its Cory also known as the AFK Admin and bringing you a little heads up of what we've been doing and planning.

PandaHP has updated the server-side texture pack, be sure to checkout the details at the following link. Read More...

Recently, we've received a forum allowance to be able to purchase plugins for the forum! This helps give us moderators and admins some much-needed tools, but we were also thinking of you, and added some extra goodies related to Minecraft.
  • User Essentials
    • Edit Thread Title
      • Members who start a thread may edit the thread title by editing the first post and selecting the 'More options...' button.
    • Edit Thread Prefix
      • Members who start a thread may edit the thread prefix by editing the first post and selecting the 'More options...' button.
    • Add Poll to existing thread
      • Members who start a thread may add a poll to the thread by editing the first post and selecting the 'More options...' button.
    • User Name Change
      • Members may change their user name 1 time by selecting the 'Change User Name' link on their Account page. Option to display previous names via a tab on the member's profile page. Names changed via the ACP may also be displayed on this tab.
    • Edit Reason
      • Users may provide a reason for their edits.
  • Minecraft Server Status
    • On the front page – We have an online status to check if the Minecraft server is online. Also displays current players and max players with the MOTD.
  • Minecraft Username Validation
    • Open registering with the forums you input your Minecraft username for validation otherwise you won’t...
Important Updates Some quick updates/changes
A lot of stuff happened all at once (of course, once I post the news post, ALL the things happen) and I just wanted to make people aware of them here:

1. /home teleports to people that aren't you are now disallowed. It was a feature that wasn't ever really intended to be there, and it's just taken us this long to get rid of it (running a massive server does cause some things to slip the mind, you know, lol) and since we've left it in so long, it's sort of become something you guys expect.

I've heard the complaints about it, and I understand (although I think it's just complaints about no more access to free warps, but that's just me) so we're willing to make some accommodations for you guys.

EDIT: After speaking to Dom, I've got some specifics nailed down:

For the next 5 days, you can purchase a warp for only 40k! This is a limited time offer, but you can buy as many warps as you want for this price.

Additionally, we're implementing a "moving/renaming fee" that will cover the cost of the increased moves and renames that people will inevitable be requesting since other people's /homes can no longer be used for free teleporting. This fee will be 5k per rename or 5k per move, totaling to 10k if you want to do both at the same time. Simply make a ticket requesting these things and we'll assess the fee when we move or rename the warp you request. This fee is permanent from now onwards.

2. Mayors have been experiencing some permissions issues lately, from Cory going through the permissions file and cleaning everything out. There's a lot of redundancy in there, and it's just sort of messy, so he's fixing that. If you're missing something, just let me or Cory know somehow and we'll get it fixed up.

3. Lockette is now fixed! Instead of wasting tons of money on that stupid lockette thing that auto-locks chests, you don't have to worry about that anymore! In order to lock a chest, place a sign in front of the chest and put...
Important Updates Bric-A-Brac Updates
A bunch of updates and bits of information for people curious about what's going on...

1. Creative is still down, but good news - the plugin is updated! This means we're getting closer to Creative world coming back in all of it's new splendiferous glory (4x plot sizes... yus...) pretty soon. If you're interested in following the update progress of the plugin, here's the link:

2. The forums are being tinkered with, and many things are being added. You might have noticed the front page has a place now stating the current up/down status of the server, as well as the number of people online at the moment you've logged in and the list of people on. Additionally, if a person's name that you hover over with your mouse becomes clickable, that means their forum account name exactly matches their in-game account name, allowing you to go check out their forum account if you want to know more about them!

If you're interested in changing your forum name (ONE TIME CHANGE ONLY) to your in-game name, send me a short PM telling me what your in-game name is and I'll pop in to change it. :)

3. There are plenty of holidays being celebrated here in Nerdcrafteria, and we just kicked off the first day of Hanukkah with the lighting of the first candle! Feel free to tune in around midnight GMT -6 to see further lightings. Thank you, Crimson_Regret, for reading the prayer to us while we light it. :)

Other holidays are being supported as well. If anyone wants to organize some solo work or possibly even caroling via TeamSpeak (if you can make it work, lol) then please do! Christmas carols of all kinds are welcome - anyone want to sing some songs from A Cthulhu Christmas? :p

4. We're officially all out of 100k packages (took you guys long enough) as well as 25k, 10k, and other packages. There are only three 50k llama doubling packages available. Remember, if you buy one and want to redeem doubling, you HAVE to make...
Important Updates The Importance of Where
There's been a lot of discussion amongst the staff about the wilderness and it's purpose in Nerdcrafteria, as well as some complaints by players and various things of that nature, so beginning now, we're enacting the following setup:

1. For the next two weeks, EVERYONE in the wilderness that is building, hiding items, mining, whatever you may be doing - ANYTHING in the wilderness will be required to move operations over to a plot, with a few *tiny* exceptions that will be privately messaged in order to minimize drama. (I.E. - if you don't get a personal Private Message from me either on the forums or in-game, you are not excluded from this). You need to move anything you want to keep - materials used to build, chests full of stuff, anything.

2. At the end of this two week period, the entire wilderness will be globally protected from further editing and a purging process will begin which will mean that EVERY SINGLE CONSTRUCTION will be erased from the wilderness, with the aforementioned exceptions being excused. VIP plots, of course, are spared - you will not have to worry about any of your constructions being destroyed, everything is safe. This includes all rainforest treehouses, all underground bunker storage, all random cobble castles in the wilderness, and nearly every single planned town that has been worked on.

3. The town creation process, as a result of this global protection, will obviously be very different, the details of which are still being hashed out. Needless to say, there will be a lengthy application process and money will most likely be required up front for any major town plans, as well as explicit administrative approval and protection....
Due to some errors regarding the WorldGuard plugin, the region surrounding Cactus Gulch was absolutely deleted! Due to the limitations of the plugin, we were unable to restore it by itself, so unfortunately we had to issue a rollback that set us back approximately 4 hours in the past.

If you have built anything or lost any items in the process of this rollback, we will NOT be restoring them, due to the universal nature of the rollback (everyone lost items). Your building and mining is just set back a little more than it was before - consider this a good opportunity to occupy yourself here and chat with your fellow nerdfighters even more!

Once again, we're sorry for the rollback. We don't expect it to happen again. Thank you!

Indubitably yours,
Islid (Administrator)