Nouveau Batiment is in full party mode.
Even the trees are celebrating! Come explore the town
and see the beauty of Nature's art show.

To commemorate the server's 5th birthday, we have planned some exciting (and silly) events.

Pago In A Present Competition:
If you've spent any amount of time on the server, you know that our dear Pago has a tendency to go AFK quite frequently. It is customary to box the AFK Pago. In this competition, you try to craft a box that you think Pago would like to go AFK in. Judging criteria are as such: How present-like they are on the outside and how nice they are on the inside. These will be built on your own creative plots and once you're done, just poke one of the council members listed below via a forum pm, in-game on discord, or through the mail (whatever works best for you). Every participant will receive something. The overall winner will be awarded something nice and some llamas to boot!

Submission deadline is 6:30 pm EST on Saturday.
Winner will be announced at 8. We look forward to your submissions. ^-^

Council Members:
Pagophilus, QuestionTues_FTW, Padfoot, Spartacae, nonfiction42, Cat0Ninetails, Aquamoor23, and Nydescynt.

Sheep Hockey Games:
As you may or may not know, NB is home to a most impressive sheep hockey arena. What better way to celebrate this wonderful community than by some rousing games of shoop (that's short for sheep hockey)!
Scheduled Games are on Friday at 7:30 pm EST,...
Hello all,

The staff and I have worked on this the last few months over Discord meetings, Google Docs, and marathon-long forum posts to hammer out the details and solve issues we’ve seen you guys run into over the last year or so. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. All of it will end up in the Wiki and the Player Town section of the forums for easier reference moving forward.

There have been some changes and clarifications to the life cycle of Player Towns. If you are part of a Town Council or are planning on submitting at some point, please read carefully. Sections are broken up into the following 4 stages below.

1. Pre-Approval Stage
During this stage, the council structure is forming, ideas are being generated, and concepts builds are made.

Once solid progress is made on the concept, the town council will pitch the idea to their desired mod mentor. If the potential mentor believes in the idea and the team behind it, they will accept the pitch; if they do not, they will turn it down, and the council should either choose another potential mentor to pitch to or re-work their idea. Once the mentor accepts the pitch, they are then tied to the project. They can advise in the application and planning process, or even help build if they so choose. This process is to ensure that both the mentor and the council are happily invested in the concept and each other, and mentors can give more immediate help to pre-approved towns just starting. Once the mentor is on board, the builds are finalized for the Towns Committee to look over, and the lore is written, the Player Town application can be submitted.

If there are some minor issues with an application, the Committee may ask a town to re-submit their application in another 3 weeks in order to fix it. An application that that is rejected outright will not be able to re-submit for...
As you all know, the server is turning 5 very, very soon. I feel ridiculously lucky to be a part of this awesome community and I'm sure you guys do too. And I have been thinking these past few weeks about how we might be able to do a little something for Hank to show our appreciation...

Starting today through next Sunday, September 17th 11:59pm EST - We are asking you guys to answer the question "What does Nerdcrafteria mean to you?" Feel free to attach your favorite screenshots as well. At the end of the week, I will be compiling all your answers and sending them to Hank and his team. :D

Additionally, the staff and I will pick our top three favorites. Each will receive a $20 credit in our Buycraft store. After that, we will pick our Grand Prize Winner! They will receive a Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria poster signed by Hank!

Submit all entries to [email protected] by the deadline.

Feel free to also share below your favorite memories from the past 5 years!

Hello everyone~ It's that time of year again - Nerdcrafteria will become one whole year older on September 16!

You know what that means - we've got lots of fun stuff planned for you guys!

First - has anyone checked out this mysterious building that appeared in Main on September first?


If you haven't, you can find it at /warp Witchcrafteria - and you can get yourself sorted into Houses based on the four staff towns: the Nerdtropolis Llamas, the Scythian Peaks Miners, the Solaran Gladiators, and the Thistledown Saplings! Want to represent your new House? You can modreq to have your head placed at one of the House tables in the Great Hall~

You can also earn boons for the server by donating specific items for each of the Houses: cake for Nerdtropolis, enchanted books for Thistledown, "broomsticks" (golden shovels) for Solara, and potions for Scythian Peaks. Once you've filled the respective donation meter, please modreq so we can activate the boon!

These boons can't be found in Buycraft, they're special boons specifically for the server's birthday, and you can also donate credits to enhance these boons - the enhancements will be activated once we reach the goal of 250k~

A note: we will no longer be using credits to fundraise for player towns, so feel free to use them here! And if we don't reach the goal, yes, you will have your credits refunded! There is no limit to how many credits you can donate, either! Allll the...

Emerald Falls
The Ancient Totems have risen!

What could it mean?

Once imbued by magic, these Totems of Emerald Falls have appeared in the past to help guard the jungle (and all of its...
Important Updates The Builder's Guild!
Have you ever wanted to build something, but didn't quite know how to start? OR are you a good builder that's always wanted to way to help others?

Introducing the Nerdcrafteria Builder's Guild!

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of @Pagophilus and our staff - we have created an organization that aims to help everyone have the plot or build of their dreams. Pago will be joined by @TurnDownTheAC and @SquiggleTag as our inaugural members.

What is the Builder’s Guild?

The Builder’s Guild is a collaborative player-staff organization made up of talented, passionate builders in Nerdcrafteria. The Guild’s main goal is to provide build assistance and materials to those who need it.

I am a builder who likes to help others - how do I join?

There will be two ways in which a person can be accepted as a Builder’s Guild member. The first will be a nomination of someone within the Guild. The second method will be an application found here on the forums. Once someone is nominated or has applied, the Guild will take a week to make their decision. If you apply and do not hear anything back after a week, do not be disheartened! You may re-apply after a month waiting period along with new build samples attached to your application.

I need help - how do I send a request to the Guild?

Requests can be sent using this form. Once a request is received, a Guild member or members will contact you to schedule time to assist. Depending upon volume of requests and availability of Guild members, a request could take a few weeks for a response.

If you need materials, the Guild can also help with common materials like wood, stone, clay, glass, quartz,...
:ftl::ftl: ContestTheLlama! :ftl::ftl:
:ftl: (Llama Building Contest) :ftl:

The Server's 5th Birthday is coming up in just over a month, and we need you!, yes YOU!, to help us with some finishing touches ...

This year's Birthday themed spawn will contain several llamas, but two of the llamas we have are a bit blank.

:ftl: This is where you come in. :ftl:

If you'd like to enter simply /modreq for the following llama template, and a member of staff will happily place one on your creative plot for you.

Feel free to "colour outside the lines" so to speak. Go wherever your artistic vision takes you. (As long as it is still recognisable as a llama) :D

:ftl: You have until August 31st, 23:59 (EST) to enter. :ftl:
:ftl: To enter simply use this form: Click Me! :ftl:

Entries will then be judged by Myself, Nydescynt and several other staff members.

Winners will be announced on September 3rd.

Prize Breakdown
:ftl: 1st - 10,000 Llamas and Your llama added to birthday spawn!
:ftl: 2nd - 5,000 Llamas and Your llama added to birthday spawn!
:ftl: 3rd - 2,500 Llamas and Your very own pet llama!

Nouveau Batiment: Opening Soon!


Nouveau Batiment’s History

Imagine a world where a decade ago, artwork could provide sustainable living for a couple, but now is barely making enough money for bread. Such things happened to a young couple named Margaret and Walter Jones. Therefore they escaped to a barren land that they could develop into a new haven, a new place to live, and a wholly new style of building: Nouveau Batiment. In this town, art was to be the driving force behind the economy, so that architecture, painting, sculpting, theatrical performances, and music could thrive. The couple constructed the mansion to be their own house, and...
Server Event Official Streaming!
Hello friends~ I'm very excited to say we have an announcement:

We're bringing back official streaming!

We've blown the dust off our Twitch account, and our first official stream will be Saturday, August 5th, at 5pm EST - hosted by our very own Squiggletag!

If you have a Twitch account, make sure to follow us at

Hope to see you there! DFTBA!

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
We are pleased to announce that the joint winner of the anniversary old map build contest has arrived:
Welcome to the Old Map Museum!
/warp museum
Dreamed up and created by contest winners Pagophilus and Cat0ninetails
(and put together by staff)

Always wondered what the fuss was about with the old map? Just want it to come back?

Well, wander over to Nerdtropolis's historic district for everything you could ever want to know about life back then.

There's a space for all the old map towns, special blocks, insider jokes, a maze, cookies - even a gift shop!

See the original contest builds here -

Congratulations again to our contest winners and DFTBA!