The End of The Skyblock World is Nigh!
Reset on Nov 5th
Take your screenshots now!
(and post them in comments or on the forums for us to see :) )

Time flies and we've reached the end of another skyblock season.
Congratulations on your beautiful islands - over 200 were created! Many fell into the void.

But some islands were bigger than others.
To put levels in context, one level is about equal to 100 blocks of dirt.
With that in mind, our Top Ten finalists are:

Honorable Mention
__rusty: level 422
blazesong: level 431
artsylaurie: level 621
_vitamind_: level 657
btimpe: level 689
sliz_: level 737

timesorceror: level 1100
birdynerd: level 1179
abros_vii: level 1294

And the winner
captscribble: level 3282!!

captscribble will receive 5000ll for their amazing island over the next few days
Timesorceror, birdynerd and abros_vill will each receive 2000ll for reaching 1000 levels

A special creative prize of 1000ll will go to artsylaurie for their super cute mini biome islands :)

Their islands are up until reset on Nov 5th, so go and explore!

Feel free to put suggestions and comments about this season in the comments and we'll try to take everything on board.

Nerdcrafteria, the unthinkable has happened - something has freed the Titans from under the sea in Solara, and they've brought an army of monsters to wreak havoc on the server!

However, in our time of need Solara's citizens have banded together to protect Nerdcrafteria from their reign of terror! They've taken refuge in the Coliseum, and we need YOU to help them keep the destruction at bay!

How can you help? Here's what you need to know:
- You can be teleported to the Coliseum to help by using /server Halloween.
- There are hidden chests of supplies, and you can also scavenge your own from available materials.
- You can also receive some basic supplies with /kit use defender, which can be used once every hour.
- Work together and share materials, fight mobs, and keep the Coliseum safe!

Other things of note:
- The event begins from the time of this post, and will run for at least the next twenty four hours to ensure everyone has a chance to join in on the fun. (However, it may run longer if you guys are really enjoying yourselves!)
- Inventory is not shared at all with Mainworld, so keep in mind that you will not be able to bring things back and forth.
- Please share resources. The Halloween server is not an economy, and is not set up for shop creation. Hoarding or trying to barter resources is also very unawesome.
- Mob spawning is on, so make sure to light up any areas you need to keep safe!
- We (the staff) will also be "helping" by spawning lots of monsters for you to fight! There is a strong possibility you will be overwhelmed by mobs on...
Server Contest Fall Harvest Competition!
Hello friends~ We hope you've all been enjoying Trick or Treating! As promised in that news post, we've got a little contest for you guys as we wait for Halloween - the Fall Harvest Competition!

The rules for this are pretty simple - whoever harvests the most pumpkins and wheat wins! Should be easy enough, right? :p

Some expanded rules below:
  1. Players can only work individually.
  2. You may not purchase your produce. This is a harvest festival, so get harvesting!
  3. You may harvest from public farms.
  4. Farms must abide by the CoC and can be in mainworld, mineworld, or both.
  5. Griefing of any kind/breaking any rules will automatically disqualify you from the competition.
  6. Store all pumpkins and wheat in labelled chests. Modreq by Nov 1st 11:55pm EST to have your produce counted and be included in the player totals.
  7. The winner will be announced along with the Trick or Treating winner. The player will receive $5,000 llamas, a special vanity tag, and a special treat.
Happy farming, everyone~

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Hello all,

The Staff and I were finally able to narrow down our top 3 and pick our favorite from all of our submissions. I want to thank our participants for their kind and thoughtful answers:


We made all of our submissions anonymous, and our 3 finalists were... @tomsk31 , @palinalif , and @Nodred who will all be receiving $20 in Buycraft credit. *drum roll* Andddd our Grand Prize Winner out of those 3 was...

Congratulations, Nod! Please be sure to send me a private message so I can get a shipping address for your poster signed by Hank! :D

Thanks again, everyone, for celebrating 5 years with us.
Important Updates The current survival season
Time flies! 3 months has flown by and you may have noticed you can no longer access survival. That can only mean one thing - it's time for another survival reset!

Excitingly, the nerdcrafteria medical teams are well on their way to curing all of the diseases in survival world (phew! Those illnesses had us worried..).
In fact we're, proud to announce that we've made a new disease free space for you!

Next time you log into survival, you'll wake up in The Safe Zone

It's not very big at the moment, but as the season goes on, the quarantine will be slowly lifted so that your survival world will get larger and larger.
By the end of the season, you'll have thousands of blocks of disease free space to enjoy. For now, we ask you to be patient and to work together to enjoy the small safe space that you have access to right now.
[Remember you can lock your chests with /lock , the Code of Conduct still applies and griefing/theft is strictly forbidden]

To celebrate our new disease free world, we also have a challenge for you to complete:
We want you to work together as a team to collect every single block, then place it in block museum.
Of course, you might have to wait a while for new biomes to make it into the safe zone - but we know you can do it! If you collect every block, expect amazing prizes. More details to come in comments.

We'll also do everything in our power to help you adjust to life in an expanding mineworld. Our scouts about life...
We will be updating the server version on Sunday, November 5th around 10am EST. We only anticipate the server being down for around an hour, barring any unforeseen issues. We will keep you guys informed of the progress that day on this post and on Twitter and Tumblr.

We will also reset Mineworld and our Skyblock server at this time, so be prepared by clearing out your things and taking final screenshots of your builds.

Another post will be coming for Survival and Skyblock resets.

-The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Happy Halloween, Nerdcrafteria! Are you ready to be spooked?

Observant players will notice that Nerdtropolis seems to have acquired a new neighborhood, but it appears that the houses there are in a state of disrepair...


However, those who have dared to stop by for a visit have reported that its residents are rather free with their sweets - so dust off your candy baskets friends, it's time once again for our Trick or Treat event!

Trick or Treating Rules and Other Things of Note
  • Staff will announce both in-game and in discord when trick or treating is happening. Once this is announced, head to /warp Halloween and prowl the neighborhood for staff handing out treats!
  • To receive candy, go up to the staff member and /msg them saying Trick or Treat! While it is acceptable to also say this in chat, if we have a few people around us at once, it makes it much easier if you do this through PM so we can keep track of who we've already gotten!
  • As stated above, staff will announce when trick or treating is happening. Please do not ask us repeatedly when we will be trick or treating again - some of us have other projects we are working on, and may not have time right that minute. Trick or Treating should be happening periodically throughout the day, so do not fret!
  • The goal is to collect the most individual items. While you are welcome to collect multiple of one, your final count will only be unique candy items.
  • Players are welcome to trade the candy amongst themselves, but cannot sell them. Anyone found selling the...

The Dragons are Approaching!
Events and Town Update

Greetings from the Northern Seas! As the funding for Drakerberg moves closer towards our goal, the Council of Drakerberg has prepared some Dragon-themed festivities for you to enjoy. So keep reading for news and may your wings always fly full!

Fly With the Dragons! (Saturday, October 14)

Have you ever wanted to fly with your dragons? Love soaring through the skies as you race towards your goal? Does your desire for llamas match a dragon’s desire for gold? Then this is the event for you! On Saturday, October 14, we will be hosting several Elytra races on our very own Creative plots.

Elytra races around the Archipelago
Saturday, October 14, 2017 4:30pm EDT and 8:30 EDT
Creative Server /warp drakerberg
Either reply to this post or contact a Drakerberg Council member in-game or on Discord!
This is in Creative, so you only need to bring yourself!
1st place: 5000ll and an Elytra
2nd place: 2000ll
3rd place: 1000ll

*Sign-ups will be available up to 15 minutes before the first event.*

*Fireworks are...
Nouveau Batiment is in full party mode.
Even the trees are celebrating! Come explore the town
and see the beauty of Nature's art show.

To commemorate the server's 5th birthday, we have planned some exciting (and silly) events.

Pago In A Present Competition:
If you've spent any amount of time on the server, you know that our dear Pago has a tendency to go AFK quite frequently. It is customary to box the AFK Pago. In this competition, you try to craft a box that you think Pago would like to go AFK in. Judging criteria are as such: How present-like they are on the outside and how nice they are on the inside. These will be built on your own creative plots and once you're done, just poke one of the council members listed below via a forum pm, in-game on discord, or through the mail (whatever works best for you). Every participant will receive something. The overall winner will be awarded something nice and some llamas to boot!

Submission deadline is 6:30 pm EST on Saturday.
Winner will be announced at 8. We look forward to your submissions. ^-^

Council Members:
Pagophilus, QuestionTues_FTW, Padfoot, Spartacae, nonfiction42, Cat0Ninetails, Aquamoor23, and Nydescynt.

Sheep Hockey Games:
As you may or may not know, NB is home to a most impressive sheep hockey arena. What better way to celebrate this wonderful community than by some rousing games of shoop (that's short for sheep hockey)!
Scheduled Games are on Friday at 7:30 pm EST,...
Hello all,

The staff and I have worked on this the last few months over Discord meetings, Google Docs, and marathon-long forum posts to hammer out the details and solve issues we’ve seen you guys run into over the last year or so. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. All of it will end up in the Wiki and the Player Town section of the forums for easier reference moving forward.

There have been some changes and clarifications to the life cycle of Player Towns. If you are part of a Town Council or are planning on submitting at some point, please read carefully. Sections are broken up into the following 4 stages below.

1. Pre-Approval Stage
During this stage, the council structure is forming, ideas are being generated, and concepts builds are made.

Once solid progress is made on the concept, the town council will pitch the idea to their desired mod mentor. If the potential mentor believes in the idea and the team behind it, they will accept the pitch; if they do not, they will turn it down, and the council should either choose another potential mentor to pitch to or re-work their idea. Once the mentor accepts the pitch, they are then tied to the project. They can advise in the application and planning process, or even help build if they so choose. This process is to ensure that both the mentor and the council are happily invested in the concept and each other, and mentors can give more immediate help to pre-approved towns just starting. Once the mentor is on board, the builds are finalized for the Towns Committee to look over, and the lore is written, the Player Town application can be submitted.

If there are some minor issues with an application, the Committee may ask a town to re-submit their application in another 3 weeks in order to fix it. An application that that is rejected outright will not be able to re-submit for...