Congratulations Survival Players!!
You killed that pesky wither and completed the challenge hall.

Your prize comes in three parts
& opens up a whole new chapter of this survival world!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
psst - if you want a classic Minecraft experience, you don't have to take the prizes
1. Fly!!
Fly will be switched on for the next 2 weeks, until January 10th January 18th.
To turn it on, type /fly.

2. More temples and biomes!
Mineworld has thawed even more and there are temples to be found! The full list can be seen on a map at the challenge hall (which has thawed into a wonderful sunflower plains) at -4093, -3222
  • Savannah: -2526, -3214
  • Roofed Forest/Forest: -3138, -2277
  • Flower forest: -2662, -1512
  • Mesa Bryce: -3461, -1847
  • Mushroom island: -4533, -1536
  • Plains: -5307, -3176
  • Swamp: -4737, -4019
  • Jungle temple: -5950, -4591
  • Desert temple: -3776, -4955
  • Ocean temples: Far north west
3. Awesome drops and the new challenge - Build an ice town!
Calling all explorers! Calling all builders! Calling all artists! There's a survival town to build!
Gather your supplies and make your way to the glowstone beacon at -2355, -3739
There are luxury chests of supplies hidden all over that ice-spikes region. Help yourself but DFTBA and don't hoard - make sure they are shared amongst all - each chest is identical....​

It's that time of the year: Project for Awesome!
To celebrate this fun charity event all things on the Nerdcrafteria Buycraft page

will be 17 % off

during the time until monday, december 18th 2017.

Just use the coupon code "P4A2017" at checkout.

All donations go to the Foundations to Decrease Worldsuck!
And you will get something on the server!
Double win!


Edit: The server should be back up and running as normal~

Ehehe, too much broth. Server is having hiccups and trouble staying up long. We are brewing a soothing tea.

All engines running again. Choo Choo! Broth was the answer to survive the crisis, it seems.

Get out of bed Yui, I know you're not that sick.

Hi everyone,

quick PSA: Someone forgot to close the windows to the server room. It started to snow in and now the server is down with a cold.
We are aware of the cold and are urgently brewing hot apple cider and collecting blankets to get the server healthy and up and running again.

The medical team will inform once the crisis is passed.

~ The Staff of Nerdcrafteria ~​

As the Nerdcrafterian nights grow ever chillier, longer, and darker, the citizens of Scythian Peaks would like to invite everyone to brave the northern snows and come warm their toes at...

*~The Winter Market!~*

There you will find piping hot apple cider, creamy eggnog, fluffy baumkuchen, and all sorts of little goodies if you're looking for something for the special people in your life.

Just use /warp wintermarket to come and enjoy some perfectly roasted chestnuts by the bonfire! Or perhaps some fruitcake's more your speed? Whatever your tastes, come partake in the festivities and join us as we chase away the long, chilly nights~

Hello Nerdcrafteria!

In the spirit of Christmas, and the Project for Awesome, I will be doing a 24 hour livestream!

The stream will start on Thursday, December 14th, from 5pm EST and will finish 24 hours later (just in time for the officail P4A stream to start)

All money raised will go directly to The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, the same place all our buycraft donations go to.

And so begins a time of gingerbread, hot beverages, advent calendars and… llamas?!
December is starting and we have two announcements related to this season of holidays.​

I guess we all know stories of Santa’s reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. They’ve been told and sung about many many times.
Turns out those stories have been misleading. Those reindeer have been llamas all along :eek::ftl:
And this year… they are missing! It seems that they found out about Nerdcrafteria and decided to pay us a visit. We heard they are very sneaky though and aren’t limited to the server but can appear all over Nerdcrafteria related content. They also won’t appear all at once but over the course of several days.
Santa needs them though so we should help him find all 9 of them and convince them to go back. Maybe he will leave us a pleasant surprise for our help :)
So if you see one of Santa’s llamas, please post a screenshot of their location on this thread so Santa can find them and talk to them. Each llama will have a unique hiding spot and will be clearly labeled with its name.

Nerdcrafteria's Advent Calendar 2017

Leading up to Christmas, each day you can open up a new door at main’s new holiday season spawn. Behind each door waits a little present for you. Come to /spawn on /server Nerdcrafteria and enjoy some hot chocolate and gingerbread with us!
Current Winter Survival
Saturday 2nd Dec
This is another short season, 1-2 months

For those of you who are completing the challenge hall, its still here :)
And prepare to get cold.... very very cold.....

pic from

Update: Survival appears to be thawing into some different biomes!
Check out the map in the challenge hall near -4096, -3072

DFTBA about these new and exclusive resources. Please share and don't claim them all

New Skyblock Season!!

The new skyblock season has arrived! We hope you have a wonderful time making your islands.
This season we have a
new mod and a build competition.
The season will run from now until the end of February

Your new mod is greenhouses!
This lets you build a glass greenhouse, then if you put certain blocks in there, it will change the biome to match.. spawning biome specific mods (early mooshrooms!) and plants. Some, like the clay river biome will even slowly convert your dirt blocks to clay.

Of course, this mod is optional - so you don't need to use it if you are going for the true skyblock experience. See the end for how to build a greenhouse

Build Competition!
This season, we're having another build competition.

The theme is CITIES
What would be your ideal city or town on your floating island?
An eco paradise? Full of skyscrapers? A little skyfishing village?

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.
Keep an eye on the forums for the entry form and more details

Greenhouses Tutorial
To build a greenhouse
  1. Make glass blocks and build a rectangular set of glass walls with a flat roof.
  2. Put a hopper in the wall or roof.
  3. Put a door in the wall so you can get in and out.
  4. Type...
Hello everyone~ We've counted all the candies, pumpkins, and wheat, and it's time to announce the winners of our Halloween events!

Trick or Treating
We actually have two winners for trick or treating: @tomsk31 and @Xieandra , who both snagged 13 treats!

Your prizes will be placed on your plots after this thread has been posted, and both of you should have perms for the special vanity tag :D

Harvest Competition
The winner for most combined pumpkins and wheat goes to @AwesomelyToad , who farmed more than 5 double chests of each crop. That is astounding, and you have earned the grand prize!

The player who farmed the most pumpkins is @Zombiedragon2001 , with more than 6 double chests. We did not have an entry with more wheat than Toad, but we have awarded the prize for most wheat to the player with the second-most - @Cat0Nine , with 1 full double chest and 14 stacks of wheat~

Prizes will be placed on your plots, and Toad, you should have perms for the special vanity tag as well~

Defend Nerdcrafteria Event
Thank you to everyone who participated in this event~ We hope you guys had fun - we know we had fun spawning in all those creepers riding bats!

Special thanks as well to @ThePotatoOne , who managed to kill over 1,000 mobs during the event! Nerdcrafteria is a safer place thanks to you, and we appreciate your help in our battle against the Titans!

Prizes for this event are now ready, and are available for 100, 200, 300, and 400 mobs, with a special prize for players who killed 500+ mobs - a full set of...
The End of The Skyblock World is Nigh!
Reset on Nov 5th
Take your screenshots now!
(and post them in comments or on the forums for us to see :) )

Time flies and we've reached the end of another skyblock season.
Congratulations on your beautiful islands - over 200 were created! Many fell into the void.

But some islands were bigger than others.
To put levels in context, one level is about equal to 100 blocks of dirt.
With that in mind, our Top Ten finalists are:

Honorable Mention
__rusty: level 422
blazesong: level 431
artsylaurie: level 621
_vitamind_: level 657
btimpe: level 689
sliz_: level 737

timesorceror: level 1100
birdynerd: level 1179
abros_vii: level 1294

And the winner
captscribble: level 3282!!

captscribble will receive 5000ll for their amazing island over the next few days
Timesorceror, birdynerd and abros_vill will each receive 2000ll for reaching 1000 levels

A special creative prize of 1000ll will go to artsylaurie for their super cute mini biome islands :)

Their islands are up until reset on Nov 5th, so go and explore!

Feel free to put suggestions and comments about this season in the comments and we'll try to take everything on board.