Important Updates Old Creative Plots Restored!
Creative plots from the old map have now been restored, with two exceptions, so you can go ahead and grab those now if you want! All you need to do is make a /modreq in-game asking for your plot to be transferred to Creative, and a mod will come in to assist in restoring it to you. If you have a specific placement preference, put your modreq in while you're standing in roughly the middle of where you want it. We can't do it too picky, so you'll have to bear with us if it's a couple blocks off - these are massive worldedits we're doing, and the more we do them, the more of a chance they'll crash the server.

The two exceptions to the plot restoration will receive private forum messages as to why their plots cannot be restored. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Islid (Administrator)
We now have a Book Club on If you don't have an account yet, it's easy to set one up, and once you do, join us in reading some great books over the next year. We will start off with "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green. But we will be looking to you for future books. Share your favorite books, find new favorites, and talk with your fellow nerdfighters about all the good reads. JOIN US!

Effective immediately, the following rules and regulations go into effect governing both existing towns and newly created towns. Forum sections will be made shortly for all currently existing towns, and all player towns will need to bring their councils into regulation listed below within the next week, or moderators will step in to handle the situation.​
Please read very carefully through these regulations, as they cover things that old towns need to adhere to as well! The only grandfathered exceptions are as follows:​
- Currently existing plots that are larger than the 23x24 limit will be allowed to continue existing just fine, with no fines or concerns there. Further plots being made must conform to the new dimensional specifications.​
- Prices currently existing outside of the listed ranges (precious few, if any) must be lowered/raised as appropriate in order to comply within the next week if they are not sold, but can continue to currently price above or below those prices until that week has passed (February 1st is the time when this goes into effect).​
Moderators are also allowed to make towns, but with a few exceptions:​
- No money can be raised by them - players must raise it all themselves. Moderators can manage fundraisers, but cannot contribute funding of their own at any time.​
- They will have their forum sections pre-opened for them so they can post records for the initial 8 million fundraising, this is merely a courtesy so that the staff can keep an eye on things. Normal towns will not have their forum sections opened until they pay their initial 8 million appraisal costs and start paying off their town.​
Further questions will be answered below. Please, read the whole thing before you ask questions, because it's pretty likely we will have covered it!​
A small announcement to those parties to whom it pertains:

You may or may not notice that, in an effort to start bringing towns into compliance with the new set of rules we plan to release pretty soon regarding town creation and management, we will begin pulling all non-mayors of a town out of the "owners" category of the region and placing them into the "members" category of the region. This affects absolutely nothing about your build rights or anything of that nature, and you are free (at least for now) to continue to enforce your own standards as far as who is above who in any particular council, at the discretion of the mayor. This process should be complete relatively quickly.

Moderator-run towns will be expected to comply of their own accord, so those towns may change at different times. All player-run towns will be changed within the next 24 hours.


Islid (Administrator)
Important Updates Creative is back! :D
Hey, guys! Some of you have no doubt already noticed, but guess what?


This means all sorts of exciting things...

1. You're no doubt wondering now about the state of your old plots. Rest assured, they're all still quite safe and sound and will be transferred shortly. We will be processing the applications you guys submitted ten thousand years ago at this thread. If you STILL haven't submitted an application, the thread is still open, so you need to get your butt over there and complete one as quickly as possible! Once we finish the transfers, we're tossing the map out, so you might lose your stuff if you drag your feet.

2. Creative plots are, of course, 256x256 now! This means all sorts of new building opportunities, but with it come some challenges, of course. Avoiding laggy constructions, such as massive glass-filled buildings, or giant redstone constructs would be amazing - the more of those we have, the less fun everyone else is able to have, so please be courteous with your construction. :)

3. Spawn is looking quite bare right now, so we need to spruce it up... with a CREATIVE COMPETITION, of course! There's a post right here about how you can submit to the judges a spawn that we will be able to use for Creative, just like the normal world! We're looking for the best and the brightest, and I know you guys will deliver, so start sending in those submissions! :D

4. We're glad to bring Creative back to you guys, and we're sorry it took so long, so that's why we've waived the 5k fee for everyone to get a plot. Simply go into the world and type...
We've finished up early testing, and we're ready to open the server up to you guys!
First things first... not everyone can join, but don't worry it's not as bad as you think :)

The server will have a white-list (meaning only the people on the list can join) which will be managed manually by the staff.

How do I get on this 'white-list' you ask? There are 3 ways:

1. Purchasing Life-Time VIP

That's right! If you purchase (or have already purchased) Life-Time VIP, you will be granted access to the white-list.

2. Donating 25$ to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck

Head over to and under the FTB White-List section you will find the payment package.

3. Paying 350,000 Llamas

After much thought, we didn't want to restrict this server to only those who could 'afford' it. So if you play for enough time on Nerdcrafteria, you'll be able to join them rich folks too :D
(Either message an Admin or submit a /modreq when you're ready to make your payment)

What is Feed The Beast?

Feed the Beast is a package of mods for Minecraft, that when combined make for quite an awesome experience. The mods included in the Mindcrack Pack are:
  • Rei's minimap
  • Voxelmenu
  • PetroGen
  • Advanced Machines
  • BuildCraft
  • ChickenChunks
  • ComputerCraft
  • Enderstorage
  • Extra Bees
  • ExtraBiomesXL
  • Factorization
  • Forestry
  • GregTech Mod
  • IC2 NuclearControl
  • IC2
  • Iron Chests
  • MiscPeripherals
  • Advanced Solar's
  • GraviSuite
  • Portal Gun
  • MFFS
  • NEI
  • Obsidiplates
  • OmniTools
  • Railcraft
  • Redpower
  • SoulShards
  • StevesCarts
  • Thaumcraft
  • ThermalExpansion
  • Traincraft
  • Twilight Forest
  • Xycraft

We hope you guys understand, that Feed The Beast is a very advanced mod pack for Minecraft, and is not for those who are still learning the Minecraft basics. Don't be...
Server Contest And the winner is...
Calemando, with the really open 4 level mall build!

After talking with the staff and looking at the comments on the video/Tumblr/here, we reworked the building's coloring a bit to fit a little better with Green Hills.

Calemando will be getting a suite in the Green Hills Apartments building, as will the runner up, who was only 2 votes behind that, so congrats to egli as well! (I'll be adding a little extra to Calemando's prize, as soon as he GETS IN TOUCH WITH ME GUUUUURL.)

Thank you everyone for submitting builds, I had great fun looking at all of them and making that supermegafoxyawesomehot video with mah mad skillz!
Buycraft News New Buycraft Packages!
Hey, guys! Just wanted to drop a quick notice here regarding some recent additions to your buycraft donation options - you now have the choice of purchasing one of four different Starter Packages to get you up and rolling right away with your Nerdcrafteria experience! Below are the four versions we have available to you so far:

- Stone Level Starter Package: $15

This package includes the following...

- 1 month of VIP
- $10,000 llamas in-game currency
- 64 each of logs, stone, coal, raw chicken
- A full set of iron armour, and an iron sword!

Valued at $22.50, this pack saves you $7.50!

- Iron Level Starter Package: $35

This package includes the following...

- TWO months of VIP
- $20,000 in-game currency
- 128 each of logs, stone, coal
- 64 cooked beef
- A full set of DIAMOND armour, and a DIAMOND sword!

Valued at $48.80, this pack saves you $13.80!

- Gold Level Starter Package: $60

This package includes the following...

- THREE months of VIP
- $35,000 in-game currency
- 192 logs, stone, coal
- 128 cooked beef
- A full set of diamond armour, and a diamond sword, ENCHANTED with SHARPNESS III!

Valued at $85, this pack saves you $25!

- Diamond Level Starter Package: $100

This package includes the following...

- $50,000 llamas!
- 256 each of logs, stone, and coal!
- 64 Healing II potions!
- A full set of diamond armour, and a diamond sword enchanted with Knockback II, Sharpness IV!

Valued at $135, this package is the best deal - it saves you $35!!!

Hop on board and grab yourself a starter pack, or buy one for one of your friends who just joined our happy family of nerdfighters! All of the money, as usual, goes towards decreasing world suck. Thanks for your support, and...
As some of you may have noticed, enchantments are bugging out and not properly staying on their respective items. Some of you have already taken this cue, but if you haven't done so already, please post in the reports forum with a full list of items and their enchantments as you can best remember it.

We're going to revert bukkit to halt the problems, but in the meantime, it is important that you KEEP YOUR ENCHANTED ITEMS WITH YOU AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Not only will this cut out heartache for us, it'll also limit the amount of time you are without your enchanted items. It is a massive inconvenience, yes, but until we get the problem fixed there is little else we can really do.

If you mine regularly in mine world, keeping your enchanted items in a chest that isn't unloaded from memory seems to be a safe bet, so if you want to pre-arrange some sort of trade off where you pass off some of your mining profits to someone in exchange for standing next to a locked chest of yours while you mine, that might be an option. Other than that, I cannot really offer any sort of alternative. :(

Item frames are bugged in the same way, so they're not safe either. You should start taking screenshots of your enchantments, one by one, so we can restore them properly if you do lose them.

Once Bukkit is updated, we will be restoring items. Go and post your loss reports in the forum there, and we will process them all shortly.

Reports forum:

EDIT: When you report the items, please list them each item and enchant. It's okay if you don't remember, just try your best. Also, please gather all items that lost enchantments in one chest and indicate what plot the chest is at in your report post.

Any additional questions can be directed to this news post. Thank you for all of your patience and understanding while we handle this rather irritating issue. We hope to resume normal service as quickly as possible!


Well after the long long wait we’ve finally managed to get all the plugins updated for Bukkit 1.4.6 -- As most of our plugins broke. We needed a Java7 update, but aparently we were already on Java7. “Shrugs”.

At this point with some help from Moderators and Nerdfighters in TeamSpeak we were able to test the plugins and make sure everything is in working order and at this point the server seems stable to a point as we’re currently on a Beta Build of Bukkit, We’re waiting for a RB (Recommended Build).


I’ve removed the “WitherControl” plugin as it’s no longer needed as we’re able to disable the Wither from all worlds and allow in specific worlds. Currently it’s enabled in the Nether.

Wait? Wither is enabled? What does that mean?

You’re able to find Nether Strongholds and find “Wither Skeletons” they’re grey. They have a RareDrop item called “Wither Skulls” but they do drop bones and coal all the time. You’ll occasionally also see regular skeletons in the nether as well.

What do you do with these “Wither Skulls”?

You can put them up for display! I’d assume it’s ok to sell them in shops it be a ‘new market’ but I’ll confirm with Dom and Islid on the market of that and update this post. What else could you do? Oh Yes, You can gather 4 Soul Sand, Build 2 Blocks high, 1 Block on each...