Downtime (Resolved) FTB - Back up!
Hello there FTB users. Although you might see the FTB server come "online" now and then, please refrain from logging in until further notice.

We will notify you here when it's been restored AND tested.

Thank you! :) Enjoy some main NC server fun in the meantime!

UPDATE 230PM Pacific Time - 5-Mar-2013

FTB is back online. Yes, there's a bit of a roll back (about 7 hrs), but this is the best safely, recoverable backup that has been tested to work properly. I encourage you to help one another from your supplies, or your time, as we all work with re-doing things from this point of the rollback. Be awesome, go play, have fun! :) (Thanks Cory!)

UPDATE 2:53PM Pacific Time 5-Mar-2013
FTB is offline at the moment, just while admins and the server folks sort out some things in the backend. Stay tuned, and we'll post here when service is restored. Sorry for the confusion! :)

UPDATE: 6:58pm Pacific - 5-Mar-2013
FTB is back up - being monitored on the back end, but everything should be good to go. Remember, there WAS a rollback, so help each other out to progress back to where you were.
Downtime (Resolved) Creative is back! (again)
Creative world is back up and running, and all plots are safe and sound as we expected! As a result, all of those fancy creative contests you guys have been running are more than welcome to continue. In addition, our creative spawn contest will be extended for an additional two weeks past the date of this news post. I will be re-opening the form for you to resubmit.

As mentioned in the previous news post, creative plot schematics from the old world need to be requested via /modreq pretty soon - you have four weeks from the date of this post to claim those. Afterwards, those schematics will be removed and thrown out to cut down on clutter in the schematics folder. So make sure you grab those quickly!

Thanks for all the patience, and we're sorry for giving you guys a heart attack about almost losing Creative AGAIN... we don't think it will happen again. Have fun, and DFTBA!

Islid (Administrator)
Goodness gracious, this is a doozy of an update news post! I only have a few points to cover, but they're still pretty big. Without further ado, here we go:

1. We've got a TON of new staff that we've hired over the last day or two - six new people, as well as one returning to us! Say CONGRATS if you see our new/returning moderators, BossyBoots, Scribble, Muffinsandsuch, Sky_Pirate_Girl, Sarahsfast, Driox, and SeeksNothing!

These guys are ALL quite new, obviously, so don't pressure them too much. They'll all be focusing quite hard to learn how to do what they're doing, so be careful and patient with them, please!

Some of these people will be nearly exclusive to FTB as well, so the staff presence on that server should be a bit more consistent. So, that's exciting!

2. As you may or may not have noticed, Lifetime VIPs have forum tags now! We were only able to do this for lifetime VIPs, partially because we have about 32988734513284 monthly VIPs and tracking all of that without a plugin hooked to the forums (which doesn't currently exist in a free format, lol) is a major pain.

If you are a lifetime VIP and you're still missing your tag, let us know! Additionally, if you're a mayor and you want to display your tag but it isn't showing up, do say something as well, we can make both of them display for you. Just give us a shout.

3. Creative is down... again... ugh. As you can very well imagine, all of us are completely in the dark about why this is happening, but at least we know this time around that it isn't just us - it turns out that iClaims has apparently been shutting down entire worlds and servers across the board of users, and dozens of reports and complaints have been filed to the developer about it.

Needless to say, there's nothing we can really do about it now, except to let you know that all of your...
Downtime (Resolved) Server Downtime 02/23/13
We're experiencing issues with our host, as well as a few plugins that are acting up significantly, so we've temporarily had to shut down the server for maintenance. We will keep you guys posted here as we resolve the problems, and hopefully we'll be back up soon!

Thank you for your patience - please understand that we're working under huge pressure as it is, so repeated attempts to pester any of the staff about the problem might not be met with the most kind responses. This is not because of you guys, it's just because we're trying to work as quickly as possible to resolve the problem, and we need to concentrate as much as possible.

Thanks for understanding. See you guys soon, and DFTBA!


UPDATE #1 (8:00 PM GMT -6): Seems to be running well enough, after some minor changes. We'll see how it goes, but no guarantees for a little while.

UPDATE #2 (8:33 PM GMT -6): Not looking good... a bit more downtime. Sorry for the sporadic behavior, we're doing our best.

UPDATE #3 (1:00 AM GMT -6): Server's getting better, but downtime can still be expected to some extent. We'll do our best to restore full functionality soon. Thanks for bearing with us.


- Islid (SeƱor Administrator)

Hope you all enjoy it!

and Please Share!!!
Important Updates Amendments to the Town Rules
As you guys know, the new town rules recently went into effect, and because of their broad and expansive implications, we obviously got a few things that didn't quite work - as a result, we talked over things and figured out some amendments that will hopefully work better for you guys. These are the amendments to the rule that go into effect immediately:

Regarding the bedrock rule:

Apply for exceptions for bedrock rule, even if applied the staff will state how deep you still need to be on each plot, minimum. Application section will be added to the forum town app, with an option to select whether or not you want to apply for it, and why you should get it.

Regarding apartment rules:

1. If a town wishes to establish an apartment complex or building, they need to have planned a minimum of 100 apartments, across either one or a series of buildings, for each time they wish to add apartments. They can plan more, up to 500, but the minimum has to be met or the apartments must be re-planned so that 100 can be built.
2. Apartments must be no smaller than 6 blocks of space and no bigger than 38 blocks of space.
3. Prices must be no cheaper than $500 and no more expensive than $5,000.

Regarding Plot Reservations:

In order to reserve a plot through a town as a promotion, you have to sign two copies of a book with the terms of the plot reservation agreement. The person reserving the plot must sign both books, and one book is given to each the reserver and the town Treasurer. Towns can decide reserving price and final plot price arrangements, but whatever is established must be agreed on by both parties.

Regarding Non-Profit Fundraisers and Fundraisers for individual people:

- Make a post in the main worlds section about fundraising for non-town purposes (specifically, nonprofit organizations).
- Non-profits can raise money as long as it goes to the players again in the form of public warps, events, prizes and games.

Just putting these most recent updates all together in one quick news post:

- There is now an option, due to player request, to watch an entire forum section! All you have to do is navigate to the forum you want to watch and click the "Watch Forum" link at the top, right-hand side, under the Search bar. It looks like this:

Thanks to Cory_, our eternally AFK admin, for finding this wonderful mod for us to use on the forums! :)

- We're doing a comprehensive sweep of all towns, player and mod alike, and we've uncovered close to 500 new plots (with more being uncovered still) for you to purchase! These plots range in price from 10k, all the way up to 100k, so feel free to browse - there might even be a plot available in a town where you don't have a plot yet, but have wanted to get one for awhile, such as Nerdville or Southtown.

- Watertown has expanded! We've added about 60-70 new plots, as well as some apartment-style complexes, to a whole new bubble of Watertown! I know we said we wouldn't expand, but so many people wanted to get a plot there that we really couldn't bear to deny you guys much longer. But hurry, there aren't many plots available, so it's first come, first serve!

- The creative spawn competition has received no entries as of yet... are you guys working on your spawns for Creative? Since no one has been up for applying yet, I might raise the stakes by throwing a prize on top of the whole thing... Keep posted, and remember, entries are due by the 28th of February! The thread for the Creative Competition can be found right here, and remember, entries must be submitted via the "Forms" button at the top, left-hand side of the screen. :)

- We've been experiencing some strange server occurrences, related to various things...
Downtime (Resolved) Server Downtime
EDIT: Server is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience!

- Islid
Important Updates Old Creative Plots Restored!
Creative plots from the old map have now been restored, with two exceptions, so you can go ahead and grab those now if you want! All you need to do is make a /modreq in-game asking for your plot to be transferred to Creative, and a mod will come in to assist in restoring it to you. If you have a specific placement preference, put your modreq in while you're standing in roughly the middle of where you want it. We can't do it too picky, so you'll have to bear with us if it's a couple blocks off - these are massive worldedits we're doing, and the more we do them, the more of a chance they'll crash the server.

The two exceptions to the plot restoration will receive private forum messages as to why their plots cannot be restored. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Islid (Administrator)
We now have a Book Club on If you don't have an account yet, it's easy to set one up, and once you do, join us in reading some great books over the next year. We will start off with "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green. But we will be looking to you for future books. Share your favorite books, find new favorites, and talk with your fellow nerdfighters about all the good reads. JOIN US!