Important Updates Wrapping Up This Map...
Hey all! We finally have some dates and deadlines for you. Here's what you need to know to get prepared for the end of this map, and the start of the new one, as well as some prep for creative closing. Please read below for all the details.
  1. THE SERVER WILL BE CLOSING ON OCTOBER 28TH. The snapshot for download will happen on that day. All items you wish to keep/have in the download map should be stored in a dispenser or hopper. Those you don't care about can be left in chests.
  2. THE DEADLINE FOR CREATIVE PLOT REQUESTS IS NOVEMBER 15TH. You can find the form for that here. If you do not submit before October 28th and are unable to tell us the coords, just let us know that in your form response. We will take care of it and contact you with any issues.
Thanks everyone for your patience, as always let us know if you have any questions!

A Whole New World New Horizons
Hello all, it's time for another, and hopefully final, change in direction for NCT. Here's where we're at so far, although our plans are still in their final decision making stages. We know things are super chaotic and confusing, but we will do our absolute best to make things clear for you.
1) I will be taking over Kelsey's position as Head Admin of Nerdcrafteria.
2) The map WILL be resetting, and it is unlikely all worlds will come back immediately. A map download will be made available.
3) Some of you probably know that we have been working on a second server to continue NCT's legacy - you can find its planning details on our temporary setup Discord here: Right now, it's our intention to use many of those plans/builds/setups as the first iteration of NCT in 1.13. For those of you not on that discord, it is currently a heavily space themed world consisting of a main map, skyblock "apartments", and a mining world.
4) Oh yeah, the server will be moving to 1.13.
5) We are planning to have a Town Hall on Tuesday, October 16th at 7:30pm EST to go over everything we're planning and working on. I really hope to make these a more regular thing.
6) Most importantly: Our goal here is transparency. Please feel free to send me questions, or post them here publicly. Please understand, however, that we are people and can only answer your questions so quickly. Here are our current FAQs to get you started:
We are incredibly excited to bring these two servers together into something great. :tinyheart: Thanks all!
Important Updates September/October Mineworld
Hello friends,

With the outpouring of awesome I've seen displayed this month in Mineworld, I'm pleased to announce that staff will not be resetting mineworld for October. Staff came to this decision because Mineworld was used to make some awesome builds, it was not stripped of resources, and players wanted to see it stick around a while longer.

Enjoy and DFTBA

LordStormy and the staff of Nerdcrafteria
Happy Birthday!!!

The staff of Nerdcrafteria are so happy and excited that we are able to have one final birthday celebration with all of you! We hope to see you join in on all the festivities!

Firstly, you'll notice that you have access to /fly, /heal, and /feed commands! Go and explore! We also plan to have other boons running in abundance. Enjoy!

Check out /warp birthday for some festive fun! Solve puzzles and complete a parkour course to earn special items, then take these items to /warp witchcrafteria and help light up the meters one last time!



Be on the lookout throughout our week-long birthday party event for more! We have fun things planned, such as mini games parties and a spectacular fireworks display! We hope to see you all there!


Nerdcrafteria Staff
A Whole New World New Skyblock Season!
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
This season we have a theme!
Show us your true colours by building an island as vivid as your imagination. This season will run from now until the end of December. At the end of the season, three vibrant islands will be chosen to win a special main world prize.

Stay tuned for last season's island round-up!

Updates and Important Info:
  1. We think we have increased mob spawning rates but it's a work in progress and we need your feedback. We want to balance mob spawning with the fact that some players have older computers with more lag. Please let staff know if you suddenly have issues playing.
  2. One. Hank-o-Lantern. If you don't understand, you will, and if you do, rejoice!!!
  3. We have a challenge currency! Every time you complete or repeat a challenge, you will be given a red sand block. The final challenge is to collect and submit all 1800 red-sand blocks..... (you have a little wiggle room, that isn't quite all the repeats). If you complete that final challenge, modreq for a special skyblock mainworld prize and 5000 llamas! If you don't care about the final challenge - use the red sand however you like.
  4. The bug where the torches don't light...
A Whole New World Incoming Skyblock Reset!

It's that time again!
We're planning to reset the Skyblock server next weekend (Aug 25th - 26th).
Finish up your builds and challenges, take your screenshots, and bid farewell to your animal friends, because a whole new world is on the way!​
I know we're late on this but for Ash, being late to Professor Oak's lab meant he got Pikachu, his best friend and companion.

Now that our Snorlax finally agreed to move and give us a path to the server doors again, we can announce the next survival season:

During this season you have a chance to catch (almost) every minecraft mob in pok├ęba uhm... I mean eggs.
You won't be able to catch all of them right from the start though so visit the PokeCenter near spawn to learn to unlock more and more catches. Maybe you will catch them all to become a true MobMaster!


There are a few things you need to be careful about though:

  • The eggs won't always work and are not a replacement for fighting. Be prepared to defend yourself against hostile mobs you are trying to catch.
  • Keep exploring the world. We heard rumurs of some weird structures.
  • Be mindful where you spawn your catches. Keep in mind that overcrowded areas might be hard on other players' clients. And if we ever find out that you used hostile mobs against your fellow players, that will be the last mob you caught!

We hope you are all gonna be the very best like no one ever was!
To catch then is your real test, to tame them is your cause!

The whitelist will be lifted soon after this post.

~ The Staff of Nerdcrafteria ~
Hello Nerdcrafterians!

As announced at the start of March, this vanilla survival season is reaching its end to make way for a whole new world of excitement and exploration.

We will take down the current survival map on June 21 (next Thursday).

To make sure to take some screenshots of things you want to remember. Feel free to post them here if you want to share some cool builds.

The server will be whitelisted for a few days while we test a new thing and prepare the new map. We are going to announce the start of the new season as soon as we are sure things won't explode (except for creepers maybe :p).

I hope you are as excited for a new beginning as we are. It's gonna be the very best, like no season ever was! :cool: