Hello everyone!

You may or may not be aware of the amazing event Nerdfighters and their friends do every year called Project For Awesome, or P4A. This event is a massive charity fundraiser that in years past has raised millions of dollars for amazing causes supported by real Nerdfighters around the globe. You can learn all about it here!

This year, we as a Nerdcrafteria community wanted to participate in our own special way! As all of the purchases in our Buycraft store are sent directly to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, we would like to set up fundraising goals for our own server during P4A. These goals are ONLY active for the duration of P4A, you can track the timing on the P4A website linked above. Here are the goals and their rewards:

Tier 1: $100
When this tier is reached, everyone on the server receives an exclusive [P4A2018] tag!

Tier 2: $250
When this tier is reached, everyone on the server receives 24 hours of unlimited fly!

Tier 3: $500
When this tier is reached, staff will bring in minigames for a weekend!

ONLY Buycraft purchases will count towards these tiers, so that we can track the contributions from our community (without being all creepy on y'alls other methods of payment lol)! We can't wait to see what you guys can do in a weekend. Be sure to check in to the P4A livestream to keep up with the fundraising of the Nerdfighter...
First, let me address a major issue that has raised its ugly 256 bit head. As many of you have realized, not all schematics are pasting properly. We've been working on and investigating this issue since we were first made aware of it. I'm not going to get into specific details (for one thing even some of the mod makers involved aren't sure why its happening) but there were many potential issues when saving schematics that we had no way of knowing about ahead of time. Even if we had checked random schematics as we went, the problems are so varied, and in some cases random, odds are good that we wouldn't have come across one. Again, even if we DID know about the problems, there aren't obvious fixes because there are a number of potential causes.

Because of this, once we set up the creative world again, those who had these problems (make sure you message a staff member letting us know so we can add you to the list) will be given a free extra creative plot to compensate. We realize this doesn't make up for it entirely, but we look forward to seeing what new awesome things you come up with!

On to better news!

There are a few steps involved in getting your schematic into a world, but it's quite simple if you follow these instructions!
  1. Install Forge for 1.12.2:
  2. Drag these files (below) into the correct "mods" folder in your Minecraft game data. If you don't see a 1.12.2 folder, simply create one within mods named 1.12.2.
File 1
File 2
  1. Open a superflat 1.12.2 singleplayer world - we recommend creative for easy zooming, and you must have cheats enabled
  2. Set world to peaceful, and run /gamerule doFireTick false
  3. Create a small schem to get WE to create the...
Hello all! Welcome to Issue #1 of the Nerdcrafteria Newsletter. These Newsletters will be monthly, and detail any major changes, updates, or events that happened during the month prior to their release. We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics and other fun information you’d like to see in it.

Player Liaison Elections
This month we chose to implement a Player Liaison role. This role provides players with a less formal communication bridge to staff through a candidate the NCT community elects. This person will not be staff and remain a player, but will help mediate discussions between both groups, and handle feedback for staff. The full post on this role is located here. We’ve also created this thread with answers from each on some player-suggested questions.

Voting for your player liaison elections are now open! You can CLICK HERE to cast your vote. As a reminder, your candidates are:
  • Refresne
  • Dasqu
  • OhMagicalUnicornLord
Voting will close on December 8, 2018 at 11:55pm EST.

CoC Updates
We have several CoC updates, clarifications, and changes that happened this month, one of which is announced for the first time below.
  • Religious builds - as always, these continue to be permitted in small form (10x10 or under) and private areas (i.e. your asteroid or inside a house). Holiday imagery like Chanukiah and Christmas Trees are permitted near the holidays. Full post here.
  • Clarification on mob hunting/farming rules...
Important Updates Holiday Builds
Hello friends!

It’s that time of the year again, when we decorate for various winter holidays, drink excessive amounts of warm drinks (Or cool drinks, depending on where you are in the world!), and have a good time.

It also means there can be some confusion as to what types of builds are allowed on the server, as per our Code of Conduct rule 8, regarding religious builds.

What’s allowed?
  • Winter holiday imagery, including Christmas Trees, Chanukiah (the Menorah), twinkly lights, wreaths, etc.
What’s not allowed?
  • Overtly religious symbolism, including crosses, the Star of David, nativity scenes, etc.
  • Portrayals of deities
  • Hosting of religious ceremonies or prayers via the voice or text chats
Keep in mind that we do allow some religious symbolism in private locations, such as your island, so long as it is not excessively large (10x10 or smaller) or unavoidable by other players.

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, and a wonderful new year!

LordStormy and the Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates Player Liaison Election

On our continual journey to improve Nerdcrafteria for our playerbase, one of the most constant points of feedback we have received is that you want us to be more approachable, and easier to communicate with. It is incredibly important to us that we not be the “Big Bad Staff”, because we care about you guys as people first, and awesome ones at that. However, we think we have fallen short here in the past, as we still feel that the connection between players and staff has been harmed, and that saddens us because we are here for you!

While we have been trying to be more involved as players in addition to our staff duties, we took this critique to heart, and have been listening closely to how we could help this situation. In this vein, we need your help deciding exactly what our solution looks like. We received the suggestion that we have an elected player act as a liaison between staff and players. This person would take the first pass at working through grievances (see: before the formal forums post), take your feedback for staff and pass it along, and help players understand certain decisions or answer questions they feel uncomfortable asking. Essentially, they are meant to be your chosen representative and helper who remains a player. I can’t emphasize enough that this person is not staff. They are a player - they won’t have staff training or mod powers. They’re just a more direct and less formal link to us. It’s also not required that you go through this person for all issues. If you want to pm Flaw or Stormy with an issue, by all means pm us! We’d love to hear from you. But we do recognize that sometimes our “staff hats” can make us seem a bit scary, and we want this player to act as a bridge to lessen the “scary factor”. :)

SO! You may have noticed I said elected player. This is where we need your help! We have been watching the community for those players who are actively working to bring our community...
Winter Secret Llama 2018

Hey, explorers! We have a brand new map, and now it is time to get cosy and enjoy winter Secret Llama!
❄️❄️❄️ How it Works:

Secret Llama is like other Secret Santa gift exchanges with the exception that it all happens in-game on Nerdcrafteria!

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out the nifty Secret Llama Registration Form, which can be found here : by 11:55 PM (Midnight) November 29th EST.

PLEASE put your actual Minecraft username so that your Secret Llama will not get confused if you have a nickname in-game or have a different forum username. Additionally, thoroughly filling out the interests/favorite sections will greatly help your Secret Llama give you more personalized gifts!

2. You will receive a FORUM PM with another player's name and a copy of their Secret Llama form by December 1st.

If you still haven't received a name by December 2nd, please PM LadyAustin or Stormy regarding it.

3. Starting December 1st, you will need to give at least a gift a week, for 3 weeks, to that person.

The weeks are:
Week 1 - December 1st - 8th
Week 2 - December 9th - 16th
Week 3 -...
Buycraft has finally made its return! We appreciate everyone's patience, both so far and going forward, on this. We think all the issues have been addressed, but please grab a staff member immediately if something isn't working like it should! You can find all of these amazing perks here, or by clicking Donate in the bar above!

Lifetime VIP
Lifetime VIP stays at $100 and grants you the following rewards:
  • Your prefix will change from [Nerdfighter] to [VIP] in chat, Discord and on the forums, so everyone will see you donated!
  • (Eventual) ability to build on a VIP Exclusive Server!
  • 1 free Vanity Tag per month
  • Voting on future Vanity Tags
  • Access to the /nick command. Color up your name!
  • Your choice of one Life Support or Jet Pack boon per month
  • Access to the Armor Stand Editor in game
  • Ability to upload pictures directly to Discord chat
Monthly VIP
Monthly VIP is $10 per month and grants you the following rewards:
  • Your prefix will change from [Nerdfighter] to [VIP] in chat, Discord and on the forums, so everyone will see you donated!
  • (Eventually) ability to build on a VIP Server!
  • 1 free Vanity Tag per month
  • Access to the /nick command. Color up your name!
  • Your choice of one Life Support or Jet Pack boon per month
  • Access to the Armor Stand Editor in game
  • Ability to upload pictures directly to Discord chat
Jet Pack Boon
$4.99 - grants everyone on the server, in all worlds, 3 hours of unlimited flight!

Life Support Boon
$4.99 - grants everyone on the server, in all worlds, 3 hours of unlimited /heal and /feed!

Nickname permissions, vanity tag purchasables, the Patron tag, and player...
Hello everyone!
The staff have finally been able to discuss and roll out our new punishment and appeals system. I have detailed these changes below for your benefit. :) Please note that most of these changes were player-requested.

The first change: How Points Accumulate
Under the old system, points accumulated for the entirety of your time on the server. Now, Minor (2 points), and Moderate (5 points) warnings will "time out" after 1 and 2 years respectively. What does "time out" mean? In general, it means that that warning will not be accounted for in your punishments, unless you demonstrate a pattern of behavior.
For example, lets say that you were warned for Overbreeding 4 years ago. Then a week ago you were warned for Swearing in Discord. The Overbreeding would not accumulate with the Swearing, and so you would only have 2 points of "Active Warnings". However, let's say if 4 years ago you were warned for Avoiding the Filter. This is related to swearing, and so would be added on to your Swearing in Discord warning, and you would have 4 points of Active Warnings.
This allows staff to better recognize when something is a "whoops I didn't understand the rules in a minor way" and someone who is constantly choosing to disobey the rules. Major and Severe infractions will never time out due to the threat they present to the community and/or the server itself.

The second change: The Appeal System
Punishment appeals, per player request, will now be handled privately. When you submit the form it will not be posted publicly, and will be handled in forum DMs between you, the staff member, and our Senior Admin of Staff and Player Affairs.

Finally: On The Rules
Staff cannot possibly spell out every single way you could break the rules. In fact, if we tried to do so, we would end up creating more loopholes of things we forgot to include! In general, the point is to be making a conscious effort to obey the SPIRIT of the rules. Be kind to each...
Hello everyone!

We are super excited to see how much everyone is loving the new map and all of its new mechanics (how ‘bout them flying asteroids, amirite??). The level of engagement and support from you all has been a bit overwhelming, and we love you guys for the level of awesomeness you’re showing each other.

SO, we want to give you guys a bunch of updates on things you’ve been asking about. See the list below!

  1. Horses TPing? We’re working on it! This was a bug, but we want to make sure it’s good to go so nobody loses their trusty steed. <3
  2. Guilds? How do they work? Do I have to join one? What’s with the prices?? The guilds are a completely optional part of our economy. However, you are likely to end up interacting with guild members as a part of the economy. They essentially break the ashop up into different “categories” based on what each guild produces. The prices are, well, a work in progress. We can only do so much guessing as to exactly how you all will play ahead of time, but we have to let you give the server a “crash run” to know where our real problem areas are.
  3. Mending? Mending is NOT allowed on this map (main/explore/asteroids - it will be allowed in worlds like survival and skyblock in the future). The short explanation is that it discourages tool trade and bogs the economy down. If you come across a tool with mending or a mending book, please file a ticket immediately and do not use it. We will provide you with a small compensation for it. :)
  4. I’m having a really really hard time getting X item, can you help us? We designed this to be a bit “slow starting”. If you guys had everything right at the start, that would be no fun! You’re doing great, trust the process. <3
  5. Will this mineworld reset at the start of November? Nope! This one will carry us through the end of November.
  6. HELP! I’m trapped against the edge of/around a region! Not to fear! Create a ticket at the location of...
A Whole New World Town Hall Recap/Recording
Please find the meeting video below! Here is a list of topics that were addressed, the time at which they were addressed, and a brief summary of their answers. Note that any updates are highlighted in yellow below.

Meeting start: 1:35
Recap of the last few weeks: 2:00
What is NewCrafteria? 2:55
It is now the planning Discord for the map reset!
Will we still be associated with/owned by FTDWS? 3:30 Yep!
Will NewCrafteria be its own server still? 3:50 No.
What about the NewCrafteria Discord? 4:09 It will be locked when planning ends.
Will the current map still close? 4:16 Yes.
Will there be a main map download? 5:03 Yes.
Can I download my creative plot? 5:17 Yes, please use this form.
Will you keep access to a creative map? 8:39 Until November 15th. After that point we won’t have a 1.12 world to load it into.
Will social media stay the same? 9:16 Yes.
Will forums be reset? 12:10 No, but they will get a facelift.
Will staff stay the same? 13:18 As much as they would like to, yes.
When will reset happen? 14:58 UPDATED ANSWER: October 28/29th.
Will skyblock stay until December? 16:55 No. Reset means no more 1.12 worlds.
What version will we be on? 17:47 1.13.1...