A Whole New World VIP World!
The time has come... Our exploration leaders have been scouring the galaxy for an abundant home full of resources and low in gravity, and we have finally found it!

VIP WORLD GOES LIVE 4/26/2019 at 3 p.m. EST
That's right folks, all the creativey, unlimited fly goodness of VIP World has RETURNED to our server! We are so so excited to bring this to you all, and can't wait to see what you create! Here are a few ground rules and FAQs to get you all started:

  • Please be respectful of the builds of others. Between mail, forums, in game chat, and Discord, there is no reason you can't reach out to someone if you'd like to build near them, or work with them on something. If it's not yours/you don't have permission - don't touch it!
  • Label your stuff! Just a little sign a la point 1 will help a lot. :p
  • DO NOT claim a whole bunch of empty space. Claim what you're building, and build in that space. Try not to claim several spots at once for "future projects" - it gobbles up space you might not use and dampens the creativity of others.
  • Resources are not transferrable between worlds. If you notice your inventory seems to be carrying over, report it immediately.
  • NERDS! You can visit VIP world and zoom around to see all the great things your friends have built. However, you will have to upgrade to VIP status in order to build anywhere in VIP.

To access VIP world once staff gives the final word, simply head...
Code of Conduct Change Spoiler Free Zone!
Hey all!

With the upcoming Avengers: Endgame premiere, as well as many other exciting and potentially spoilery happenings in the Nerdy community, we have decided to implement a Spoiler Policy for the server. This gives people time to get caught up on their favorite shows/movies/games/etc. without feeling like they need to avoid the server in the meantime.

To be clear:
This is an addition to the Code of Conduct. Please refrain from discussing any recent release or episode of any movie/show/game/etc. for a period of one week following the Eastern U.S. release time of that media.

For example, for Avengers: Endgame, the earliest public Eastern U.S. release is Thursday April 25th. So, to play it safe, you cannot talk about this movie until Thursday May 3rd. It's okay to say a general "omg I saw XYZ movie and it was AWESOME!!", but please please PLEASE nothing more than that. Even little slips can completely ruin the experience for others. This IS a part of our Code of Conduct from this point forward, and will be treated with the same seriousness as everything else in the Code.

We understand how exciting new movies, games, and shows can be, and we hope you'll work with us to preserve that excitement for your fellow players. :)

Scheduled Server/Forum Maintenance Something New Around The Corner
Hello friends! We are going to be whitelisting the server for an unknown amount of time to test a new plugin that will be a part of something you've all been waiting for!

We will edit this post and ping on discord when the matinence is completed.

The server is now unwhitelisted and available for play!
A Whole New World School Funded, Trade Opened!
Congratulations! Through your generosity, you have successfully funded a school for the children of the small village we found. As a show of thanks, the villagers have opened their homes to you. Each has their own wares to trade with our people, including a bank that allows for the exchange of our stars into their currency. As of now, there is no warp to this location, so be sure to plan your trips wisely! However, there is talk of a new mode of transport soon becoming available... Happy trading!
Maintenance/Issues The Server Has The Flu...
Hey all! The server appears to have gone down this morning with a myriad of errors following a regular restart. We are working hard on fixing it, but unfortunately as its a weekday and our staff have jobs, it may be a bit of time before it's back up and running. We appreciate your patience, and will post here when it's back!

UPDATE 10:10AM EST: The server has mustered its strength and is back up and running. However, it is still a bit woozy, so please bear with it if it has a few random crashes throughout the day. <3 Thanks for your patience!
A Whole New World What On Not-Earth?...
Some explorers have stumbled across a village that we didn't notice before! When they tried to approach, they were chased off, clearly not trusted by the people who lived there. Over time, they were able to speak to a leader of this village who indicated they may be willing to trust us if we contribute towards a school they are attempting to build. They want to see this be a community effort, and so have laid out the following rules in order to grant us entry into their village.
  1. A total donation of *200,000 is required to build the school.
  2. Each person's contribution may total no more than *10,000.
  3. Each person must personally raise or earn their *10,000, it cannot simply be given to them by another player. Any funny business and the villagers will only further distrust us, so please do not attempt to circumvent this rule!
Their leader indicated that, should we help them in this endeavor, they may be willing to engage in trade with us for unique and special items! We've placed a fundraiser bar below for easy tracking - let's do this! Simply create a /modreq in order to make your donation.

Current Progress: *200,000

*0 |==========================================================================| *200,000

OhMagicalUnicorn - *10,000
ToadSage7734 - *10,000
DecendiumXD - *10,000
BigBennyJ - *10,000
OrtyBortorty - *10,000
aquaarmor23 - *10,000
gw404 - *10,000
Refresne - *10,000
Mafersauro - *10,000
ruskels - *10,000
cowboat - *10,000
Nava01 - *10,000
DamonAverette - *10,000
shezzaholmes - *10,000
Horsefun - *10,000
Julizm - *5,000
Rykin_Generation - *10,000
bfq_8 - *10,000
Tzaphqiel - *4,000
sparklestar53 - *2,050
Siddalee - *8,950...​
Come one, come all, to the Fishing Guild's second Monthly-ish (ok probably gonna be more like bi-monthly)
Fishing Competition!!! Woooooooooo!!!



Join us at /warp Fish on Saturday February 23rd at 2pm EST for some music, fun, and friendly competition. This month, we're having a fish fry! Each competitor will be given a rod, a furnace, and a block of coal. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to catch and cook as many fish as you can in 15 minutes. You may keep your catches after scores are counted, and special trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the end of the competition.

:hanklerfish::hanklerfish::hanklerfish: Hope to see you there! :hanklerfish::hanklerfish::hanklerfish:
Gardening Build Player's Choice Award!

We're so excited to see the great response to the Farming build contest the past few weeks! We have some amazing builds and we want to ensure that the players have their say in picking the Player's Choice winner for the build contest!

WHAT: Player's choice voting for the gardening contest!
WHERE: /warp gardening
WHEN: You can vote from now until January 31 @ 11:59pm EST

In addition to the 3 overall winners chosen by staff, every participant receives a special gift, and the Player's choice winner also receives special recognition!

Make sure to recognize the creativity of your fellow players and vote today! Participants and their plot numbers are listed below. Vote for your favorite!
Server Event Farming Build Contest!
Do you like pretty things that are also functional? Do you like building pretty things? And farming? Well we've got the perfect contest for you!

What is this?
This is a contest that's dedicated to making the best farm/garden you can! Anyone may join, so get building! You can get to the area with /warp gardening.

But when can I start building?
You can start building as soon as this post goes up! Your building time is from January 16 - January 30, and judging will occur on the 31st.

Some rules for building:
-Be careful with water and lava! If you plan on using lava in your build, please contact a staff member first to be sure that it won't cause issues! Additionally, water destroys crops, so be careful with that too.
-Also be careful where you plant trees, as they can grow outside of plot boundries and cause troubles for your neighbors.

But what do I get?
I'm glad you asked! The prizes are on display on the board in /warp gardening.


We hope to see a lot of cute farms/gardens! Good luck!
Server Event Fishing Competition!!!
Come one, come all to the Fishing Guild's first monthly fishing competition!


Join us at /warp Fish on Saturday December 29th at 3pm EST for some music, fun, and friendly competition. Each competitor will be given a Lure III rod to use until it breaks. You may keep your catches after scores are counted, and special trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the end of the competition.

:hanklerfish::hanklerfish::hanklerfish: Hope to see you there! :hanklerfish::hanklerfish::hanklerfish: