A Whole New World A Work In Progress
This is just a short post and doesn't contain any major news, but I figured you guys might want to see how one of our towns is doing in the process of construction. We're slowly but surely putting together the mystical world tree town of Thistledown!

The building process is so weird. Maybe this is why I'm not much of a builder!

You guys should make sure you're keeping an eye on our social media accounts, @Nerdcrafteria on Twitter and on the Tumblrs. We post other progress pictures there, some that you might not see if you only watch the forums!
A Whole New World FAQ: Sentimental Item Chests
Hey, guys! This is just another reminder that on February 14th (eight days from the date of this post) we will be accepting tickets for sentimental item chests. Since there have been repeated questions about how these work, despite the information that's already been released, I've decided to helpfully combine everything into one post that's been said so far so you don't have to spend extra time reading other things related to the reset. :p

1. How big is my sentimental items chest? How many items can I bring?

You can fill one double chest full of items (6 rows of 9, for a total of 54 slots) that you would like to bring. The items cannot be stackable (with the exception of fireworks), and if they are normally stackable you must spread them out one per slot anyway.

2. What qualifies as a "sentimental item"?

I'm glad you asked! We actually made a list of what does and doesn't qualify earlier, which I'll put right here:

What you CANNOT transfer:

- A full chest of gold blocks or something of that nature (sorry, no economic imbalances)
- Enchanted armor, tools, and weaponry (with exceptions, listed in the other section below)
- Stacks of food, building materials, or any articles which you would be bringing over for a purpose other than keeping them for sentimental reasons.
- Any stacks of anything else, with case-by-case exceptions made (for example, with fireworks) that you'll have to apply for using the application that will be made and posted soon as a form on the forums. Otherwise, all items in the 54 slots of the chest must be singular items, including things that would normally be stackable.

What you CAN transfer:

- Books, papers, and other small articles and trinkets (like enchanted pieces of dirt) that mean something to you, for example as a gift from a close friend...
Downtime (Resolved) Creative/VIP Downtime (RESOLVED)
UPDATE: It appears the issue was easier to fix than I expected. Hopefully this fix is permanent! Creative and VIP are back online.

Due to some issues on the FTB server, we need to take down the VIP and Creative servers (which run on the same box) to see if we can attempt to resolve the problem. The two servers should be down for a few hours at most, hopefully coming back up around 4:30 PM EST (approx. 3 hours from now).

I apologize for this inconvenience. FTB has been suffering for the last week with some nagging crash caused by something on a player's homestead and we need all of the resources we can get to tease the issue out.

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
UPDATE: As of 9:46 PM EST, the operation is concluded successfully. The map will be on Buycraft for download in the next few days after some final processing.

Hey, folks! This is just a notice letting you know that we'll be temporarily taking down the server for roughly 10-15 minutes to do the final old map snapshot scheduled for today. The process is painless and shouldn't be overly complex, so I don't foresee any difficulties in getting it taken care of. The downtime will start at approximately 9:30 PM EST.

We will be putting the old map up for download on the Buycraft page a few days later. As mentioned before, it will be put up for free, with the option to donate to the server if you wish to do so in exchange for it.

See you on the other side!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates Discord Private Channels
Heyo! Do you have a D&D group that meets every week for campaigns? Do you want a side channel and chat to host a League of Legends tournament amongst some Nerdfighters from the server? Feel like having a slam poetry or music night? Well, look no further than the Nerdcrafteria Discord Server!

We're going to create a set of three channels (starting out, at least) where you'll be able to request access for yourself and a limited group of individuals. Since these are intended to be private chats, the rules are slightly relaxed, similarly to how the NC17 channel is run, depending on how the channel operator (the person who reserves the channel in the first place) chooses to establish them. Rooms will come with a chat and associated voice channel, both of which will be restricted as the operator sees fit.

In order to obtain for yourself some time in one of these special rooms, you need to contact @Stormy to be added to the spreadsheet. You need to give them your reason for wanting to reserve the room (a gaming group, a special event, etc.) and how long you'll need the room. If you wish to obtain a room for longer periods of time (for weekly meetings, for example) you can reserve rooms for up to 3 months at a time, and you can consecutively reserve the same room for 3 month chunks - this is solely to ensure rooms don't just go totally unused. We will rename the room as long as a group has it reserved, so feel free to provide a room name as well for extra fun! If you have no name, no worries, it'll just be a regular private room. :)

Stormy and the rest of the staff reserve the right to turn down individuals whom they feel lack proper reasons for wanting to reserve a room, such as "I just want a cool hangout spot for my friends" - main chat does just fine for that! However, this is a pretty laid back, relaxed thing, and these rooms exist for you to use them - if the rooms are going unused we'll be more likely to give them out for certain less...
Due to an error in the ticket system's SQL database that needs to be resolved, the server will be closed for maintenance starting at 9:45 p.m. EST tonight. This should only last for approximately 15 minutes.

Thank you for your patience!

-Nerdcrafteria Staff

Edit: The maintenance was a success and the server is back up~
A Whole New World Town Applications!
UPDATE: Town Applications are OPEN! Feel free to apply here:

Hey, guys! First of all, I appreciate your patience regarding all of the preparations for the new map, but I think you guys will really like where the time and effort has gone. Without further ado, I reveal... Nerdcrafteria Island!

This map is over twice as big as our current map, and has a diverse range of biomes with tweaks abound to make each of them unique to our server. In addition, there are a couple of totally custom biomes sprinkled around such as WoWForest (A forest with some ridiculously tall trees, like redwood) and the Mystic biome (a mystery you'll have to explore for yourself once you get into the map proper and look around!

In the meantime, take a look over the map, pick a spot that you'd like to begin building on, and start formulating your town application. It should be well fleshed out, extremely descriptive, and most importantly well-developed - town applications submitted as incomplete concepts with unfinished creative concept builds will be filtered out at the very beginning, as will applications sent in with nothing more than a few sentences of description and information. The scale of the map is 5000x5000, so keep that in mind when you begin marking out potential areas for your town to be placed!

Download a copy of the map, use Paint to draw out potential areas of your town, and start planning those towns! The three town areas we've initially scouted out for Staff towns are selected on the map above (a fourth town area will be scouted and built upon after the opening of the map). The three staff town ideas are as follows:

- Spawn Town (Name WIP): A town smack dab in the centre of the map, this town will be fairly un-themed aside from some gaming and YouTube references to remind people of...
Downtime (Resolved) FTB Downtime
Anti-fire is baddddd.

Anyone who is familiar with coal mine fires has a good idea of what happened to our dear nether. Unfortunately we're going to have to re-create the nether from scratch, but on the plus side - new structures!

If you have lost any major items (which hopefully is unlikely, since pumps and quarries aren't allowed in the nether anyway) please let us know. You will need to reinitialize your nether portals, and if you had them set up so that they link properly you will have to do that again.

Thanks for being such an understanding bunch :) Season 8.1.1 is go!

Starting 8:00pm EST the server will be down for a while, due to some enthusiasm in testing something that went a little... wrong?

We'll let you know when the server is back up. Please be patient and once more don't mind our dust. :)

-Nerdcrafteria Staff
Important Updates Transition to Discord!
Hey, folks! According to the Player Workshop opinion solicitation, the option of shifting from Teamspeak to Discord seems to have been received very well. Therefore, we're going to go ahead and open up the public Nerdcrafteria Discord server for everyone to use!

First of all, if you're not aware of what Discord is, the best way I can describe it is if Skype and Teamspeak had a baby, and also that baby was 1000x less buggy/laggy than either of them, and also all of the limitations are removed. No more 32 person limit in Town Halls anymore!

You can download Discord here:

If you don't want to use a download and simply want to log into a browser client instead, browser clients are compatible with many common browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Once you've made an account and downloaded a client (there are clients available for Mac, PC, Android, and Apple Devices), use this link to join our public server:

Teamspeak will likely be shut off in the next 24 hours as we fully transition over. We can't wait to see you there. DFTBA!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Hey, folks, this is just a reminder for the meeting tomorrow in Teamspeak around this time. During the meeting, we'll be discussing the following things:

- Town establishment/application guidelines

- Some recent numbers from the BungeeCord transition (I'm rather pleased about them at least)

- Some talk about donations and how they might function in the future

- Possibly shifting over to Discord for future communications

- Anything you bring forward during the open floor time!

As it says, the meeting will begin at 5:00 PM EST, and knowing these meetings it's likely to run for at least a couple of hours if not longer. Teamspeak has a 32 person max, so we're going to do our best as a staff not to have too many folks in there taking up slots. As usual, we have no official plans to make recordings, since this is a very informal process, but if any players wish to take minutes or make voice recordings to post on the forums afterwards, they're perfectly allowed to do so as long as they let the staff know at the beginning of the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria

Edit: Recording of the Town Hall meeting