Downtime (Resolved) BungeeCord Repairs/Bugfixes
UPDATE: Server's back up, come check us out!

Turns out there were some more bugs than anticipated, and between the cacophony of players talking in main chat and the number of issues that needed to be addressed immediately, we decided to shut 'er down for the evening while we work on things.

The server will come up at an indeterminate time tomorrow. We'll hope to have Creative up by that time too, but at this rate I need several hours of peace and quiet during which I can focus on the issues, lol.

I'll see you guys on the other side!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Update: We're live once more! Albeit with a few bugs, but hop in and check out the new digs!

Heyo, folks! Just reminding everyone that we are going to be doing our BungeeCord transition (previously mentioned here and here), as well as the VIP World expansion/separation and Creative World reset/PlotSquared switch tonight all at once! Nothing could go wrong, right?

At any rate, the large number of changes combined with the massive number of things that could possibly go wrong necessitates a 4 hour window where we need to bring down the server and whitelist it while we work out all of the kinks and ensure nothing too crazy has happened. That will probably occur around 2:00 PM EST. Most notably, we're also transitioning to a new permissions system (zPermissions) and that requires me to individually put in permission nodes one by one for each group (which I've been doing for the last couple of weeks on and off) so chances are I probably typoed some node somewhere.

When the server comes back up, we'll need the collective help of crowdsourcing to figure out what's buggy and what's not. So, keep an eye out if you see any bugs and let us know - most of them will most likely be missing permissions, but we could have things like inventory separation errors or chat format mistakes. There are a few things that just won't be working right off the bat since I haven't had the time to figure them out or they've been so low on the priority list that I just pushed them to after the reset:

- The chat will be separated per world like it is now. This is simply because I have to go in and figure out the JSON nonsense for channel formatting/behavior, and that alone is easily a 2-3 day process. So, to...​
Important Updates VIP World Changes/Separation
Hey! So, due to some quirks we didn't anticipate with the BungeeCord change, we elected to do the BC switch at the same time as the VIP world separation/expansion. Namely, we can't absolutely guarantee the safety of your inventories in VIP world post-BC reset. Luckily the other worlds are fine, but that one has been giving us a particularly sticky time. Therefore, we'd like to do the BC change pretty soon. The most ideal time, incidentally, would be at the same time as the Creative reset that's going to be happening in about a week!

Therefore, we'd like to (if at all possible) announce that the Creative World reset will just also happen to coincide with the VIP World separation/expansion and the BungeeCord transition all at once on November 28th, 2015.

We think that, simply because we did pre-announce the eventual separation of VIP world, that a week should be enough for everyone to finalize where they want items to be in each world. For clarification's sake, I'm going to explain what will be happening inventory-wise post-BC.

1. VIP world will be changed to an entirely separate inventory, and all current inventory files for VIP world will be wiped. This means that anything you have in your inventory when you're in VIP world will be totally and completely gone after the BC shift, so it's vitally important for you to make sure your inventory is clear of important items.

2. Any sentimental effects you haven't transferred to VIP world by the time the BC reset happens will be impossible to transfer after that change. This isn't some hard limit we arbitrarily chose, it will be literally impossible to connect those inventories even for us as a staff. Make absolutely sure you have all of what you want saved in VIP world there before the transition.

3. What you save in your VIP world areas does not count towards your sentimental chest, so it might be best if you transferred...
Important Updates Suggested Guidelines for Towns
Howdy everyone! The purpose of this post is to give y'all some suggested guidelines about the creation of your town ideas so that they can be the best they can possibly be. This contents of this post aren't mandatory in any way, but based on our collective experience with watching the original Nerdcrafteria towns get created and how they've changed over the years, we think that offering these suggestions to the new generation of town builders could only help the prospective towns be more awesome and beautiful than the last.

So let's get started!


Spend some time really fleshing out and understanding your town theme. Your town theme should be the first thing people pick up on and will provide unity and identity throughout the town's lifetime. Town builds, both large and small, should definitely embody and enhance the theme. Town builds will lend guidance to the town’s residents on what they could build and what materials they could use so spend some time carefully crafting the block palette of your town. If you're creating a futuristic urban city, it would not make much sense to have a majority of your buildings be made from mostly wool or wood. If you're making a rustic medieval town, proliferate use of vibrant hardened clay and glass would likely result in a disconnect between the look you're going for and what actually gets created. Choosing the types of blocks you'll be using for the town is the literal foundation the town will be built on.

Additionally, it's completely fine to have splashes of blocks that aren't strictly within the town's block palette. Controlled variety can lend to the attraction of the town and make it more pleasing to look at and live in. However, these choices should be intentional and sporadic, not incorporated haphazardly otherwise it can look like the town was poorly planned. Variety...
Scheduled Server/Forum Maintenance A Whole New Creative World!
Hello, folks! After a delay much longer than I was hoping it would be, I'm glad to say that we've prepared to move forward on some of the changes we were hoping to make post BungeeCord switch but instead are being moved to pre-switch. The changes should still be largely the same and you're getting plenty of notice for them.

Update: Creative World is officially being brought down for plot copying! This should take us about a day, and the process has begun as we speak. We'll make the transition to a new Creative world in the meantime, but for now the world has been exempted from players just to ensure we get the freshest copy of everyone's plots pre-reset. :)

The first change, as you might have guessed from the title of this article, is that Creative World is going to be switched over to the new plugin system and the world will be regenerated pretty soon! This should go largely the same as all prior Creative world resets.

Because of the nature of this being done pre-BC Reset, we're going to need to implement the same system we used in the past instead of Clyane's earlier mentioned setup. You'll need to fill out a form wherein you state your username (no nicknames, please) as well as the coordinates of all of your plots in the Creative world. The staff will then copy the plots into schematics according to a particular procedure, and when the world resets all you'll need to do is claim your new plots and ask for the schematics to be pasted back in.

I'd like to caution you on a few things:

- Be prepared for items to be improperly copied when stored inside of chests. We don't anticipate this happening en masse, but there is a chance for WorldEdit to not properly record metadata for items. Items shouldn't...
Hey there, folks - we're going to have ourselves another town hall meeting (a little delayed, I know) in order to discuss the announcements in the most recent part posted for the reset news, as well as tying up some loose ends not quite finished in earlier parts. We'll be there to answer your questions and just have a good time like we usually do!

Most notably, check this news post out:

You can join us by hopping into the Grand Central Station of Teamspeak around 6:00 PM tomorrow, EST (if you friendly folks around the world could translate timezone-wise I would greatly appreciate it, I'll edit it into the OP) and bring yourself a question or two to ask in an open town hall style discussion. Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
As some of you have undoubtedly noticed by now, we went on a HUGE hiring spree in anticipation of the changes that will be coming in the following months, as well as to boost our shrinking numbers due to some recent retirements. We just concluded that spree, so I'd like to formally welcome the following people to staff (or back to staff, in the case of one hire):

New Staff:


Returning Staff:


These folks have proven themselves through their actions to be exceptionally helpful for the community as a whole, server-oriented with the best interest of the playerbase in mind, and willing/able to learn the skills needed to tackle staff affairs. After voting on no less than twenty-four different people over the course of the last few weeks, these folks made it through the final cuts and are on their way to becoming full moderators here in Nerdcrafteria.

I'd like to give them both my congratulations at distinguishing themselves thus far as well as encouragement for what lies ahead, especially during these trying times. The map reset will succeed in no small part due to the efforts of these folks, so if you see them in-game, I'd encourage you to give them your support and appreciation for the time they're devoting to getting this done right.

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria (now much larger!)
A Whole New World Pt. 4 - Player Businesses
After a short delay totally unrelated to the neat flavour sketches that the lovely miss LuvianBlue was kind enough to provide us, I can release the fourth and (hopefully) final part of the world reset series - Pt. 4 - Player Businesses.

It's taken a lot of time to figure out these things, so I appreciate you guys sticking with us this far. The final part is going to contain less hard facts and more conceptual/planning kind of talk - less of "this is how it is" and more of "this is what it could be if you wanted". This is definitely the part where we justify in earnest the decisions that were made in Pt. 2, as well as open up the door for some of you guys to begin planning some of the cool new business ideas you're aiming to explore.

In order to get a few of the most obvious questions out of the way first, I'm going to include them here in a mini-FAQ at the beginning. As other questions are asked, if they're popping up repeatedly, I'll add them right here as well.

- Does this mean I have to sign up to do a job, or get locked into doing that job? No, not at all. This list is simply a suggestion of possibilities post-reset, not locking you into any specific setup or profession. You can change jobs at will, have multiple jobs concurrently, make up entirely new jobs, combine existing (or new and existing) jobs into new permutations, have no job whatsoever, or any combination thereof. The only limitation here is your imagination.

- Are there professions not listed? Can I do a job that's not on here? Absolutely! By no means is this list intended to be comprehensive or final, it's merely a conceptual demonstration of what's capable in the new economic setup. If you think of a job not on this list, or a variation on a listed job, then by all means go for it.

- Can I do X job? It depends, of course, but for the most part the idea is that you'll have...
Howdy everyone, I'm here to make a quick announcement concerning the way some players have been interacting with new people that joined for the very first time.

Specifically, we've noticed that a fair amount of people have been immediately jumping on someone who had just joined mere seconds ago, and have been inundating them with unsolicited questions, repeatedly asking them to use /r to respond back, and generally just springing on new people who might already be overwhelmed with the whole multiplayer experience.

While it might seem like a harmless thing to do, we're going to formally ask everyone not to immediately private message new players who have joined the server for the first time. Not everyone is very sociable, and it might have taken a lot of courage for them to play on a multiplayer server for the first time, and perhaps they're even playing Minecraft for the first time, so jumping on them so quickly can easily create a very unnerving and uncomfortable experience. From the reports we've gotten from those very players, this sort of interaction does make joining less than awesome for those people.

Generally if a new player wants some help or a tour around, they will ask for it. However, many people do like to just explore at their own pace, and try to figure out as much as they can on their own before reaching out to the community. If you want to give tours or offer your help in-game, be on the lookout for those "Can someone show me around?" or "Hi I'm new here, what do I need to know?" comments because they DO get asked, but surprisingly not a lot of people actually offer their assistance. So we're asking y'all to wait for someone to say that they would like some help instead of assuming that they do and starting an interaction they did not ask for.

The purpose of this is not to punish anyone, but to make the playing experience on Nerdcrafteria a more enjoyable...
Server Event Teamspeak Town Hall
If anyone would like to pop into Teamspeak's Grand Central Station for a question and answer session about how Towns will work in the new Main map, we'll be holding one in the next 15 or so minutes (sorry about the last second nature of this but we've been busy with finalizing the changes as well as the Halloween event Dx) as well answering any questions you may have about overarching changes.

We're going to be posting (ideally today) a newsletter explaining more about the town choices that are going to be made for the reset, including why those choices might have to be made.

Chances are if you join us that you might find out some more information ahead of time regarding the reset, so come and ask your questions! They don't even need to be about the reset, they can be about anything you want to ask staff about at all!

Hope to see you there. :)

EDIT: Town Hall meeting is now over, thanks to everyone who came to chat! ^.^

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria