Important Updates News! Updates! Reminders!
Howdy folks! We’ve got a few announcements and updates to make:

Recently, @Shaded Raven, @Elysha1995, and @Snikkidoo have taken on some new responsibilities as Senior Moderators so please give them a congrats if you see them online! We’re super excited to have them in this new position~

The Staff Application Wiki Page has recently undergone some revisions to better inform prospective applicants on what the position entails and what we generally look for in new staff members - the application itself has NOT been changed. If you’ve been thinking of applying, head over to the Wiki and give it a read!

For our Feed The Beast-ers out there, @SeeksNothing has started a discussion thread on Season 8. If you’d like to see a certain modpack next season, we’d really appreciate the suggestions and feedback!

We’ve seen a lot of new faces this summer so we’d just like to take a moment and encourage players to give our Basic Mineworld Courtesies a read (or re-read!). You’ll find some of our “unwritten” rules that makes Mineworld more enjoyable for all in that post so please check it out~

The Space Staff Auction is just a week away! Remember that you can team up with friends and pool your money!!

Lastly, we're proud to announce that Nerdcrafteria is just about to hit 3 years old! We will be celebrating the server's third birthday over the course of two weeks, from Tuesday September 8th until Monday September 21st, with a big celebration on September 16th! More...
Staff Auction The Space Auction
Dear friends, we would like to introduce to you all...

The Staff would like to announce a Space Auction that will be occurring on

August 29, 2015




Feel free to start gathering beforehand at /warp auction to pick up an Auction House Handbook and get ready to bid! We will be making plenty of announcements on the day of the auction so there will be no confusion as of when to arrive.

Some important points to be aware of:
  • All bids must be sent via private message. It will be made clear as to who you should message your bid to for each chest. Failing to send bids through pm may result in you being muted.
  • Bids must increase by at least 250 llamas per bid, if the bidding gets high enough 5k will be broadcasted to change the increments from 250 llamas.
  • Make sure you have the amount of money you plan to bid in your account at the time! If you can't pay when asked, your chest will be sold to the second highest bidder.

We hope to see you all there to join us in the many adventures through the Planets in our Solar System (sorry Pluto)!

~Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates We have a YouTube, don't we?
Oh yeah we do!
Hey guys, the implarbable @plarby has spent some time making an amazing Server Tour video for us all! Yay Plarby! We'll be updating the YouTube more regularly from now on, so go Subscribe if you haven't!*

And make sure you keep an eye on it and our other Social Media sites.

Planet Minecraft:
Steam Group:

*Unless YouTube explodes into a supernova. In that case, I'm pretty sure keeping an eye on that won't be good for your eye's health. Sorry in advance if YouTube goes supernova and you suffer eye damage because of it
23 logo?!?

That's right! We're proud to show off our brand spankin' new Nerdcrafteria logo, provided courtesy of @LuvianBlue and her amazing artistic skill. She has kindly provided her services to us, completely free of charge, and given us what I can only really call a great step forward into the future of Nerdcrafteria.

This logo will be incorporated into all of the Nerdcrafteria sphere of internet influence over the next day or two, so keep an eye out for it everywhere!

One more thing - if you guys ever feel like scoring yourself some of this awesome art style, give Luvian a shout! Not only did she make us this amazing logo, but she did all of the Buycraft package art that we currently have, as well as some of @JentheGeek's wedding art. She's a great artist to work with and incredibly talented, so don't be afraid to consider her for your art needs!

We as a staff look forward to this change, not only as a literal one, but a symbolic one - a representation of our commitment now to honoring our past (hence the inclusion of the Hanacho Arch, for example) but also a drive and passion to pursue future endeavors with vigor and ferocity unequaled. Nerdfighters are nothing if not tough, and keeping us down is simply not an option.

Are you ready for the future, ladies, gentlemen, and those that identify as neither or both?

Sincerely, and with great anticipation,
The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates Lets Get Creative!
Well friends, it's that time again. Time to reset Creative.

As we've explained in the past, lag is an issue that everyone recognizes. One of the ways to minimize that lag is to regularly reset Creative, wipe plots, and get rid of unused ones. And it's that time again, friends. Fortunately, though, resetting it and saving your plot will take minimal effort on your part!

In the past, you've had to fill out a very cumbersome form in order to save your plot. After reset this time, all you'll need to do is claim a new plot and /modreq in game to get your old plot back, and poof! its back! No forms, no waiting around, nothing! Now of course, it might take time for the staff in-game to be able to handle your modreq to move your plot over, so please be patient with us <3

The Creative World reset will take place soon. Once we have a for sure date, we'll let you know!


With a reset of Creative, we have the chance to redesign our roads! And for that, we turn to you and ask you what kind of roads you'd like to have. You will need to submit a road design and intersection. The streets can be any width (although those that stay within the range of 5 to 10 blocks wide will be more well received, and will score higher with the judges) and any height, including multi-leveled. No curves or turns. Also, the design needs to be either exactly 265 blocks long, or a factor of that (2, 8, 16, 64, ect) in order to be tiled properly to cover the entire 256 length.

Once you have your road design, fill out This Form!

If you have forgotten either Intersection or screenshots, PM me and I'll add it to your submission.

Creative reset soon, and time to make it pretty! Submissions won't be open very long, so get building!

We are going to close submissions for this on Wednesday August...
Server Event Vidcon 2015! :O
Update on top of update: Use the code "VidCon2015" in the Buycraft store before Aug 2nd to get 20% off your entire purchase!

UPDATE: We've got some meetup times for you guys to come hang with us for a bit and pick up a Nerdcrafteria badge ribbon!

So, as you guys probably know, VidCon 2015 is just around the corner, from the 23rd to the 25th of July. Being the server we are, we couldn't very well just let something like that slide by with no event or recognition, so we've got a bit of an event for you!

During the convention, there will be no less than EIGHT staff members there, as well as a few former staff, helping to distribute Nerdcrafteria ribbon badges that you can collect. There are only going to ever be 100 of them released, so make sure you get ahold of them sooner rather than later!

The best part? These ribbon badges count towards the official badge raffle at the end of the competition! That's right, folks, you can meet the staff, score a cool badge, and get yourself one badge closer to that nifty raffle prize all at the same time!

Not going to VidCon? Well, that's alright, we're not going to leave you out - we'll be putting a limited edition VidCon 2015...
Important Updates Updated Texture Pack!
Hey, guys! We recently installed a new version of the NC texture pack (something that's been a long time coming) and we're just letting you know! If you have automatic downloads installed simply wipe your cache by navigating to the server textures folder inside of your minecraft directory and deleting the "legacy" file while your client is off, and then enable server textures and log on. It will download the whole pack fresh and new for you!

For those who would prefer a manual download link, here's that for ya.

There are some new textures, as well as some old familiar ones returning! Hope you enjoy v 7.1.4!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
New Plugin Vote Shop!
Hey, guys! We've introduced a neat new plugin - The Vote Shop! This will allow you to, on the fly, check out a variety of items you could snap up with your FBP and put to use in the real world. First up on the list is a number of spawn eggs of various monsters, some of which I'm sure you've been missing... :O

You'll be able to pick up any of these neat eggs for their listed prices, and you'll earn yourself a cool 25 FBP each day from voting exactly the same way you were before. The new plugin we use manages the FBP currency, but there is no automatic converter so we must manually transfer old FBP balances. In order to have your current FBP transferred to the new format, simply make a ticket requesting it and your transfer will be made at a rate of 0.5 CCFBP (CraftConomy FBP) to 20 NFBP (New FBP).

Over the next week or two, we'll be adding more items to the list, including suggestions you guys make (I'm thinking special armor with powerful enchantments...), and the GUI should quickly fill up with a rich collection of items voters will be able to use to get a step ahead of the game!

Also, don't worry, you'll still be able to grab yourself a cool player head periodically. Player heads will now cost 45 NFBP, roughly converting from the 1.5 CCFBP rate they were running for before. VIP Chunk regions will be 50 NFBP/chunk. Staff will be converting your existing CCFBP balance into NFBP before making the transaction if you do forget to ask for it ahead of time, so you can rest assured either way that your credit will be taken care of. :)

Finally, for some packages, you will receive a token with a special name, enchantment, and some lore (sorry, they're not reproducible in-game, lol.) that you will be able to use as a physical representation of the package's benefits. As of the time of this posting,...
Important Updates Banner Usage in Nerdcrafteria
We didn't think we'd need to do this, but since the rise of incidents like this, we need to apparently make a news post about it.

As Clyane says below:

Starting immediately, players who place obscene amounts of banners anywhere in Nerdcrafteria, including Creative, run the risk of having their banners deleted without notice, and possibly having fines or tempbans levied against them. Banners are a tile entity, but they are an entity nonetheless, and our tile entity count has skyrocketed since their release because I guess folks don't think they're that impactful.

This is reckless and irresponsible use of a decorative block, akin to carpeting all of Mineworld from horizon to horizon or putting a torch on every solid block within sight - some are fine, this many is unneeded and only causes lag.

For those interested in a prideful statement such as the attempt at one above, consider instead either making a donation to a relevant charity that supports those causes (not only a real life impact, but also a more meaningful statement in the sense that your support is actively helping out the community of which I myself am a part of) or by placing one or two flags tastefully on your plots or building areas to display solidarity and support without being overly in-your-face and causing immense amounts of lag.

Below are some relevant charities for LGBTQ causes:
Player Survey On the Future of Nerdcrafteria

We're quickly approaching our third anniversary on the server. For many players who have played on multi-player servers, you know that three years is a pretty impressive amount of time to keep a server up and running, especially since many server were hard hit by the reinforcement of the EULA and the purchase of Mojang by Microsoft.

We've been running numbers and looking at scenarios, and while we've got a core group of loyal players, our numbers aren't what they were last year. The decline is slow, but it's there, and like all things, we realize that some things must change.

We are adamant that we want to keep, above all, our sense of community. We do however, want to look into providing more opportunities for that community when they log onto the server. Thus our massive test day on July 3rd of various mods and plugins, to better get an idea of what our server can handle and what interests the playerbase.

As a follow up to that, we'd like to see the opinions of our players on what they think the server might need or what might be interesting for us to try. We'd like you to answer the questions honestly, with constructive criticism or helpful suggestions. The more you tell us, the more we can glean from the answers. Short answers, hostile answers, or rants will not be conductive at all.

Keep in mind when you suggest things that Hank will not allow outright PVP-type mods/plugins, so we aren't even going to consider them.

Please remember these are a bunch of vague random ideas that have been thrown out by players and staff and in no way represent any final changes that we will definitely have to make.

Please answer your questions as a reply to this thread title. Please ONLY post survey answers. Any off topic questions, discussion, or comments will be deleted. If you have...