Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined us! This testing session was extremely helpful for us, because we really got to see what you guys wanted from the server. We'll be releasing that survey in the next few days, and a plan going forward long-term in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again!

Original Message:

Downtime (Resolved) Forms Issues (Fixed)
Just as an FYI, there are a number of forms currently broken on the forums. This is due to an internal error that's going to take us some time to root out, but in the meantime, if you have an issue that normally requires a form to post, please email and we will address your problem as soon as we can.

These are the forms known to be broken:

- AFK Form (Both)
- Bug Reports (Both)
- Fundraising Application Form
- Punishment Appeals Form
- Property Selling/Auctioning Form
- Town Idea Suggestion Form

Any forms not listed here should still function normally. We expect to have these forms functional once more within the next couple of days. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for your patience, guys - Cory managed to fix the forms. You're able to use all of them as normal again!

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Important Updates New Forum Theme!
Hey, guys! After a long period of sitting with one of the XenForo default themes, we've picked out a theme and heavily customized it to suit our personal needs! This will be the new theme we use for the foreseeable future. Take a look around and check out all of the new things, especially the bottom of the page!

There will be some tweaking over the next few days as we finalize the choice in format. If you see a formatting error, or if the theme shows up incorrectly on your browser, do let us know. I've done some preliminary checking and I've done my best to ensure the forum scales appropriately depending on the screen size, but I can only test on so many kinds of devices!

Anyway, hope you like our new custom theme. :)

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Downtime (Resolved) Warp Plugin Change (Completed)
Yo! Just to keep up with the rapid fire pace of this week's updates, we've got a new plugin coming at you - MyWarp!

MyWarp is a neat new plugin with a ton of features we're exceedingly fond of made by Spathizilla and ItIsThee, and it's intended to be our replacement for Warptastic, a plugin we've used for the last year but has ultimately proven too unstable for us to continue bothering with. Mainly, it lacked UUID support and we couldn't afford to continue operating with a legacy plugin like that.

So, we're switching! There's obviously a bit of faff that goes around with a plugin change, and I know we're fresh off the heels of a CraftConomy accounts reset, but this one is unfortunately also going to require a warp table reset. However, we have a neat exchange for you...

With MyWarp, you will no longer have to make a ticket to create, move, add a welcome to, publicize/privatize, or transfer the ownership of any warp you have!

That's right! With this new plugin, you'll be able to define a warp yourself, instantly, without having to worry about a staff member needing to come handle it for you. No more waiting on a staff member to answer a ticket for you! Note that you will still need $100k to make the warp, and each modification (private status, location, etc.) you make will still cost $5k. Note that renaming warps is currently not available at this time, but we will be implementing it in a certain way at a later date.


Here is the full list of commands at your disposal for the new plugin:


/warp set {warpname} - Creates a new warp where you're standing and facing the same direction you're facing.

/warp pset {warpname} - Creates a private warp where you're standing and facing the same direction you're facing. Private warps are...
Important Updates Several Major Staff Changes
Hey, guys! Normally we don't make announcements when staff changes occur, but there were just so many that happened in such a short time that we felt compelled to at least inform everyone of what was going on in case you were missing some familiar names.

First, we have a few folks who decided to retire:

@sunnybunny97, after a period of time trying to reconcile her school work/life stuff/whatever with her server duties and unfortunately struggling to do so, elected to depart from her position as Moderator to focus on those things a little more intently. We wish her the best of luck in her endeavors and hope to see her return to the server as a staff member sometime in the future if at all possible!

@CaptScribble elected to step down from staff as Senior Administrator of Player Affairs and Staff Management for personal reasons. We as a staff hope for much healing and good feelings his way, and hope that despite his departure he still feels welcome to pop on the server and the Skype channel. :)

@Mexy encountered some of her own conflicts with time management, and decided to step down as Moderator to take care of those real life affairs as well. Here's hoping everything turns out alright.

Secondly, we have some promotions:

@RoryTheRoman94 has proven to be an excellent Senior Administrator, and we're excited to offer her the position formerly held by Scribble. Rory will now be in direct control of the hiring, firing, promotions, discipline, and internal affairs of the staff, as well as dealing with player grievances, managing rules and policies, and any other affiliated duties. She's incredibly thrilled about this gigantic responsibility, I'm sure. :p

@Banesidhe has agreed to step back up to the position of Senior Administrator after a lengthy sabbatical of sorts as a senior moderator, and has agreed to take Rory's former position as Senior Administrator of Long-Term...
Plugin Issues (Resolved) A Myriad of Updates
Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know about a few things that we've been working on and getting updated:

1. We will be changing warp plugins. After awhile of using warptastic, it turns out that the plugin is truly dead. There haven't been any updates in almost two years, and MyWarp3 (made by the same guys who make CommandBook and CraftBook) will be a fantastic replacement. This switch won't be coming for another couple of days, but it will involve wiping the warp database. Not to worry, though! All of the warps will be saved, and there will be a transition period where warps will be transferred manually to the new database. It's a bit of a pain, yes, but don't worry - we'll have a record of all of your old warps, and we'll be able to replace them as needed.

2. CraftConomy got an update, with a small caveat... The balances on all accounts were wiped. Again, DO NOT WORRY. We got a flatfile copy of the whole database before it was wiped, and all you need to do to get your money back is make a ticket and wait for a staff member to grant you the appropriate amount. This is again a little inconvenient, but after a day or two we should have the vast majority of those problems sorted out.

3. ReportRTS received an update as well. This has resulted in a minor glitch on our end with checking tickets, but no worries - your tickets are still being received. If there is a small delay in getting your ticket answered, please be patient with us - we're getting a ton of them over the next few days, and we'll be answering them as quickly as possible!

4. Java got an update to 8! We've been on Java 7 for awhile, and some of our plugins needed to be on the latest version so we updated that. That's largely a back-end thing, and the only real noticeable impact for you guys should be a minor performance boost. :)

5. Spigot was updated to 1.8.7. No more security flaws for us, no sir! That's taken care of, and also the appropriate...
Downtime (Resolved) Update on the update...
Sorry folks,

testing the update to a higher Minecraft version is taking a bit longer than expected.
We will inform you here when the server is back up


Server is running fine on 1.8.3 now it seems :)
Hello fellow Nerdfighters!

So after looking at our current fundraising system and application process, we’ve decided to make some sweeping changes that will hopefully make it easier and faster for project proposals to be submitted and get the financial assistance they’re looking for. Basically, fundraising on Nerdcrafteria will now look more like the Go Fund Me, Patreon, and Kickstarter models in that donors will now largely decide what does and does not get funded by choosing who or what they “throw money at”. So let’s dig into the changes!

Application Submissions

There is an all new Fundraising License Application form, which project leaders will fill out consisting of questions that will be used to convince others to donate to your project/organization. The application is as follows:

Howdy folks!

We just want to make you aware of the program used to help clear up plots in Creative World. This isn’t anything new, but as the regeneration of Creative World becomes more and more an ever distant memory, it has come to our attention that some people, especially those with multiple plots, may be affected by it unknowingly, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. :)

The program is pretty simple. Every month, it runs a quick check on all the plots to see if the owner has not touched it AT ALL in 6 months. We’re talking about not even opening a door, using a chest, planting some grass, breaking any blocks, no alterations whatsoever. If the plot hasn’t been touched in 6 months, it then is cleared of all builds, owners, and helpers, and becomes available for someone else to claim and use. Major exceptions to this are people who have an approved Extended AFK Form; their plots will be exempted.

For the vast number of our regular players, this will never be an issue, but for people who have multiple Creative plots and might not use all of them frequently, one of your Creative plots may be cleared by this program if left untouched for too long. Therefore, please make sure that you drop by your Creative plot from time to time, give it some attention, and break a few blocks on it so that your Creative plot is in no danger of being cleared. :D

The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
Server Contest A NEW MAIN SPAWN!

Guys, we need your help here. We've been using our existing spawn since pretty much the first week or two of the server's existence, and frankly, we're starting to run out of ideas for decorating it!

So, how better to address this than by running our very own...


That's right, folks! We need to get ourselves a brand spankin' new spawn, not just one of the redecorated ones. As useful and fun as it's been to keep our existing spawn, and as much of a staple as it may be in our world, we would like to move forward and check out the possibility of new and more exciting builds to show off from players.

There are a few requirements for our new spawn, stated below:

1. The spawn cannot be larger than 126x126, INCLUDING the border around it. This is exceptionally important to remember - include the border in your calculations. There will need to be at least a one block border of some kind - stone/nether brick, leaves, logs, whatever - and that will be included in the size calculations.

2. It must be modular. This is a more ambiguous requirement, but basically, we'd like to be able to do what we've been doing to our current spawn with the new one. The ability to tweak the colour scheme, exchange small builds for other small builds, and just generally spruce it up for whatever occasion may crop up is something we really enjoy doing as a staff. Additionally, we're going to have more mini-contests in the...