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by Islid at 1:00 PM
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Hey, guys! Just giving you an update on how things are going:

RoyalCommands had a largely successful transition into Essentials' old spot, but we've hit a few road bumps along the way. Some of these will be worked out as time goes on, others may be bugs that we need to report and wait on a fix for. Either way, this is a list of what's going on right now that's being worked out:

Right now, there are visual issues with the inventory when transitioning between worlds. This is SOLELY a visual issue, nothing is going missing. We're not exactly sure why this is happening, but we'll be working on it more over the next few days. This appears to be resolved!

Kits are likewise nonexistent right now. We're running into an issue with enchantments acting funny, so those won't be released quite yet. The /kits are functional again - VIP and Starter! Additional kits will be rolled out over time.

by Islid at 9:30 AM
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Due to a host issue involving a severed fibre optic cable, our server experienced some downtime this morning, along with the Teamspeak and the forums. It's not known if this will happen again or not, but we will be keeping abreast of the situation and updating you with information relevant to our specific server.

If you're curious, a short synopsis of what happened:

by Islid at 11:21 AM
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Hey, guys! After extensive testing that took way longer than expected, we've finally figured out all of the kinks with RoyalCommands that we wanted to get fixed before we implemented it on the server. There are a few things we need to run by you guys first so you're aware of what's going to happen with the change. But, in order to make the pill a little easier to swallow, each point comes with some good news as well!

The bad news? /Homes will be wiped. This is unavoidable and there's not really a way to easily convert the home databases, so unfortunately that's just how things have to work out. We're terribly sorry about this. We'd advise you guys to mark down the coordinates of your homes, and be prepared to re-set them when RC is installed.

Update: Just as a small FYI, there will *temporarily* be an instance where if you have donated for extra homes, you won't be able to access them right away. This is due to us needing to work out the kinks...
by Jinxblog at 7:20 PM
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After nearly a year of quietly building and tinkering, the Skylords are excited to present Nerdcrafteria with an updated Zephyr Island!


You can use /warp sl to be brought to the Town Square area or use /warp cave to be teleported straight to the new and improved Zephyr Caves!

Our aim was to mold Skyloft’s aesthetics to better reflect the original vision for the town, a fantasy town above the clouds, and to finally address the largely unfinished and unused cave system running through Zephyr Island. We hope that you find the changes not only satisfactory with our intended goal, but that they also succeeded in adding to the attractiveness of the town as a whole.

Additionally, all the previously ‘Reserved’ plots...
by Jinxblog at 1:07 PM
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Skyloft will be closed for approximately 1 week starting on May 7th, 2015 so that the town plots can be renumbered. During the town closure, NO CHANGES to ownerships, memberships, or builds/items on plots will be made, I will just be fiddling with the number identification (sl###) of the plots. Please use this 1 week notice to grab anything from your plot that you will need while it is closed since you will not be able to access the town after May 7th for one-ish week. It is my hope to have Skyloft renumbered and reopened as quickly as possible so keep your eye on this thread Skyloft residents~

Jinxblog (Skyloft Mayor)