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by Mysocks4u at 1:18 AM
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Hey all, I am sorry to announce that there was a bit of a hiccup on our end that let the fires run free for a bit in all worlds.

If you see any damage on your builds (particularly on any Main world or VIP world builds), that you need help with fixing, please file a modreq.

Please do not modreq on someone elses build unless you are part of the build team or a member on that plot and know what the damage is.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but rest is assured that the issue has been patched at the moment and we hope to be able to help you all fix any significant damage that may have happened to your plots.


-Nerdcrafteria Staff
by Islid at 8:09 PM
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UPDATE #2: After testing and an attempt at implementation, several very significant conflicts with core plugins we use were discovered between CommandBook and our other plugins, thus rendering the transition impossible to complete without throwing out half of the stuff we use right now. Therefore, we've elected to indefinitely postpone this plugin switch and review other choices for any possible replacements of Essentials. Everyone's things should be fully restored and no names, items, or homes should be missing.

After using Essentials for what seems like forever, we have decided it is best for us to move away from the plugin. The whole ordeal is explained in more detail in this post, but the gist of the affair is that the developer of Essentials doesn't want to develop the plugin any further under the Spigot API whatsoever. Without third-party involvement, we're...
by Cogway at 7:16 AM
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Hey guys!

I'm terribly sorry I haven't been able to keep you all up to date - I have been drowning in uni work for the past three weeks. So I thought I'd give you all an update on the haps :)

All the roads have been built and the new plots marked out. We're currently toying with a few ideas and getting all the new town builds ready to put in before adding the final touches. Currently there is no way of knowing exactly how long this will take, as we are all really busy people, but I'm now hoping to be done by the end of April.

I know a few players have been asking what they can do to help. I really really really appreciate everybody's enthusiasm for the new town :D At this stage, there isn't much to be done other than sitting back and twiddling your thumbs. It might be a good idea to look into Cape Cod style houses and to try out a few ideas for your new plot if you're keen.

Once again, I'm terribly sorry this is taking so long, but believe me, it will be worth the wait in the end...
by ReasonFlees at 1:45 PM
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The wait has ended... Introducing Hanacho East!

This gorgeous addition to an already beautiful town is aimed to be an area for established players who value location over getting the most size for your llama.



Pricing and Sizes:
Plot sizes range from 15x15 to 20x25 with some elongated plots such as 27x15 and 33x15. Prices will range anywhere from 30k to 60k depending on size and location.


The Build Team:
This amazing part of town was made possible by...
by Islid at 11:28 PM
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Hey, guys! So, after a lot of review of the FBP system and how it's working for you guys, we've decided to make some pretty major changes to how it's used in context of donations and things like that. Combining some player feedback along with some long-term testing we've done over the course of it's implementation, we've decided the following:

1. Most importantly, we've decided it's best to separate FBP from real life currency completely. Based on some advice from our lawyers, it seems in our best interest to keep the two currencies separate, as it allows us to offer you guys a better deal for them as a result. Also, our initial interest in making them exchangeable was that we wanted to make both methods of getting FBP (real money and in-game money) equally viable, but it turns out that the real money method has only been taken advantage of a handful of times. Thus, switching FBP away from that real life money donation option seems to be easiest for us (especially...​