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by Islid at 11:28 PM
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Hey, guys! So, after a lot of review of the FBP system and how it's working for you guys, we've decided to make some pretty major changes to how it's used in context of donations and things like that. Combining some player feedback along with some long-term testing we've done over the course of it's implementation, we've decided the following:

1. Most importantly, we've decided it's best to separate FBP from real life currency completely. Based on some advice from our lawyers, it seems in our best interest to keep the two currencies separate, as it allows us to offer you guys a better deal for them as a result. Also, our initial interest in making them exchangeable was that we wanted to make both methods of getting FBP (real money and in-game money) equally viable, but it turns out that the real money method has only been taken advantage of a handful of times. Thus, switching FBP away from that real life money donation option seems to be easiest for us (especially...​
by Elysha1995 at 12:29 AM
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Hello Nerdcrafteria :D

The new Pluggin AreaShop has gone into the Server :D

There's still a few bumps that are getting sorted out so just hold tight. Most notably, we're having a problem with Multiverse that results in many instances of a player being generated each time you change worlds - if you notice that FrogAnnounce is sending you a flood of messages, relog and it will delete those instances.

The instances don't harm anything, but the flooded chat can get annoying, so periodically relogging is the easiest way to contend with it.

The good news is that our average server TPS is now about 19.2! :D

by Islid at 5:59 PM
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Hey, guys! You might or might not have noticed a few new small constructions popping up next to people's plots in the various towns…

5mIFQUI.png cYr4w5a.png WL6KgOZ.png
Well, these aren't just the staff's way of creating interesting lawn ornaments - these are new signposts that are one of the pivotal components of AreaShop - the replacement we've chosen for SimpleRegionMarket!

This replacement comes after a lengthy period of picking out potential plugins, testing, and ensuring we as a staff understand exactly how we can implement this plugin to the maximum benefit of the players. Whether you guys know it or not, one of the primary causes of TPS issues we've had is a combination of out of date plugins we've been forced to use because the old developer of SimpleRegionMarket decided to abandon the plugin right in the...
by Banesidhe at 9:07 AM
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Pay Attention, Ye Scurvy Seadogs!

Avast ye, mateys! Captain Banesidhe here, Mayor of Blackguard Bay, to announce that my town is going to be hosting a Creative Contest to build a massive new flagship for the town of Blackguard Bay.

The winning contest entry will be featured at /warp ship and replace the current galleon there, which has received too much damage in her long career and is ready to be retired to the depths of Davy Jones' Locker.


That means you, you scalliwags, have an opportunity to build something new to put there! Something glorious, something huge, something that will gladly call a Pirate Cove home! Create a Pirate Ship that a Pirate Captain can be proud to have sitting in her port!

RULES of Entry:

1. One entry per player. Teams are allowed,...
by CaptScribble at 4:25 AM
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I know you're all super excited to hear how the contest went, so I won't make you wait any longer!

First, the Hogwarts results:

In Third place, winning 5,000 llamas and a copy of their banner entry:


In Second place, winning 10,000 llamas and a copy of their banner entry:

Aaaand taking first place, and therefore representing all of the Hogwarts Students by creating our Offical Banner, winning a copy of their banner, a grand 20,000 llamas and a plot right on the edge of spawn.. drum roll please~~~:

You can see the banner at /spawn, or at the great hall! I'm sure once Cogway gets up he'll put some more around as well :D

*gives everyone a giant round of applause*

And now, onto the Nerdcrafteria category! Thank you, everyone, for being awesome and voting for your favourites!...